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Automate Citrix NetScaler using NITRO API and PowerShell

Citrix Systems
As a Citrix consultant, I’m privileged to visit different customers and get a look inside their “kitchens” to see how they set up their IT departments and processes to service their end users and manage the IT infrastructure. To my surprise, a lot of customers that I see are still relying on manual processes for deploying […]

How To – Install a PowerShell Module

Dominik Britz
As I like to work with PowerShell modules instead of a collection of scripts, I decided to put this article up. It’s kind of a reference article for myself to not have to explain the needed steps to install a PowerShell module in various articles. Let’s begin… Basically there are two ways to install a […]

Step-By-Step: Importing an Un-Encrypted PST File into Office 365

Hello Folks, We’ve been talking about ARM templates for a while now: DevOps Basics: Infrastructure as Code – ARM Templates DevOps Basics: ARM Templates Part 2 DevOps Basics: Infrastructure as Code – The PowerShell Method Yet, i still get questions about the difference between the ARM model and the classic Cloud Service model.  If you… […]

CTXLogging now with support for Citrix Receiver

Dominik Britz
My PowerShell module to control logging of various Citrix components is now available in version 0.2. With it comes support to control Citrix Receiver logging. Citrix Receiver is not a single piece of software. Instead it consists of multiple components. You are able to control the logging of three components: General, Authentication Manager and SelfService-PlugIn. Logging […]

A Quick Way to get user group objects with powershell

This quick powershell script against your profileUnity security group will tell you how many members are a part of this group. This also includes nested groups. It will also remove any computer objects or disabled accounts from the final count as well. Run as admin import-module ActiveDirectory $membercount=Get-ADGroupMember -recursive “YOURADGroup” | Where {$_.ObjectClass -eq “user”} […]

Microsoft Active Directory Documentation Script Update 1.20

Carl Webster
WOW! Whatever the PowerShell team did to the latest version of PowerShell Version 5 kicked my butt!!!!! Many things that used to work in my scripts, no longer worked. It took me seven hours to fix all the issues the latest V5 found in this script. Version 1.20 22-Apr-2016 Fixed numerous issues discovered with the […]

Microsoft: Step-By-Step: Deploying a Domain Joined Nano Server via PowerShell

Recently I’ve put together a PowerShell module called DeployImage with the intent to simplify the deployment of a WindowsIMage file.  In this case, my goal was to make NanoServer an easily deployable option for the average system administrator.  So began my experimentation with Windows Server 2016 to get a fully deployed Nano server online. Deploying Nano Server is no different than […]

Ten reasons you’ll love Microsoft Windows Server 2016 #6: Software-defined Compute

This is the sixth post in the “Ten Reasons You’ll Love Windows Server 2016” video series by Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Today, Matt talks to Mathew John, Principal Group Program Manager for Hyper-V and Containers. Mathew’s team is responsible for product vision and roadmap as well as partnering with the development team to […]

PowerShell-free AD reporting, Efficient AD accounts, group membership and NTFS permissions

This workshop walks you through various predefined reports and teaches you how to use them for getting information on your AD environment. It also talks about the tactics to ensure efficiency in your AD. It includes exercises to help you find help desk groups that are linked to admin groups iteratively, identify and restrict users who have inappropriate […]

Citrix: Under the Hood of XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix Systems
Recently I had the honor of being a lead architect working on a new course for Citrix Education. I wanted to design something that I would enjoy attending myself, so we created the course with an emphasis on the use of PowerShell. The course is mostly hands-on and explains some core concepts of the (still rather […]

PowerShell script-free Active Directory reporting & on the fly AD account management

This workshop introduces you to various predefined AD reports that can be generated using simple point and click actions. It teaches how to perform various critical AD activities such as, identifying the logon permissions granted to inappropriate users, forcing organization-wide user password reset, etc. Learn more at https://www.manageengine.com/ About ManageEngine ManageEngine delivers the real-time IT management tools that empower IT […]

VMware PowerCLI Best Practice: Correct Use of Strong Typing

All software is changed over time to allow for improvements, this ensures it is providing the best experience for the user and evolving into a better product. PowerCLI is no exception! Yet, as you know PowerCLI is not the typical GUI application where we can move a text box or change the color of a […]

Ten reasons you’ll love Microsoft Windows Server 2016 #3: Server Management Tools

This is the third post in the “Ten Reasons You’ll Love Windows Server 2016” video series by Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Today, Matt interviews Samuel Li, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Server Platform and Tools team, about the new Server management tools. Windows Server 2016 introduces Nano Server, a lean installation option […]

Ten reasons you’ll love Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – #1: PowerShell and DSC

Manage your servers “DevOps-style” and share code with the PowerShell community In his “Ten Reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016” video series, technical evangelist Matt McSpirit introduces you to some of the experts behind the most exciting new features in Windows Server 2016. Today, you will meet Keith Bankston, Senior Program Manager on the PowerShell […]

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