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VMware Empowers Cloud Provider Partners to Drive Innovation and Accelerate New Service Delivery

Expanded Set of Cloud Provider Offerings Enables Partners to Build, Manage and Grow their Businesses VMworld® 2017 Europe, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) unveiled new innovations to help VMware Cloud Provider™ partners migrate VMware workloads, expand service offerings to drive revenue and growth, lower cost through automation and more efficient operations, and create unique differentiation through VMware’s Cloud Provider program. Today’s news includes: […]

VMware Helps Enterprises Succeed in the Multi-Cloud Era

Broadened Set of Cloud Offerings Enables Customers To Run, Manage, Connect, and Secure Any Application across Clouds and Devices VMworld® 2017, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) unveiled an expanded set of products and services as part of VMware Cloud™ that are available through VMware and partners. New and updated offerings announced today include: VMware® Cloud™ on AWS is now initially available […]

The Great VDI Disruption: Amazon WorkSpaces Started It!

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? Lots of organizations have yet to take the plunge into the world of virtual desktops and apps, so if you’re new to VDI, here’s a recap. If you’ve already taken the plunge you can probably relate to the next paragraph, and you might even be searching for alternatives. Here’s […]

Nick Bowie, VCDX #202, is the 20th VCDX to join Nutanix

Steve Kaplan
Nick Bowie recently joined Nutanix as a Senior Solutions Architect with the Solutions Performance & Engineering Team for Business Critical Applications. Nick helps Engineering and Product Management develop platforms suited to business-critical apps and validate the apps on top of the platform. Nick is focusing on SQL databases, such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Postgres. […]

The Ball is in Your Court: Evaluating Your Hybrid IT Options

HP Enterprise
No one knows what the future holds. Yet, we can make some educated guesses based on what we know today. Many in IT are in this position – the ball is in your court, and you must decide how to move forward in terms of your IT strategy. As I talk with customers and look […]

VMware: How to Calculate and Assess Your OpEx

Operational cost improvements can be very hard to measure if you consider your operational cost as a ‘sunk’ investment (X Full Time Employees (FTE) per year at $Y cost). How can you measure the improvement in automation of a particular service and then pass those benefits onto your customer? As a competitive analyst, I can […]

What do Law Firms Need to Know About Modern VDI 2.0?

Yesterday the International Legal Technology Association kicked off it’s annual conference, ILTACON, in Las Vegas, and Workspot is in the house! Be sure to visit us at booth #819 if you’re in town. We spend a significant amount of time talking to IT people in law firms because as it turns out, we have what they […]

Citrix: Leverage SCOM to Monitor Citrix VDAs on Microsoft Azure

Citrix Systems
Organizations are constantly expanding their existing on-premises infrastructure to meet growing demand. They need solutions that are flexible and scalable. The most economical solution to achieve this expansion is a hybrid environment — a combination of the on-premises environment along with a cloud solution like Microsoft Azure. This approach allows organizations to scale up or […]

Don’t Become Captive to the Cloud; Choose the Right Cloud for the App

ClearSky Data
As enterprises continue their march toward the cloud, the questions IT leaders are asking about the path ahead are getting more nuanced. “Should we go to the cloud?” has given way to “Which cloud should we adopt?” and “What are the hidden cloud pitfalls we’ll face along the way?” CIOs are grappling with how best […]

VMware: OpEx is Not a Sunk Cost for Future Business

For many years, cloud providers have tried to limit their operational costs to keep margins high and healthy. In recent times, a few ‘competitive’ products have poked their heads above the parapet to try to challenge VMware’s hypervisor market share, through low cost licensing and a ‘good enough’ functional approach. However, whilst the upfront license […]

VMware Announces vSAN Customer Adoption in Higher Education

Need for Modernizing IT Infrastructure Drives Adoption of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) at Leading Educational Institutions VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) today announced that Oakland University (OU), The University of South Carolina Upstate (USC Upstate) and Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) have implemented VMware vSAN™, the leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution with more than 8,000 customers. […]

3 Factors to Consider to Compare Hyperconverged Vendors

HP Enterprise
The hyperconverged market is the fastest growing segment in IT and the market is flooded with vendors big and small, old and new. Whether your company has a consolidation initiative, a VDI project, a need for simple and reliable data protection, or are just curious, hyperconverged infrastructure is worth exploring. But where should you start? […]

Public or private cloud? Turn the tables on your financial risk

HP Enterprise
Investors, shareholders, and creditors are all familiar with financial risk – the potential for uncontrolled financial loss and the uncertainty it brings. When it comes to public cloud computing, financial risk also needs to be considered. Because cloud computing shifts IT spending to a pay-as-you-go model (OpEx) instead of paying up front (CapEx), the OpEx […]

VMware Wins ‘Best Use Of Virtualization Tech’ in Telco

Last week at the TechXLR8 Awards in London, VMware and the company’s vCloud NFV solution were recognized as the award winner for “Best Use of Virtualization Technology.” VMware vCloud NFV allows communication service providers to create and launch new 5G and IoT services in a much more agile, flexible, cost effective, and scalable way. VMware’s […]

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