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VMware vSphere VM Snapshot Size and Age issues

Virtual machine snapshots are one of the most useful features of VMware vSphere as they preserve the state of a virtual machine’s virtual disk and, optionally, virtual memory before a critical event such as an application upgrade or configuration change. VM Snapshots are also taken by most virtualization backup applications at the start of the […]

Fix VM snapshot in VMware vSphere when file lock cannot be released

Finding VMware snapshots can already be a nasty and difficult task as some of these hidden or just hard to find as the vSphere environment is pretty large. Therefore it’s important to have scripts, reports and tools like Snapwatcher or opvizor Health Analyzer to get an idea about the current situation in your environment. That is actually the first […]

VM disk is missing

We continue in presenting different very common VMware issues that can occur. This is based on our statistics and how often customers ran into situations like that. Today we cover the problem of a missing vmdk file that causes the start of a VMware virtual machine to start. Each disk drive for a virtual machine […]

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