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Microsoft’s Own Cloud Remains an Issue for OpenStack Interoperability

SiliconAngle’s theCube hosts John Furrier and Jeff Frick had the opportunity to talk with Alessandro Pilotti, the CEO of Cloudbase Solutions, during the 2013 OpenStack Summit, which kicked off today in Portland, Oregon. Pilotti discussed Cloudbase’s work with Microsoft, as well as his perspective on and experience with OpenStack. Cloudbase Solutions provides IT services and consulting, and has recently been […]

Red Hat Steals the Show at OpenStack Summit, Approves $300M Buyback Program

Red Hat
Red Hat’s been busy today, dominating hashtag streams related to the OpenStack Summit, an annual event taking place in Portland this week.  Most recently, the company’s board of directors authorized $300 million in common stock repurchases “from time to time on the open market or in privately negotiated transaction”. This new program replaces the previous […]

“With OpenStack, we’ve hit critical mass,” says Cloudscaling CTO

At the 2013 OpenStack Summit, Randy Bias, CTO and Co-Founder of Cloudscaling, stopped by theCube to discuss the current status of OpenStack and Cloudscaling with hosts John Furrier and Jeff Frick. Bias began by giving his insight as to why OpenStack has been so successful. It has a large and growing number of production deployments, almost one hundred, he […]

IaaS a Golden Goose for Amazon in the Enterprise? Pricing Wars Live On

The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) space is heating up now that Amazon is venturing into the enterprise, and the competition is firing back.  IaaS is a particularly pert topic for us this week as we broadcast live from the OpenStack Summit, in Portland, Oregon.  As Rackspace and Amazon battle for the enterprise space, OpenStack could play a […]

Cisco Announces Free OpenStack Distribution

Cisco has just rolled out the free distribution of OpenStack, the open source cloud management platform, where it will package other services, including virtual networking and high-availability features, on top of its distribution. As Cisco becomes a fast growing member of the OpenStack Foundation, this steps shows its commitment to keep evolving as a member. […]

Cisco releases OpenStack distribution

Further showing its commitment to the OpenStack project, Cisco has rolled out a free distribution of the open source cloud management platform, which it will package other services on top of, including virtual networking and high-availability features. Cisco becomes one of a growing group of OpenStack member organizations that have released distributions of the open source code, joining the […]

OpenStack Folsom Adds Network Automation, Block Storage and Hyper-V Support

OpenStack® Folsom, the sixth release of the open source cloud computing platform, saw a 65 percent increase in contributors, as well as the addition of Networking and Block Storage services, architected in line with the OpenStack philosophy of pluggability and extensibility. While work was underway to establish the new OpenStack Foundation, the thriving community once […]

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