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Tricerat Simplify Printing – Banking Case Study

First State Bank reduces time spent on printing issues and improves office productivity. About First State Bank First State Bank is a community bank that opened in 1906 in Gothenburg, Nebraska. Now, with 8 locations throughout Central and Eastern Nebraska, First State Bank has 100 employees. They provide internet and telephone banking, traditional checking and […]

Citrix XenDesktop Essentials – All Facts Listed!

Bas van Kaam
A couple of days ago Citrix shared with us the pricing and purchasing options of their latest Citrix Cloud based service, XenDesktop Essentials. This post is meant to clear up a few misconceptions and to answer one or two questions you might have. Due to license restrictions, Microsoft didn’t allow Windows desktops to be offered […]

The Last Thing You Need is a Windows 10 Migration Headache

Windows 10: Painful affliction or rare opportunity? Everyone knew that the Windows 10 release would be unique.  Initially driven by the offer of free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8, consumers were once again in the IT driver’s seat. Many of us thought this consumer momentum would force corporate IT departments to rush their OS […]

Which Windows Version / Build Do I Use?

My series on Microsoft Windows 10 starts with an article about windows 10 builds. When designing an VDI environment these days you need to decide whether to use Microsoft Windows 7, 8.x or 10. This is hard as the customer wants a new version to make sure they are ready for the future. you as […]

Resource Usage Through the Roof, New Guidelines are Needed

I’ve been writing a series about Microsoft Windows 10 and how we can tune and deploy it in a VDI environment. Microsoft Windows 10 and to be more specific the 1607 build is some piece of work. I’ve been working in this field for a number of years, first VDI environment I setup was in […]

Tuning Microsoft Windows 10 for VDI

For a while I’ve been working with a customer to deploy a new workspace environment with Microsoft Windows 10. I’ve been in this business for several years and been tuning for a while. I noticed Microsoft Windows 10 tuning takes a bit more work than Microsoft Windows 7 or XP was. I thought perhaps a […]

The stony road of a VDI migration from Win7 to Win10 – Video Session from @E2EVC 2016 Rome

E2EVC Conference
‘The stony road of a VDI migration from Win7 to Win10’ video session from @E2EVC 2016 Rome. For event information please visit For slides, additional info etc please contact the presenter directly on Twitter. For best video and sound quality do visit the event! via the fine folks at E2EVC Conference

Liquidware Labs Talks: Migration, Migration, Migration ……

Liquidware Labs
To migrate, or not to migrate, that is the question? Will migrations ever end?  It wasn’t that long ago that we were all hurtling headlong towards April 8, 2014 – the date when Microsoft ended the extended support of the Windows XP operating system. Some of us made it in time, while others didn’t, and the rest just took the decision […]

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