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Microsoft Surface: Why CIOs think it’s a real iPad challenger

Microsoft’s Surface tablet will be the first genuine rival to the iPad, creating as much excitement among enterprise users as Apple’s tablet did when it first arrived. Microsoft recently unveiled its Surface tablet, which will run Windows 8 and is expected to be on sale later this year. It’s unusual for Microsoft to build its […]

Bill Gates: Apple may need to create Surface-like device

Microsoft legend-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates says that the company’s new Surface tablet succeeds where the iPad fails as a full PC/tablet hybrid device. Making rare comments on tech-related matters Gates said there’s "a strong possibility" that Apple will have to change tact to ensure the iPad can match the Surface’s "exciting form factor." Gates told the […]

Microsoft Surface: iPad knockoff for enterprise? That works

As I’ve said many times, I barely have any use for the iPad. Most technologists I know feel the same way about tablets. However, most of us understand that we’re an anomaly. For tens of millions of people, using a tablet like the iPad is infinitely easier and less frustrating that dealing with a Windows laptop. […]

Microsoft Surface tablet prices leaked

Prices for the Microsoft Surface tablet range may have been prematurely revealed thanks to a sneaky source. The Next Web says a source close to Microsoft let slip on the tablet pricing, claiming the Surface tablet sporting Windows RT, and powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip, will set you back $599 (around £380). The Intel […]

Exclusive: Microsoft Surface tablet could open door for Swype

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet could well open the door for Swype and other keyboard developers on the Windows mobile platform. Speaking to TechRadar, John West, the Solutions Architect for Nuance, sees Microsoft’s new slate as a possible turning point, as developers are currently unable to play with the keyboard in the Windows Phone OS. West […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 10 Coolest Features

Microsoft’s initial player in the the tablet game appears promising, even if key questions about the product remain unanswered. Unveiled at a June 18th news conference in Los Angeles, the duo of new Windows 8-based "Surface" tablets target consumers as well as enterprise and power users. Chalk drawings of the mystery tablets greeted the crowd […]

Microsoft Announces Shift to Windows 8 for Windows Phone

Microsoft expects the first Windows Phones with the Windows 8 operating system to become available later this year, the company announced today at its Windows Phone Summit for developers in San Francisco. The next generation phones will offer a revamped Start screen, better multitasking, digital wallet and NFC wireless functionality (tap to pay), updated speech […]

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