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PowerShell for SQL Server Including SQL 2016: Automation. The new must have SQL skill! – Book

IT Books
Today’s Data Base Administrator is responsible for a magnitude more instances of databases and much higher volume of data therein contained. We have always used automation in SQL from saved T-SQL scripts to SQL jobs and more. But now everything is moving to the use of PowerShell and specifically PowerShell for SQL to accomplish automation. […]

VMware: Domain controllers weight and priority values – How to check them with PowerShell

Active Directory’s domain controller installation process creates several Service Records (SRV) in the DNS Server. The SRV records are used by the Windows clients and applications to find a suitable domain controller in the Active Directory forest. Active Directory clients contact local DNS Server to get a list of domain controllers. However, when returning a […]

Citrix NetScaler documentation script version 4.0

Barry Schiffer
After having released the NetScaler documentation script version 3.5 in October 2016, it is now time to release version 4.0. In total, the Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script has been downloaded well over 16.750 times already and we still see a daily demand for it. I’ve also received a huge amount of response with new ideas or just […]

Microsoft: Automation of Azure Analysis Services with Service Principals and PowerShell

Azure Analysis Services presents opportunities for the automation of administrative tasks including server provisioning, scale up/down, pause/resume, model management, data refresh, deployment, among others. This can leverage cloud efficiencies and helps ensure the repeatability and reliability of mission-critical systems. Such tasks can be performed in the Azure cloud using PowerShell in unattended mode. Services such […]

Microsoft: Integrate Azure Stack into your datacenter

Now that you’ve ordered Azure Stack, how do you integrate it into your datacenter? What are the integration touchpoints? Introduction Microsoft Azure Stack is an integrated system available from multiple OEMs. If you haven’t read our blog post about why we decided to go down this path, I encourage you to do so. Azure Stack […]

Microsoft Azure AD Domain Services support for Azure Resource Manager virtual networks

The #1 reason customers email (and tweet and in-message) me is to ask us to add support for Azure Resource Manager based virtual networks to Azure AD Domain Services. So I’m excited to announce the public preview of Azure AD Domain Services support for virtual networks created using the Azure Resource Manager deployment model. You […]

Microsoft Azure Network Watcher introduces Connectivity Check (Preview)

Diagnosing network connectivity and performance issues in the cloud can be a challenge as your network evolves in complexity. We are pleased to announce the preview of a new feature to check network connectivity in a variety of scenarios when using VM. The Azure Network Watcher Connectivity Check feature helps to drastically reduce the amount […]

Microsoft: Getting Started With Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP Timothy Warner as part of our Technical Tuesday series. Daron Yondem of the MVP Award Blog Technical Committee served as the technical reviewer for this piece. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is an enormous collection of services, all of which are undergirded by […]

VMware: What PowerCLI Version Am I On Anyways?

When PowerCLI was converted to modules, it introduced the ability to pick and choose which modules are loaded. Taking it a step further, it also allowed users to specify which versions of those modules are loaded. Historically, PowerCLI was released as one large ‘bundle’ of modules, and was not a great release practice. This meant […]

Microsoft Reference Architecture for a High Availability SharePoint Server 2016 Farm in Azure

The Azure CAT Patterns & Practices team has published a new reference architecture for deploying and running a high availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure. It provides prescriptive guidance including the following topics: Architecture resources necessary for the deployment, including resources. Scalability considerations. Availability considerations. Manageability considerations. Security considerations. Like all reference architectures that […]

Microsoft Announces Just-In-Time VM Access Public Preview

Attackers commonly target cloud environments with Brute Force or Port Scanning attacks, typically against management ports like RDP and SSH that are left open to enable administrators access. In addition to detecting and alerting you to these attacks, Azure Security Center just released a new Just-In-Time (JIT) VM Access mechanism. JIT VM Access, now in […]

Microsoft Azure Cloud Shell Introduction Video

A look at Cloud Shell. A new way for managing resources in the cloud. See how, within the browser, you can use BASH or PowerShell to troubleshoot and automate your most common management tasks. And manage on-the-go, by keeping your favorite scripts in the cloud so you can trigger them for Cloud Shell from any […]

How to Remove Auto Scaling from an Azure App Service using Azure PowerShell

I needed to remove some auto scale settings from one of my App Services using Azure PowerShell so I decided to document that here.  Here are the steps: Login Set the subscription context Get the existing Auto Scale rules based on Resource Group Remove the Auto Scale rule Please keep reading for more details. Execute […]

VMware: Updating PowerCLI through the PowerShell Gallery

PowerCLI 6.5.2 has been released! This is the second release of PowerCLI to the PowerShell Gallery, so it’s time to figure out how to update your PowerCLI versions to the latest and greatest. We’ll cover a couple scenarios: Updating from PowerCLI 6.5.1, installed online from the PowerShell Gallery Updating from PowerCLI 6.5.1, installed offline from […]

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