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Big Switch reboots its software-defined networking stack for OpenStack and VMware clouds

There are about as many flavors of cloud computing as there are of software-defined networks, but Big Switch Networks Inc. only concerned itself with the frontrunners when developing the new iteration of its virtual connectivity platform that debuted this morning. The widened integration with VMware Inc.’s popular management software and OpenStack aims to blur the […]

OpenStack’s past, present and future

Despite early setbacks, OpenStack persevered to make steady progress toward its mission to provide an alternative to Amazon for the enterprise. At the conclusion of the third day of a successful OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, theCUBE cohosts Stu Miniman and John Furrier discussed OpenStack’s past, present and future. Although it experienced a rocky past, the […]

Platform9 bags $10 million for its VMware-powered OpenStack distro

While some perceive OpenStack as a threat to traditional management paradigms, Platform9 Inc. sees an opportunity to combine old and new in order to provide organizations with the best of both worlds. And it now has $10 million in additional funding to pursue that goal courtesy of Menlo Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. The capital will […]

When will OpenStack be ready for prime time?

theCUBE cohosts Stu Miniman and John Furrier assessed the OpenStack technology and community as they prepared for their third day of interviews with industry leaders during the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. Although the conference attracted between 6,000 to 7,000 people this year, Miniman said that OpenStack has some work to do before it reaches maturity. […]

Microsoft, Canonical Partner on Hypervisor for Containers

Hyper-V, of course, is Microsoft’s bread-and-butter hypervisor. But as hypervisors evolve, Microsoft is looking at ways to combine them with containers to further push the boundaries of what’s possible in the datacenter and cloud. Ben Armstrong, Microsoft’s Hyper-V and virtualization guru, will outline the company’s participation in two open source projects: the Canonical-backed Linux Container LXD hypervisor […]

Red Hat makes a strategic investment in OpenStack database-as-a-service Trove

Red Hat
The OpenStack project was launched five years ago with the singular mission of making it easier to provision and scale on-premise infrastructure, but as adoption slowly started to gain steam, the need spread up the stack to the applications running above. That’s what ended up driving Red Hat Inc. to announce a rare strategic investment […]

HotLink Launches Cloud Management Express for Integrated Management of Public and Private Cloud Workloads

HotLink Corporation, the market leader in transformation solutions for hybrid IT management, today announced HotLink® Cloud Management Express™, which extends VMware vCenter capabilities so companies can easily unify the administration and management of both public and private cloud resources in one streamlined, tightly integrated solution that works out of the box. HotLink Cloud Management Express […]

VMware Integrated OpenStack Video Series: OpenStack Deployment

Today’s entry is the start of a blog series that will cover many aspects of VMware Integrated OpenStack. OpenStack deployments usually have at least one physical server or virtual machine that is designated to be the "build server". This build server deploys and configures the various components that make up the control plane including the Nova […]

HotLink unites cloud management under VMware vSphere

With VMware, Inc.’s Vsphere owning more than half of the on-premise virtualization market, the people at HotLink Corp. have a simple proposition: Why not use VMware’s VCenter console to manage an entire hybrid cloud ecosystem? The company today is rolling out a cloud management platform that promises to unite management of major public and private […]

Oracle VM Virtual Machine CPU and Memory Allocation Policies Explained

Roddy Rodstein
 By Roddy Rodstein 08/11/2015 This post is applicable to all Oracle VM Releases   Oracle VM Server (Xen) has virtual machine CPU and Memory allocation options that allow us to to allocate CPU priority and Memory ballooning. Essentially the Xen CPU and Memory allocation policies allow us to rob CPU and RAM from Peter (high […]

Solution: Oracle Processor and Named User Plus (NUP) License Management

Roddy Rodstein
 By Roddy Rodstein 08/11/2015 This post is applicable to all Oracle Software Products and all Oracle VM Releases Since the first release of Oracle VM, which was announced at Oracle Open World in November 2007, Oracle has provided certified support for Oracle technology products on Oracle VM, including both hard and soft partitioning for Oracle license […]

Solution: Oracle VM Server and Pool Capacity Planning

Roddy Rodstein
 By Roddy Rodstein 08/11/2015 This post is applicable to all Oracle VM 3 Releases   When running mission critical Oracle applications on Oracle VM, you need to ensure that availability and performance is not inhibited by capacity limitations. When not sized properly, the capacity of your Oracle VM environment can negatively affect system availability, reliability […]

Solution: Oracle VM Server and Server Pool Monitoring

Roddy Rodstein
 By Roddy Rodstein 08/11/2015 This post is applicable to all Oracle VM 3 Releases Managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c   When things go wrong within an Oracle VM server pool, being able to quickly determine the “root cause” of an issue can eliminate or reduce down time. The most effective way to identify problems […]

Solution: How to Select an Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent Install User

Roddy Rodstein
By Roddy Rodstein 05/03/2015 This post is applicable to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.    The Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent Install user is used to install the Oracle Management Agent (OMA) software, and then becomes the owner of the Oracle Management Agent home. Selecting the Manager Agent Install user requires careful consideration especially when multiple IT groups […]

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