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Back to Boston! A recap of the 2017 OpenStack Summit

Red Hat
This year the OpenStack® Summit returned to Boston, Massachusetts. The Summit was held the week after the annual Red Hat® Summit, which was also held in Boston. The combination of the two events, back to back, made for an intense, exciting and extremely busy few weeks. More than 5,000 attendees and 1,000 companies were in […]

VMware: Open Technologies Building on Modern Infrastructure Stack

OpenStack Summit is in Boston this week (May 8-11), and we are looking forward to meeting customers, prospects, and partners as well as mingling with other OpenStack aficionados. VMware has a strong presence there as we continue to drive forward, contribute, and learn through discussions around open technologies and initiatives such as OpenStack, containers, Kubernetes, […]

Announcing HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0 – News from OpenStack Summit Boston

HP Enterprise
Today is a big day for us as we present the next stage in our ongoing involvement with the OpenStack project. We’re in Boston this week at OpenStack summit talking with customers and the community about the release of HPE Helion OpenStack 5.0, the latest version of our enterprise-grade distribution of OpenStack. We have a […]

Introducing Senlin – a new tool for speedy, load-balanced OpenStack clustering

Senlin is a new OpenStack project that provides a generic clustering service for OpenStack clouds. It’s capable of managing homogeneous objects exposed by other OpenStack components, including Nova, Heat, or Cinder, making it of interest to anyone using, or thinking of using, VMware Integrated OpenStack. VMware OpenStack architect Mark Voelker, along with VMware colleague Xinhui […]

VMware: Issues With Interoperability in OpenStack & How DefCore is Addressing Them

Interoperability is built into the founding conception of OpenStack. But as the platform has gained popularity, it’s also become ever more of a challenge. “There’s a lot of different ways to consume OpenStack and it’s increasingly important that we figure out ways to make things interoperable across all those different methods of consumption,” notes VMware’s […]

VMware: OpenStack Summit 2016 Re-Cap – Experts from VMware and HedgeServ Outline the Operational Advantages of VMware Integrated OpenStack  

VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) offers a simple but powerful path to deploying OpenStack clouds and is a clear win for developers. But what about the operations side? Presenting at the 2016 OpenStack Summit, VMware’s Santhosh Sundararaman and Isa Berisha and Thomas McAteer of HedgeServ, the #1 provider of technical management services to the hedge fund […]

VMware: OpenStack Summit 2016 Re-Cap – A Guide to Practical OpenStack Network Virtualization using OVN

OVN (pronounced “oven”) is a rapidly growing, open source solution being developed by the Open vSwitch (OVS) community that provides network virtualization for OVS. While OVN isn’t designed to work with VMware Integrated OpenStack, it’s another OpenStack project to which VMware has been devoting time and effort, and definitely worth knowing about. For a good […]

VMware: OpenStack Summit 2016 Re-Cap – An Introduction to OpenStack for VMware Administrators

So, you’re a VMware administrator providing IT resources to developers who want API-driven access to your compute, network, and storage infrastructure. If that’s the case, you should definitely check out the VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) product homepage, the VIO Hands-on Lab, or go ahead and download and install VIO yourself. But you might first want […]

VMware – Upgrade Issues? Not with VIO!

An OpenStack cloud upgrade can be a challenging task for administrators as they manage numerous considerations: How do I upgrade each service’s components while mitigating user impact? Can I skip one or more OpenStack releases during my upgrade, or must I upgrade to every single release between my current implementation and the latest community release? Which control plane […]

Cisco: Policy-based Cloud with Cisco ACI and OpenStack, Project Contiv and the Open Source Community

Just a month ago, I was at OpenStack summit Austin presenting Cisco technologies to our valuable customers. To me it was quite obvious that OpenStack has hit mainstream, particularly after listening to Gartner’s keynote. The keynote emphasized how customers are adopting Cloud and OpenStack operationally. I also observed that there was great interest among customers […]

Self-Heal Your OpenStack Control Plane

We went to Austin for BBQ, and an OpenStack Summit broke out… …OK, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the BBQ was good. When we started this journey less than 5 weeks ago in preparation for the Austin OpenStack Summit, we’d already collectively had many OpenStack deployments under our belts, both manually deployed and through […]

VMTurbo to Present at Interop 2016 in Las Vegas

VMTurbo Presentations focus on practical approaches to private cloud and how to get started on OpenStack in the Enterprise VMTurbo, the only application performance control platform, announced that it will be exhibiting at Interop 2016 in Las Vegas this week, and will be presenting sessions in two tracks: “Adopting Private Cloud – A Practical Approach”, […]

OpenStack Summit Austin – Recap Part 1 of 2

It was a big show, and lots of activity was happening all over Austin as a result of this year’s spring OpenStack Summit. There are two OpenStack Summits per year to align with the release cycle of the platform. The Austin event was packed with some very interesting vendors, a strong community, lots of new […]

VMTurbo to Present at OpenStack Summit 2016 in Austin

VMTurbo, the only application performance control platform, announced that it will be exhibiting at OpenStack Summit 2016 this week in Austin, and will have staff presenting sessions in two tracks: “Guaranteeing Performance in High-Density OpenStack Environments,” with VP, Advanced Solutions Endre Sara; as well as “Couch to OpenStack – Getting Started with the OpenStack Learning […]

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