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VM Snapshot Alerts

No patch or update without the create snapshot functions that gave the administrator a new way of protecting the systems from broken patch installations or configuration modifications. If something goes wrong, you can simply use the VM snapshot to return to the previous status, making the problem a thing of the past and enabling you to try […]

opvizor: Performance Monitor and Analyze your virtual datacenter Podcast – Episode 258

In episode 258, Douglas Brown interviews Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and CEO of Opvizor Inc. Dennis and Douglas discuss what’s new with the opvizor performance monitoring and analysis solution for your virtual datacenter . Dennis also pontificates on the state of the enterprise IT world, and topics such as the future of virtualization, containers, and much […]

opvizor – VMware Management and Optimization Podcast – Episode 232

In episode 232, Douglas Brown interviews Dennis Zimmer, CEO and Founder of opvizor. Dennis and Douglas discuss opvizor’s performance, management, and optimization solutions. Dennis gives us a deep dive technical introduction of both opvizor Health Analyzer and Snapwatcher, what’s new, why we should care and much more! opvizor Health Analyzer Proactively diagnose and fix critical […]

3 Things You Gotta Have for Leveraging VMware and the #IoT (Internet of Things)

Just like cloud computing and big data, the Internet of Things (or IoT) has ceased being just a cool buzzword to toss around, and has become a factor that developers have to deal with. The IoT manifested first in the industrial world with machine sensors, instruments in engines, etc. Only recently has it taken off […]

Busted! Taking Down the Top 8 VMware Myths

Cloud-based systems make working easier. You’ve decided that using a single physical machine that runs multiple virtual machines is a way for your business to save space, energy, and money. This goal includes the use of virtual machines using different operating systems and running multiple apps run on a single physical computer by interfacing with […]

Cure Snapshots and Root Cause VMware Tools

I have downloads for you! …and a FREE one too! The first tool I want to share with you is truly a handy one.  It’s called Snapwatcher.  The name says it all, it’s about snapshots 😉   Snapwatcher will help you with: Monitor VMware snapshots across VMware vCenter systems and report your efforts saving space. Track […]

Find the VMware ESXi that owns the VMDK lock or other file lock on a VMFS datastore

FIND THE ESXI THAT OWNS THE VMDK LOCK OR OTHER FILE LOCK ON A VMFS DATASTORE Unfortunately from time to time you can end up in a situation where your virtual machine is not reacting anymore on operations like vMotion, power-on or releasing a snapshot. The cause is very often a locked VMDK file or […]

Sweet Snapwatcher Independence Day Special

SWEET SNAPWATCHER INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL That’s a sweet deal – Get it here! Check Out the Snapwatcher Community reviews: http://www.opvizor.com/blog/ivo-beerens-vexpert-and-famous-blogger-reviewed-snapwatcher/ http://www.virtualizationsoftware.com/finding-eliminating-dangerous-vsphere-snapshots-snapwatcher-free/ We thought hard about a real Independence Day Special for our US customers and came up with a real sweet deal. This Special Won’t Last Very Long (until July 4th 2015 11:59pm PST). So […]

David Davis, vExpert, video trainer and famous blogger reviewed Snapwatcher

DAVID DAVIS, VEXPERT, VIDEO TRAINER AND FAMOUS BLOGGER REVIEWED SNAPWATCHER At virtualizationsoftware.com you can find a very special review of our Snapwatcher solution. It’s not a pure product review it’s an amazing read as it tells a story. The word “dangerous” is often used for hazardous chemicals or live ammunition so can vSphere snapshots really be dangerous […]

Ivo Beerens, vExpert and famous blogger reviewed Snapwatcher

YOU CAN FIND A GREAT AND DETAILED REVIEW OF SNAPWATCHER TO READ AT IVO BEERENS BLOG Ivo (@ibeerens) covers all steps from install to configuration, setting tresholds and fix invalid snapshots. To monitor and manage VMware Virtual Machine Snapshots Opvizor has released a tool called Snapwatcher.  As consultant I see often that admins don’t have […]

Snapwatcher 2.5 released to solve all common VM snapshot problems in VMware

SNAPWATCHER 2.5 RELEASED TO SOLVE ALL COMMON VM SNAPSHOT PROBLEMS IN VMWARE opvizor just released the 2.5 version of its Snapwatcher which discovers any hidden, inconsistent or so called ‘Zombie’ VM snapshot in the customers VMware environment. Snapwatcher helps customers to free up more disk space and avoid possible downtime. The latest version contains new […]

VMware vSphere 6 API Limitation when querying performance Data Introduction

VMWARE VSPHERE 6 API LIMITATION WHEN QUERYING PERFORMANCE DATA INTRODUCTION While running opvizor Health Analyzer, that is a software that connects to the VMware vSphere API, to collect configuration, performance and log data at a customer site, we noticed a change in vSphere 6 regarding the number of concurrent connections that was limited our crawling activities.  […]

Configuration of a nested vSphere 6.0 ESXi Host

CONFIGURATION OF  A NESTED VSPHERE 6.0 ESXI HOST Configuring the ESXi The ESXi is installed. Next steps are to configure the ESXi and add it to the vCenter. When booting the host it will try to fetch an IP-address using DHCP. Since I don’t want to use (and wouldn’t recommend) DHCP for hypervisors I’ll reconfigure […]

VMware Backup using Changed Block Tracking failed after upgrading to VMware ESXi 6.0

VMWARE BACKUP USING CHANGED BLOCK TRACKING FAILED AFTER UPGRADING TO VMWARE ESXI 6.0 VMware published a fix for the CBT issue causing VMware backups to fail when using VMware ESXi 6.0 as the hypervisor. So far the workaround was to disable Changed Block Tracking that caused long backup windows. All customers that were using CBT to backup […]

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