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How to automate your server environment with PowerShell management

Last week, Silvio and Frane held a webinar on the subject of PowerShell usage in server management, and in this blog post we bring you a recap of all the things you can do with a new SysKit feature—PowerShell administration. So for those of you who aren’t familiar with our server monitoring and administration tool, […]

Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script Version 3.6

Barry Schiffer
After having released the NetScaler documentation script version 3.0 last may and 3.5 in October, it is now time to release version 3.6. In total the Citrix NetScaler Documentation Script has been downloaded well over 14.500 times already and we still see a daily demand for it. I’ve also received a huge amount of response with […]

Citrix: Publishing Content Using the XenApp and XenDesktop Service

Citrix Systems
You can publish an application that is simply a URL or UNC path to a resource (such as a MS Word document or web link). This application then appears in StoreFront, as expected. On the client, the resource should open in the natural way: If a locally installed application is appropriate, it will be launched […]

PowerShell usage in Server Management – On-Demand Webinar

In this video, you will learn how to leverage PowerShell to report on your system and perform central administration of your remote servers. Get to know the advanced framework that will automate your daily administration tasks and make your job much easier.

Citrix NetScaler Gateway Deployment Configuration for StoreFront, Simplified!

Citrix Systems
StoreFront 3.6 and later provides an API for NetScaler Gateway to query basic StoreFront information which assists NetScaler Gateway administrator to setup and export a gateway configuration document that can be imported using the StoreFront Management Console or PowerShell. This feature eliminates the need to specify the similar settings with the same values in two […]

What is SolarWinds SAM?

Hi y’all! I’m the new product marketing manager for SolarWinds SAM – Server and Application Monitor. For the last few years, the products I’ve worked on have been focused on storage infrastructure and backups. Now that I’m part of the SolarWinds team I’ll be concentrating on monitoring infrastructures; the hardware and maybe even more importantly […]

The Calm Power enabling easy DevOps for Nutanix and the Cloud

Last August Nutanix announced the acquisition of Calm.io, a company focused on managing and consuming IT infrastructure. Calm.io brings automation and management capabilities to the Nutanix stack to deliver application and service orchestration, runtime life-cycle management, policy-based governance, reporting and auditing services to support application environments, including virtual machines, containers and micro-services. Kinda DevOps in a box! Calm.io […]

Convert ASP.NET Web Servers to Docker with Image2Docker

A major update to Image2Docker was released last week, which adds ASP.NET support to the tool. Now you can take a virtualized web server in Hyper-V and extract a Docker image for each website in the VM – including ASP.NET WebForms, MVC and WebApi apps. Image2Docker is a PowerShell module which extracts applications from a Windows Virtual Machine […]

Microsoft Azure Information Protection December Preview Now Available

Since we first released Azure Information Protection (AIP) on October 1st, we have been busy helping, visiting, and listening to customers worldwide. Our engineering team has also been working hard on rapidly delivering previously requested updates and several new features. Today we are making available a new preview release! This preview includes a significant number […]

November Poll Results: What Have You Automated with PowerShell?

As you hopefully know, the new Remote Desktop Manager 12 (for Windows) features a new PowerShell module. It’s something that many of you have asked for. Your wish is our command! But before we start the version 12 festivities, we have some important business to take care of: the November poll results! Last month, in […]

Microsoft WMF 5.1 Releasing January 2017

We previously announced that the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1 would release shortly after the GA release of Windows Server 2016, however the PowerShell team found some issues with upgrades that could affect a small set of our customers.  We are resolving these issues now, and target early January for the release of WMF 5.1 to the […]

Microsoft AzureAD PowerShell V2.0 is GA

It’s Rob de Jong here and today I’m excited to let you know that Azure AD PowerShell v2.0 is now GA and to give you a quick tour of the changes we’ve made since the previous public preview. This release marks an important milestone in the Azure AD PowerShell because now you can leverage the […]

SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.2.0 Released!

We have shipped SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.2.0. This minor release brings new features and improvements. The SysKit team stepped up the capabilities of the PowerShell Script Wizard with PowerShell script modules, and the team has continued to add features and improve other functionality in SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.2.0. We’ll highlight the features and […]

Microsoft: Modernize applications with Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 was designed to support both traditional applications, as well as new cloud-native applications and DevOps workflows. Jeffrey Snover and Jeff Woolsey provide a great overview of the new options available today with the cloud-ready operating system: The Nano Server configuration reduces the size of the OS deployment by 25x and dramatically […]

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