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User Happiness in VDI

Login VSI
Recently the VDI Like a Pro team surveyed the State of the VDI/SBC union 2017. From the 600 respondents, we learned that in many organizations the IT Admins are not too proud of their VDI environment. A staggering 34.9% of the respondents indicated that the environment is just OK and they do not get too […]

Controlup Logon Simulator Review

Wilco van Bragt
One the companies that really get the strength of the community are the guys of Controlup. Beside they sponsor lots of community event, shares data gathered with the community they also have several free tools in their portfolio. In this Glance at Free I’m going to take a look at the free Controlup Logon Simulator. […]

VMware Mirage Speeds Windows 10 Migration for Physical PCs

Andy Morris is a group product line marketing manager for VMware EUC, managing the personal desktop and applications portfolios. Prior to VMware, Andy was VP of product management at Abaca, and worked for AppSense, LogLogic and IBM. Andy holds a computer science degree from DeMontford University. You’ve decided that Windows 10 is in your future. […]

What You Need to Know About GPUs for Windows 10

Lakeside Software
Dedicated GPUs aren’t just for gamers and designers anymore. The modern workspace is experiencing increasingly vivid and interactive software that is challenging entrenched beliefs about the nature of corporate work. Back in the day, IT supplied users with hardware and software that far exceeded anything employees interacted with in their off-time. The field has changed, […]

How does Office 365 perform across Windows operating systems?

Lakeside Software
Modern users have the choice between a variety of Windows OS and Office versions. In relation to this mix, a common question we have come across in the past is “How does Windows 10 performance compare with Windows 7?” While we have addressed the situation in the past, it remains a popular question to this […]

VMware: WannaCry Fallout: Implement ‘Least Privilege’ Now

It’s been a few weeks since WannaCry ransomware captured headlines and computers the world over. We now know how it spread, and how it captured so many Windows 7 machines. The WannaCry (also known as WannaCryptor) attack was first reported on May 12 and spread to more than 230,000 computers in over 150 nations. Attackers […]

Try Amazon WorkSpaces at No Charge for Up To 2 Months

Amazon Web Services
I am a big believer in hands-on experience. Except under very rare circumstances, the posts in my blog are written only after I have used the service in question. If you happened to read I Love My Amazon WorkSpace, you know that Amazon WorkSpaces is one of my most important productivity tools.I would like to […]

Workspot Case Study: Chaitons LLP

A mid-size law rm replaces its outdated infrastructure to improve system performance and productivity CHALLENGE Providing staff with faster, more reliable access to corporate resources Keeping resources and les secure is a high priority in any law rm. Since 2009, the IT team at Chaitons maintained security for the rm’s resources by relying on hosted […]

Top 3 Windows Workloads for Microsoft Azure

Knowing what you can (and can’t) run on Microsoft Azure is half the battle. More importantly, which workloads running on Azure are likely to be the most revolutionary for your IT environment? In this article, we’ll tell you the top 3 ways Workspot and Azure can change your world, enabling you to run Windows Desktops, […]

Amazon WorkSpaces now offers a Free Tier for new customers

Amazon Web Services
To take advantage of the WorkSpaces Free Tier, launch a Free Tier eligible Standard bundle WorkSpace using the WorkSpaces management console, by following the steps outlined in the Quick Setup guide. The Standard bundle WorkSpace offers a cloud desktop with 2 vCPUs, 4 GB of memory, and 50 GB of SSD-based storage, and you can choose between […]

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