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Microsoft Intune makes it easy to bring your own device with confidence – Video

Microsoft Intune enables mobile device management for personal devices. We will demonstrate both sides of the Intune experience—watch an employee enroll her personal iOS device into Intune, gaining access to corporate resources and applications. Then see an administrator create a corporate policy from the management console to help ensure the security of corporate data. Access […]

Citrix XenMobile 10 (MDM and MAM) Behind a Single IP Address Using Citrix NetScaler

Dave Brett
Citrix XenMobile behind a single IP is something I have been working on and trying to get working for a while now.  In my lab I can only have a single external IP address, this is normally not an issue but when it comes to Citrix XenMobile you need 2 external DNS Names and IP Addresses. […]

Samsung & Citrix Extend Technology Partnership for Mobile EMM

Citrix Systems
I’m excited to share some new ways that XenMobile and Samsung Knox are working together to provide industry-leading application and data security for Android environments.  This joint solution, on display next week at Citrix Synergy 2016, allows IT to take advantage of key  security features of Samsung Knox at no additional cost. Samsung Knox provides mobile […]

Explore the workflow differences between Citrix XenMobile 9 and XenMobile 10 – Video

Citrix Systems
This 40 minute in-depth interview shows the workflow differences between XenMobile 9 and XenMobile 10 including dashboards/actions, device/user management, setting of policies (both MDM and MAM) and server level configurations.

Citrix says Ditch the Training Wheels: EMM without Device Enrollment is Available!

Citrix Systems
Mobile Application Management (MAM) has traditionally been deployed as a technology layered on top of Mobile Device Management (MDM). In fact, for many use cases, MDM technology is required to make MAM work. Here are some examples: An MDM device passcode policy is required to apply device level encryption which provides application layer security. MDM […]

Download ManageEngine Desktop Central – desktop and mobile device management

Integrated Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software Desktop Central is integrated desktop and mobile device management software that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. Automate your regular desktop management routines like installing patches, distributing software, managing your IT Assets, managing software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB […]

Web content filtering with iOS – the browsing comfort zone

Accessing web resources securely is essential for enterprises and educational institutions. And so, mobility management now includes the ability to filter web content. With web content filtering, organizations can manage, restrict, and channelize content to specific user groups. Limiting website access not only improves productivity, it also functions as a valuable security feature. It enables you to […]

Citrix XenMobile 10.3 – How To: Configure a Custom Wi-Fi XML with Authentication for Windows 10

Citrix Systems
Why use the Custom XML Policy for Windows 10 in XenMobile 10.x? With XenMobile 10.3.x, Citrix has added Windows 10 Tablet, Desktop and Phone MDM APIs and is starting the transition from a Enterprise Mobility Managent to a Unified Endpoint Management Solution for their customers. The first stepping stone of this is adding the most common […]

LANDESK Explains AppSense Acquisition – Episode 241

In episode 241, Douglas Brown interviews Steve Morton, Exec. Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. Steve and Douglas discuss the recent LANDESK acquisition of AppSense, why AppSense was acquired, what this means for customers and partners and how AppSense technologies will be added to the LANDESK portfolio. About AppSense AppSense is the leading provider of […]

User Experience Demo: Telstra T-MDM with Citrix XenMobile

Citrix Systems
This video brings you through what the user experience is with Telstra T-MDM and Citrix XenMobile mobility solutions. Learn more about Citrix Xenmobile:

Microsoft: What You May Not Know About the Surprisingly Long History of EMM Acquisitions

During our current period of rapid consolidation, there always seems to be an acquisition in the works somewhere in the mobility market, and a conversation I had today really emphasized this. The mobile device management software built by Callisto Software, as explained by Gartner at the time of that company’s acquisition, noted that, “No desktop […]

Citrix: iOS Vulnerability and Siri Doesn’t Have to Have a Bad Outcome

Citrix Systems
While Siri can be an extremely useful tool, a recent vulnerability discovered in iOS 9.3.1 that can be exploited through Siri has raised security concerns for both users and IT.Specifically, by using Siri voice commands, an unauthorized user can access contacts and photos on the iOS 9.3.1 device without entering a passcode to unlock the phone. […]

VMware: What You Need to Know about SideStepper

Three steps to help ensure that your mobile enterprise environment is secure against the new SideStepper iOS security threat. At BlackHat Asia on Friday, our partner, Check Point Software, revealed a new vulnerability and method to deliver rogue configurations to mobile devices. Check Point described the details of SideStepper here. In a nutshell, the SideStepper […]

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