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GigaSpaces Announces New Cloudify Free Product Edition

GigaSpaces Technologies, a pioneer of next generation application platforms for mission-critical applications, announces the general availability of Cloudify, GigaSpaces’ new cloud application platform that enables organizations to easily on-board and manage any application, on any cloud, with zero code change. After a successful beta release in 2011, Cloudify is now available with a new free […]

Gazzang Joins Amazon Web Services Solution Provider Program, Extends Delivery of Cloud Data Security Services

Gazzang, Inc., a provider of data and application security for the cloud, today announced it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Provider Program. Gazzang’s products will enable Amazon customers to enhance their security by providing a high performance encryption engine for data protection, access control and key management. The AWS Solution Provider Program […]

Citrix Netscaler DataStream: MySQL and Last Insert ID Function

While troubleshooting some issues with an application that a customer was migrating to their Netscaler(and hence DataStream) platform. In general the application worked well, but when using the built-in MySQL Last_Insert_ID() function, rather than returning the value of the last inserted row, the value returned was always zero. It turns out that this is a consequence of the Last_Insert_ID […]

Behind the scenes of Wellesley College’s desktop virtualization rollout

Although desktop virtualization is still a relatively new technology, Ravi Ravishanker is no stranger to it. He helped implement VDI projects at Pace University and Wesleyan University in recent years and now is overseeing a rollout at Wellesley College, the all-women’s school west of Boston where he serves as CIO. I met with Ravishanker earlier […]

Advanced Microsoft SQL/MySQL health monitors in NetScaler 9.3 nCore

Why in the world would anyone need advanced health monitors for thier SQL servers and MySQL servers ? isn’t the default ping and TCP monitors good enough ?. The answer is “N0″, the default monitors can only check for the server’s IP stack being alive by performing a ping or a basic tcp connection check. […]

Fast Serv Leverages R1Soft CDP to Add Value and Maximize Resources

Managed hosting provider Fast Serv Networks today revealed details regarding its implementation of R1SoftContinuous Data Protection® (CDP) as the software behind its managed backup solutions. R1Soft CDP backups are included with Fast Serv’s cPanel Web hosting plans and offered as an add-on to its virtual and dedicated server offerings.  The cross-platform CDP product brings significant […]

WP-XenServerStats – WordPress Plugin for XenServer 1/2

I got this idea when I saw Nick (Show And Tell : First vSphere Plugin for WordPress!) doing something I wanted to do for Citrix XenServer. Then before trying to do myself (I’m a very bad dev….) I’ve try to find someone who did it better than I would ever do… And no one did […]

Zmanda Enhances Backup and Disaster Recovery for VMware

Zmanda™, the industry’s leading provider of open source based backup solutions and a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, today announced enhancements to its VMware Backup Client for Amanda Enterprise (AE). In addition to running a full image-level backup of a live virtual machine (VM), users now have the ability to run faster and more efficient block-level […]

Is Oracle Building its Own Software Stack?

If you spend much time in a CIO or CTO’s office, you’ll have heard the phrase "software stack" a million times. It usually means a suite of operating system, utilities, and applications designed to deliver various services. For example, the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) stack is what lies behind many Web sites, and the […]

Open Source Zenoss 3.0 Simplifies IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Adds Automation and Virtualization Management Capabilities

Zenoss Inc., the corporate sponsor of Zenoss Core, today announced the general availability of Zenoss Core 3.0 under the GNU General Public License (V2). Fueled by the 85,000-member Zenoss community, the newest release features an updated user interface to improve usability giving users a complete view of all IT infrastructure — physical, virtual and cloud […]

Ubuntu’s Koala food mixes with Windows VMs

Eucalyptus Systems — the open source outfit that mimics Amazon’s so-called compute cloud inside private data centers — has released a major upgrade to its commercial product, Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition. Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 includes support for Windows virtual machines, letting you hoist Windows Server 2003, 2008, and Windows 7 images atop a Eucalyptus […]

The Question of Database Virtualization – Answered

What’s the latest myth you’ve bought into concerning virtualization? It probably has something to do with databases. Some database vendors want you to believe their database runs great only on dedicated physical hardware, and their expensive and proprietary solution is the only way to go. Virtualization vendors have proven otherwise. In fact, with the correct […]

Sourceforge Eats its Open-Source Dogfood

You might not recognize the name Geeknet, but you probably know its popular tech sites such as Sourceforge, Slashdot, Ohloh, Think Geek, Freshmeat, and the recently acquired When Geeknet opened a new data center in Chicago two years ago, the network operations team wanted to centralize management of hundreds of systems serving the Geeknet […]

To Be or Not to Be Cloud

As we count down to our cloud announcements at Synergy, let’s take a look today at the applications that have moved to the cloud… and the applications that have not… and why. It would be a fair statement to say that the larger the company, the more business-critical the application, and the more complex the […]

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