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Turbonomic Showcases Self-Managing Container Platforms

Turbonomic today announced details of its presence at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark from May 2-4, 2018. Experts from Turbonomic will demonstrate workload automation to enable self-managing container platforms, helping customers assure performance across complex hybrid cloud estates at booth S-C25. The rapid adoption of container platforms reflects growing demands on IT organizations […]

Enables a Data-Driven Decision when Choosing Between AWS and Azure

It Should Be a Straightforward Question: “What is the most cost-effective choice for my applications – AWS or Azure?” When you have to choose between AWS and Azure, you need more than a preference. You need a detailed justification for the CIO, the CFO, and the Board. Your justification needs to account for the individual profiles […]

The Intelligent Data Center is Beyond Human Scale

As the IT industry has evolved over recent years, it has seen the clear and rapid movement towards software-defined infrastructure at every layer of the stack. Software-defined, API-accessible infrastructure also opened the door for the next phase of evolution with what Gartner has categorized as “AI Ops”, a further evolution beyond traditional silo-focused, human dependent, […]

Joining Turbonomic for The Transformative Mission

Experiencing IT Pains Firsthand My name is Rick Ochs, and I want to tell the story of how and why I joined Turbonomic. I’ve spent the last 13 years of my career at Microsoft building, maintaining, and PM’ing IT infrastructure and Applications. Over four years ago, we started one of the largest cloud migrations an […]

Kubernetes Adoption Accelerates as Turbonomic Joins CNCF

Turbonomic today announced that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), further advancing its commitment to bring self-managing systems to the cloud-native community and accelerate the adoption of Kubernetes®. CNCF is committed to sustaining and integrating open source technologies like Kubernetes and Prometheus™. “CNCF is thrilled to have the support of organizations across […]

Tips for Getting Started in Tech Sales

In my role as a Sales Development leader, I spend my days working with SDRs who are in various stages of their careers. Some are fresh out of college working their first professional jobs, and others are preparing to make the jump into a closing role. Below are the tech sales tips that I share […]

How do you integrate and implement DevOps into a mature environment?

Historically, IT has existed in a very siloed environment, with each function working on its own piece of the puzzle and nothing else. Silos are a natural outgrowth of specialized skills, and this mindset continued to be entrenched as IT grew into a more vital component of business. However, this method was not perfect. For […]

deviceTRUST – Use Case (Microsoft AppLocker for device based Licensing) Video

In this use case video we show how to make a device-based licensed application (e. g. Microsoft Visio) available in accordance with the license agreement within remote sessions. The unique serial number of the endoint is used to control the Microsoft AppLocker configuration, which in turn allows or prohibits the application licensed to the endpoint. […]

Why is controlling cost and performance in the cloud so hard?

According to most organizations the biggest drivers to cloud are elasticity and agility. In other words, it allows you to instantly provision and de-provision resources based on the needs of the business. You no longer have to build the church for Sunday. Once in the cloud though 80% of companies report receiving bills 2-3 times […]

How Mentorship at Turbonomic Helped Me Grow My Career

Mentorship is often talked about at many organizations across the world, but my experience at Turbonomic has really stood out among everything I’ve read. Brian Tracy, a successful business coach and CEO at Brian Tracy International said, “You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” […]

Why do Predictive Systems Fail to solve Application Performance?

At some point in your life, you’ve bumped into the phrase “past performance is not always indicative of future results”.  It’s in the prospectus for every single financial analysis paper or stock advice.  Not since the Mayans, or Nostradamus has there been such a drive in our industry to seek out predictive systems.  Predictive systems […]

What do Financial Accounting and IT Operations have in Common?

I have a confession to make. I got a P in accounting. What is a P you might ask? It’s based on the grading system business schools use to make “Type As” feel better about themselves when they are surrounded by similar types. In the real world, it’s a C. Accounting and IT Operations What […]

VMware: Windows 10 virtualization enabled through Cloud Solution Provider program

Microsoft is officially giving its users more options when it comes to Windows 10 virtualization. Benefiting both users who want more choice and Microsoft’s partners, they now have subscriptions to Windows 10 that include virtualization rights. Since Sept. 6, users have a larger variety of virtualization options when buying Windows 10 Enterprise. Of course, they […]

Delivering a Consistent QoS In a Virtualised Data Center- Part 2

How Do I Benchmark My Effectiveness at Managing QoS and Can I Improve? As the provider of virtualised infrastructure, private cloud, or VDI, correlating the health of infrastructure to application performance is challenging. The sheer fact that the infrastructure you are providing is supporting hundreds or thousands of applications, all with their own performance instrumentation, […]

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