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Windows 8 Update: Jailbreaking of Surface RT expands

It’s more than a week now since a website posted a tool for jailbreaking Windows RT devices, and now it is also posting a list of applications that will run on the broken devices. The site, xda-developers, lists a set of desktop apps reported to work on jailbroken Windows RT tablets. The jailbreak tool is here. To learn more and to read the […]

Do Not Bring Your Own Surface

The only way mobile devices on a company network have been tolerable to IT is the existence of some level of management tools, mainly MDM (Mobile Device Management). MDM was created by RIM for its BlackBerry devices, cloned by Apple for iPhones, and now there are likely over 100 companies all over the world cloning […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Must Overcome 10 Market Challenges

Microsoft will start shipping its Surface Pro tablet soon. Although it may receive a stronger market reception than the Surface RT, it will still face some challenges. Microsoft’s Surface Pro has reportedly started leaving the manufacturing facility, meaning the device is close to launch. Microsoft so far hasn’t said exactly when it will start selling […]

How The Surface Compares With The Other Hybrids

When Microsoft Surface hit Best Buy shelves two weeks before Christmas, consumers were able for the first time to hold the tablet and compare it to similar products, like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and others (see below). Until then, consumers could only see the device in ads and test it in one of the […]

Microsoft Sales of 1 Million Surface RT Tablets in Q4 Disappointing: UBS

Microsoft isn’t exactly setting sales records with its Surface RT tablet. But that doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the software giant’s mobile ambitions. The company’s first stab at the tablet market, the Surface RT, failed to excite tablet buyers, according to Brent Thrill, an analyst for UBS. Thrill’s estimate indicates an encouraging burst of early enthusiasm […]

Review: Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Is A Home Run

Microsoft‘s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Surface Pro tablet, running Windows 8, is a home run that changes the game in the mobile and PC markets. It will mean the end of the daily question: “Hmm, should I take my laptop or my iPad?” Are those The VAR Guy’s words? Nope. Instead, those raving opinions come from The […]

Microsoft may still win the tablet war

Find out why Patrick Gray believes that Microsoft may still win the tablet war, even if its early efforts are unsuccessful. After spending time with Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, I was left with more questions than answers. The further I considered Microsoft’s tablet strategy, the more I wondered if it were genius or madness driving […]

Is there a Channel Play with Microsoft Surface Pro?

Right now the only yardstick Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) channel partners have to gauge whether the software-turned-hardware giant will let them sell the impending Surface Pro tablet is what’s happened (actually, what hasn’t happened) so far with Surface RT–as in nothing, nada, zilch for the channel. By that measure, partners’ chances to sell Surface Pro aren’t […]

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro Review at CES 2013

Microsoft isn’t ready to talk about the exact launch date for the Surface Windows 8 Pro, as the Windows 8 version of Surface is going to be called, but we have had a chance to use the Surface Pro and to try out the new pen. Microsoft also wouldn’t let us take any images of […]

Microsoft: 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Windows 8 & More

As Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) ushers in 2013, there are multiple ways the software giant can get back on message with Windows 8, Microsoft Surface tablets, and the company’s broader mobile and cloud computing strategies. So, how can CEO Steve Ballmer chart a more effective path forward? And where do channel partners? Here are 10 recommendations […]

Microsoft in 2013: What to Expect

It’s been almost impossible to keep up with Microsoft in 2012. Even after the Windows and Surface and Windows Phone 8 and Xbox Music and launches, the announcements have kept on coming: SkyDrive for Xbox, Halo 4, updates to Skype, the autumn Xbox dashboard update, ramping up Surface production and a quick attack on […]

Tech in 2012: Microsoft Disrupts BYOD, Lenovo Has the Right Mobile/PC Strategy

SiliconAngle news editor Kristen Nicole wraps up her three-part recap on the top consumer trends in 2012 with a discussion about mobile, including notable product launches and other big plays by leading vendors (full video below). Kristen tackles Microsoft Surface first. She says that while the tablet may not have lived up to the more […]

The Death of BYOD – Courtesy of Apple and Google

Let’s straighten a couple of things out – BYOD exists entirely because of Microsoft, not the iPad, and not because of any Android devices. The reason why is because of ActiveSync. An iPad without ActiveSync is a giant Kindle Fire – a consumption device. The same goes for Android devices and for both of those […]

Surface Pro and Windows 8 – Ending the BYOD Madness

Going beyond words of caution on taking too much from incidental information on the Microsoft Surface RT device, what if I told you that Windows 8 and the Surface device are set to completely dominate the business space?  What if I told you that not only is that going to happen, but that it looks […]

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