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Top 5 questions regarding Microsoft SCOM and OMS

With Microsoft talking about OMS (Operations Management Suite) people are assuming it is a competing product against Microsoft SCOM. Microsoft SCOM has been around for several years and is the backbone of Microsoft’s monitoring solution. At conferences Microsoft OMS is presented as the replacement of Microsoft SCOM (or is that just what people hear) but […]

Citrix: Leverage SCOM to Monitor Citrix VDAs on Microsoft Azure

Citrix Systems
Organizations are constantly expanding their existing on-premises infrastructure to meet growing demand. They need solutions that are flexible and scalable. The most economical solution to achieve this expansion is a hybrid environment — a combination of the on-premises environment along with a cloud solution like Microsoft Azure. This approach allows organizations to scale up or […]

Microsoft: Monitoring Large DPM Deployments with SCOM

DPM can backup a variety of workloads as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, Hyper-V VMs, File Servers, among others. One way to monitor the DPM servers centrally is using SCOM. In this blog, our guest, John Joyner,  talks about leveraging Central Console for multi site backup management. The combination of DPM and SCOM is beneficial to distributed enterprises […]

Savision, when you got Microsoft SCOM and Citrix management packs but lack visibility

As a tradition I write a blog post about a new sponsor of my website, two reasons behind it. First one is as a courtesy to the sponsor, a thank you for doing business. The second reason is to make sure you as visitors know what the logo on the side if off, and if […]

What’s New in eG Enterprise Universal Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM v6.2?

eG Innovations
The eG Universal Management Pack for SCOM, part of the eG Enterprise IT performance monitoring suite, augments Microsoft SCOM’s monitoring capabilities, enabling it to become a truly unified monitoring and diagnosis console for today’s heterogeneous IT infrastructures. The recent release of eG Enterprise version 6.2 has introduced newer functionality and greater monitoring support for the […]

Citrix SCOM Management Packs Are Available!

Citrix Systems
Citrix is committed to support the growth of our customers. With that in mind, we bring to you a new set of improved SCOM Management Packs. The new Citrix SCOM Management Pack 3.12 for XenApp and XenDesktop supports environments that are much larger in scale than supported in the previous releases. Check out our blog post for […]

How to monitor your Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environment in Microsoft Azure OMS

Christiaan Brinkhoff
At the beginning of this year, at Citrix Summit, Citrix announced that the partnership with Microsoft will be increased and will hit the Accelerator – what did resulted in several awesome releases of Citrix components in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, one of them, for example is the RemoteApp replacement XenApp Essentials and XenDesktop Essentials did […]

Operations Management Suite integration: Veeam MP Update 4

What a great week so far it has been at VeeamON 2017 in New Orleans! Holding true on one of our core values — Veeam Speed — I am very excited to share with you another VeeamON 2017 product announcement. Veeam Management Pack (MP) for System Center v8 Update 4 is NOW generally available (GA)! […]

Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) – Version 6.0.0

The perfect way to seal your Base Image Every time you build you’re base Image from scratch or update it, you must seal it before deploying it to your cloned devices. No matter if you are using Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop with Machine Creation Services (MCS) or Provisioning Services (PVS), VMware View or Microsoft only, BIS-F supports […]

Login VSI Announces Login PI 1.6 with New Secure API

Login VSI
Integration of virtual user performance data into third-party analysis and monitoring tools drives predictive digital user experience analyticsLogin VSI, the industry leader in digital workplace performance management solutions for virtualized desktops, today announced the immediate availability of Login PI 1.6. This new release of the Login PI software includes new dashboard and scheduling features, and […]

Citrix: Decoding the Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront Error, “StoreFront Store Service Probe Failed”

Citrix Systems
While using the Citrix SCOM Management Pack for StoreFront (MPSF), you might come across an error, StoreFront Store Service Probe failed, that triggers an alert in the SCOM Console. Let’s troubleshoot and understand the possible causes and solutions for this error. Possible reasons for this issue might be that the MPSF Probing User Account domain […]

Citrix: Increasing the Application Discovery Limit in Citrix SCOM Management Pack

Citrix Systems
Have you faced a problem where the Citrix SCOM Management Pack for XenApp & XenDesktop (MPXAXD) is not discovering your applications? This issue may occur when your number of applications is greater than the number of applications currently supported by the SCOM Management Pack for XenApp & XenDesktop. That limit is around 1,500 applications. As of version […]

The One Monitor | Transforming Microsoft SCOM into an End-to-End Monitoring & Diagnosis Powerhouse

eG Innovations
Microsoft SCOM is a leading monitoring platform for Microsoft applications, but to extend it to heterogeneous environments, multiple management packs are often deployed – one for each non-Microsoft platform. However, the lack of integration between management packs leads to long problem identification and diagnosis cycles, resulting in poor user experience and loss in productivity. Watch […]

Citrix: What’s New with Citrix SCOM Management Packs!

Citrix Systems
The Citrix SCOM Management Pack release cycle is aligned with the XenApp and XenDesktop release. This ensures support for the newly released product versions – XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13, StoreFront 3.9, Provisioning Services 7.13, and License Server 14.0.1 — from day one. In Q1 2017, we also support XenServer 7.1, its latest release. See the Citrix […]

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