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VMware: Complete Network Visibility with vRealize Network Insight

Looking for complete network visibility that includes both virtual and physical networking?  VMware has just released new feature demonstration videos for vRealize Network Insight.  In this first video the use case is based on optimization of network performance.  This includes both virtual and physical networks with 360 degree visibility. Complete Network VisibilityThis video focuses on […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 09/29/16

VMware ESXi Disabling Hardware Accelerated Init (WRITESAME) in ESXi (2146566) Date Published: 9/26/2016 Disabling Hardware Accelerated Move (XCOPY) in ESXi (2146567) Date Published: 9/26/2016 VMware Horizon Client Session disconnects when using PCoIP and toggling the Allow Display Scaling setting in Horizon Client (2146966) Date Published: 9/28/2016 VMware Horizon Flex Limiting Virtual Switch Connectivity with VMware […]

VMware: Learn to Troubleshoot and Configure Syslogs for NSX

We recently added eight new NSX videos to the VMware Learning Zone: The final chapter in our popular seven-part VMware NSX Architecture and Troubleshooting series All seven parts of a new series called VMware NSX Logs: Part #1: Overview of NSX Architecture and Logs Part #2: NSX-Specific Syslog Areas Part #3: Demo: NSX Manager Part […]

VMware: Next Generation Security Services in OpenStack – Part 2

In a previous post, I described the high level steps a security admin would followto onboard NetX redirection services onto an existing OpenStack deployment. If your OpenStack implementation is based on Mitakaand you are running VMware NSX, it is possible to launch instances with no Neutron Security Group association, which under normal circumstances would either […]

VMware vSphere Editions Demystified 

Scott Bollinger
Let’s get vSphere! But where to start? You want to deploy VMware vSphere as your virtualization platform but… What edition? What’s an Addon? Do I need a kit? What do all these features do? Does the kit come with a screwdriver? It all depends right? No, I’m not going to tell you that, because I know […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 09/24/16

VMware Horizon 7 Applications and RDS Hosts Are Not Visible After an Upgrade from Horizon 6.2.3 to Horizon 7.x (2146862) Date Published: 9/22/2016 Setting the RDS Host Operating System Version (2146850) Date Published: 9/22/2016 VMware Horizon Client RTAV stops working in Horizon Client after switching the frame size on the client system (2146967) Date Published: […]

VMware vRealize Network Insight ( vRNI ) 3.0- How to Install & Configure

VMware vRealize Network Insight ( vRNI ) is the newest addition to the range of products from VMware. vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) is a product for delivering intelligent operations for your software defined network environment (specially NSX). In short, it does what vRealize Operations does for your virtualized environment, but only to the SDN environment. With […]

VMware Video: How VMware implemented Network Virtualization with NSX

At VMware, we face the same challenges that our customers do; that’s why we take a “VMware-first” approach, meaning we use our own software to improve operations & support business objectives. Learn about our internal NSX implementation, one of the largest deployments of NSX for vSphere in the world with over 60,000 VM’s! From the […]

VMware: Industry First Micro-segmentation Cybersecurity Benchmark Released

The VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Cybersecurity Benchmark report has been released! As previewed in part six of the Micro-segmentation Defined – NSX Securing Anywhere blog series , independent cyber risk management advisor and assessor Coalfire was sponsored by VMware to create an industry first Micro-segmentation Cybersecurity Benchmark report. Coalfire conducted an audit of the VMware NSX micro-segmentation […]

How Hybrid Cloud Enables Data Mobility Without Replication

ClearSky Data
At VMWorld, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger delivered the keynote address on the opening day of the conference. Along with several C-level clients, one of the main themes Gelsinger explored was how important the hybrid cloud model was to each customer, and how VMware’s new cross-cloud architecture announcement shifted the company’s strategy to enable hybrid. VMware […]

VMware Releases New Courses Covering vRealize, NSX, and more

VMware Education Services releases new courses and delivery methods throughout the year. Last month we released four new training options covering VMware NSX, vCloud Director, Virtual SAN, and vRealize Operations Manager. For more information about these or any of our other courses, or assistance developing a learning plan for yourself or your team, please contact […]

VMware: Next Generation Security Services in OpenStack

OpenStack is quickly and steadily positioning itself as a great Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for the Enterprise. Originally conceived for that proverbial DevOps Cloud use case (and as a private alternative to AWS), the OpenStack framework has evolved to add rich Compute, Network and Storage services to fit several enterprise use cases. This evolution can be evidenced […]

VMware: VCAP5 Exam Retirements

I’ve previously written about our VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) exams based on vSphere 5. Based on your feedback we modified our original retirement plan for these exams, to keep them live until after the release of the GA version of the VCAP6 exams. I’m happy to say that those exams have been released, so […]

VMware: A new mindset created by virtualized networking platform VMware NSX

The introduction of VMware NSX has been central in helping our partners deliver a next-generation approach to cyber security. It reflects two fundamental shifts in the market: firstly, a move towards the ‘zero-trust’ security model, and secondly, encouraging the adoption of a more holistic approach, where a security policy is centrally defined – replacing the […]

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