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CUGC On-Demand Webinar: Time to Upgrade to 7.x? Best Practices for a Successful Citrix Migration

eG Innovations
Upgrading from your current version of Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop to the latest platform is an attractive but daunting prospect. You want to be able to take advantage of all the latest benefits of Citrix 7.x capabilities, but may be wary of the risks associated with migrating critical supporting IT services. Although there’s a wealth of technical […]

Lakeside Software: Harmonize Your Resource Stack with IT Asset Optimization

Lakeside Software
Within every innocuous enterprise workstation exists untapped potential for savings and better system performance. Over a decade of working on large-scale desktop transformation projects, I’ve seen a gradual erosion in price point to supply a managed desktop to a user. At the same time, complexity of these estates has dramatically increased, with new technologies and […]

Lakeside Software: Optimizing the IT Service Desk

Lakeside Software
As a former university IT employee, I’ve interacted with a lot of users with problems (and emotions) of varying difficulties. Excited parents would set up their brand-new tablets only to forget the password minutes later. Confused professors hauled in their 15-year-old laptops wondering why they weren’t functioning as quickly as the ones displayed. Frustrated students […]

Automatic Citrix Root Cause Diagnosis with eG Enterprise – Video

eG Innovations
In managing a Citrix infrastructure, a common complaint heard is, “Citrix is slow” or “Citrix is not working.” After hours of troubleshooting, you may discover that the issue not with Citrix at all but rather originates elsewhere in the infrastructure. Watch this Quick Look feature video to see how eG Enterprise helps Citrix administrators quickly […]

Troubleshooting Slow Citrix Logons using eG Enterprise

eG Innovations
One of the most challenging tasks for a Citrix administrator is troubleshooting Citrix logon issues. When logon fails or is slow, it directly impacts the productivity of the user. Watch this Quick Look feature video to learn how eG Enterprise provides detailed visibility into the logon process for every single user that is connecting to […]

Lakeside Software: Three Strategies for Stellar Root Cause Analysis

Lakeside Software
Technological difficulties are an inescapable part of everyday life and they can be massively inconvenient. Just ask any of the United Airlines passengers from the hundreds of flights that were delayed earlier this year due to computer problems. In that instance (a notable, but not isolated example), the inability to quickly resolve a system issue […]

Performance is Everywhere. Be Everywhere. End-to-End IT Performance Monitoring using eG Enterprise.

eG Innovations
Watch eG Innovations customer eBay Inc., partner Entisys360, and Citrix consultant Giri Sonty, as they describe how eG Enterprise, an end-to-end IT performance monitoring and management solution from eG Innovations, helped them achieve Citrix performance success. From simplifying IT operations, reducing costs and optimizing their respective infrastructures to proactively ensuring a great user experience, learn […]

How to simplify your SQL tasks with SQLDocKit – On-Demand Webinar

Whether you’re a DBA, consultant, or your organization’s IT person responsible for managing SQL Servers, SQLDocKit can help you with your daily time-consuming administrative tasks: Get complete insight into your SQL environment and generate documentation Audit SQL Server configuration and prevent common problems from occurring Track changes and detect differences in your SQL environment Manage […]

Partnering with Entisys360 to Solve Application and Desktop Virtualization Challenges

eG Innovations
eG Innovations’ long-standing partnership with Entisys360, a systems integrator and reseller of technology solutions, is a testament to the companies’ shared objective of helping organizations across the world achieve application desktop virtualization success. Dane Young, a Virtualization Practice Manager and Citrix Technology Professional at Entisys360 explains in this video how Entisys360’s customers have benefitted from […]

eG Enterprise Helps Customer Support Team at eBay Solve Citrix Problems for 10,000 End-Users

eG Innovations
Peter Dinh, Citrix Systems Administrator at eBay Inc., explains how eG Enterprise, an end-to-end IT performance management solution from eG Innovations, helped the customer support team at eBay monitor and resolve Citrix and other IT infrastructure performance problems. Using eG Enterprise, the eBay team was able to proactively diagnose where latency and slowness were occurring […]

Lakeside Software: Combining the Subjective, the Objective, and Automated Views

Lakeside Software
The evolution of Workspace Analytics has necessitated changes to the model for IT organizations looking to really understand the state of their users’ real experience. Many enterprises have begun to look for additional information beyond the observable, quantitative metrics that come from continuous monitoring of computing devices and expand into artificial transactions and the qualitative […]

Citrix Consultant Recommends eG Enterprise for Citrix Performance Monitoring – Video

eG Innovations
Giri Sonty, End-User Computing Consultant and CUGC NY/NJ Metro Leader, recommends eG Enterprise to organizations for end-to-end Citrix performance monitoring. In this video Giri recounts instances where he has seen eG Enterprise help Citrix administration teams automate problem diagnosis, cut down troubleshooting time with proactive monitoring, conduct efficient capacity planning, and benefit from a single […]

eG Innovations Enables Entisys360 to Deliver Exceptional Citrix End-User Experience Video w/ @YoungTech

eG Innovations
Entisys360, a systems integrator and reseller of technology solutions, partners with eG Innovations to enable successful Citrix implementations for their customers and achieve maximum performance and consistent user experience. Dane Young, a Virtualization Practice Manager and Citrix Technology Professional at Entisys360 explains in this video how implementing eG Innovations’ flagship IT performance management solution, eG […]

My Application is Slow: Best Practices for Troubleshooting and Prevention – On-Demand Webinar

eG Innovations
Citrix Performance Monitoring Solutions “My application is slow” is a common complaint heard at the help desk from frustrated users and managing IT performance to prevent such calls isn’t about just monitoring CPU, memory or disk space any more. You have to be able to quickly determine what the real cause of the problem is […]

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