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Five Best Practices for Delivering Great Customer Experience with Java APM Solutions

eG Innovations
Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world with thousands of business applications (banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, government, etc.) built on its robust computing platform, and millions of end-users accessing them. Ensuring superior user experience and peak application performance are mission-critical, especially as organizations are undergoing digital transformation of their businesses […]

We Know You Don’t WannaCry

Lakeside Software
By now you likely know that WannaCry is a malicious widely distributed ransomware variant that is wreaking havoc over enterprise IT. The most important thing to know is that Microsoft has issued patches for nearly every flavor of the Windows operating system (including Windows XP) to prevent any further attacks.Since AV (even next-gen AV) and other security tools […]

St. Dominic’s Ensures A Positive User Experience

Goliath Technologies
To ensure a positive end user experience, St. Dominic’s Priory College utilized proactive Citrix XenDesktop and XenServer performance monitoring to aid in rolling out XenDesktop 7.6 and NVIDIA GRID vGPU Cards “We evaluated a number of products and we decided on the entire suite of Goliath’s products because their operating knowledge of Citrix was evident […]

Drake University Fixes Windows & Mac EUE Issues

Goliath Technologies
Learn How Drake University Ensures a Positive End User Experience for their Students by Proactively Fixing Windows & Mac OS Issues in their Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop 7.6 Environment “The initial reasons for selecting Goliath Performance Monitor were the rare combination of purpose built functionality for Citrix XenApp and the supporting virtual infrastructure. We have […]

The Diverse Alerting Needs for Application Performance Monitoring

eG Innovations
In today’s digital economy, most business services rely on IT applications. The increasing dependency on applications has resulted in the growing adoption of application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. The goals of an APM solution are: To ensure high application uptime, service reliability and great end-user experience To proactively diagnose performance problems so the respective stakeholder […]

Office 365 Planning Kit: The Method Overview

Lakeside Software
All users have software applications that they use daily for their job role, less frequently for particular cases, or not at all. Knowing what applications are useful for which users is a critical part of strategically provisioning Office 365 licenses. Without proper provisioning, a user might lose valuable applications or have applications that they never use, […]

Advanced features for PowerShell users – SysKit Webinar

The goal of this webinar was to help our users get the maximum out of using PowerShell for system administration tasks. Combining PowerShell with SysKit is somewhat of a new feature, and knowing its potential, we practically dedicated the latest application version to the advanced capabilities that SysKit offers for PowerShell users. In webinar demo […]

eG Enterprise at U.S. Electrical Services, Inc. – Case Study

eG Innovations
End-to-End Line-of-Business Application Performance Management Empowers Smart Growth and IT Savings Virtualized Custom ERP Application Service Delivery to Support Wholesale Business Expansion Founded in 2006, US Electrical Services (USESI) is a world class wholesale distributor of electrical products and related services. USESI’s customers include tens of thousands of electricians, contractors, corporate clients, architects, engineers, and lighting designers — all of whom […]

The SysTrack Office 365 Planning Kit

Lakeside Software
Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest cloud-based group of software and service subscriptions. Due to its features and monthly/yearly licensing plan, many businesses choose a single license for their entire company. After all, selecting the same license for everyone seems like the easiest choice–why go through the hassle of fitting users to their optimal licenses? Generically […]

Do Developers Really Want Invisible Infrastructure?

eG Innovations
There are so many complexities associated with infrastructure – most developers can’t know them all, and sometimes it seems like they don’t want to know. But the truth is that a well-performing application makes it appear as if the infrastructure is invisible, and of course programmers have always wanted to divorce their efforts from any underlying […]

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