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WannaCry again? Meet Adylkuzz, its sneaky cryptocurrency mining sibling

More than 400,000 computers wrldwide have been infected with WannaCry ransomware since the beginning of the devastating attack on May 12th, 2017. WannaCry has compromised standalone and networked Windows computers, at home and in the enterprise. The initial attack was made possible because of EternalBlue, the vulnerability exposed by the Shadow Brokers, an anonymous group […]

XData and SambaCry add to the whopping number of data breaches this year

Weeks after WannaCry appeared center stage, networks around the world are still being bombarded with clusters of cyber threats including Adlykuzz and EternalRocks. But is that all? Nope. Two more threats, XData and SamabaCry are already doubling the number of existing threats. Since WannaCry, almost half of all data breaches have affected the business sector, […]

If you think WannaCry is Huge, wait for EternalRocks!

While the world was responding to the WannaCry attack—which only utilized the EternalBlue exploit and the DoublePulsar backdoor—researchers discovered another piece of malware, EternalRocks, which actually exploits seven different Windows vulnerabilities Miroslav Stamper, a security researcher at the Croatian Government CERT, first discovered EternalRocks. This new malware is far more dangerous than WannaCry. Unlike WannaCry, […]

Silent Android app installation using MDM

You can have both Play Store and Enterprise apps installed silently on Android devices in a jiffy, using MDM This video demonstrates how to easily install Android apps silently with ManageEngine MDM Learn more: This video is from the fine folks at ManageEngine

Secure you network from Petya & Skype using Desktop Central

This workshop will help you to explore the ways to secure your computers from ransomware and cyber attacks. This video is from the fine folks at ManageEngine

ManageEngine NYC User Conference 2017

Mark your calendar for two days of learning and fun at the ManageEngine User Conference in Manhattan, New York. Get a first look at product launches, new features, updates, and integrations, all aimed at keeping you ahead of the curve. Attend live demos to better understand our products and learn about the latest trends through […]

Simplifying service request fulfillment process | Free ITIL webinar

Request fulfillment is the process of servicing requests raised by users. A robust request fulfillment can help IT help desks provide timely resolutions using minimal resources. Using an ITIL(R) ready help desk desk software like ServiceDesk Plus can help you easily configure workflows and automate processes for faster service delivery. Watch this webinar to learn […]

ManagerEngine Service Desk Innovation Webinar Preview

Join this webinar to learn about how you can turn your service desk into a hub of innovation. Register now In this webinar, we’ll show by example how you can leverage your service desk to lead your business toward innovation. Here are a few of the topics we’ll be covering: Innovation in the context […]

Enterprise Mobility Management for the Mobile-First World – Video

In this webinar you will learn about: The evolution of the mobile-first approach. What mobile first can do for you and your organisation. Enterprise mobility challenges every organisation faces. This video is from the fine folks at ManageEngine

Enterprise mobility management for the mobile-first world – On-Demand Webinar

With more people using the internet on their phones than their desktops, enterprise mobility management (EMM) is a top priority for every IT team. From mobile device support to containerization and content security, every IT team is looking for an EMM solution with a comprehensive feature set. Check out our webinar on how to tackle […]

5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation

An effective digital strategy requires a three-pronged approach: optimizing the customer experience, improving operational processes, and uncovering new and profitable business models. In the first part of this series, we explored the role that storage virtualization plays in digital transformation, resulting in an improved customer experience. In this second part, we’ll look at ways to digitally […]

Securing MDM server communication using Forwarding Server – Video

You can secure all the device to MDM server communication by using a Forwarding Server. It ensures all the MDM server-based communication are routed through it, thereby safeguarding the MDM server and the data within. This video demonstrates how to easily configure Forwarding Server with ManageEngine MDM Learn more at: This video is from the […]

All of IOT Starting with the Latest Raspberry Pi from Beginner to Advanced – Book Volume 1

IT Books
Introduction to the title  =============== 1. This book guides readers who know nothing about IOT from basic-level topics to high-level knowledge so that they can understand general concept and details of IOT, and implement and experience the real IOT project directly. 2. This book covers a wide range of topics, starting from the introduction of […]

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