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RDP 8 and Challenging Networks – Limitations
I’ve written a lot on the performance improvements gained by implementing RDP 8 on my RDPSoft corporate blog over the past 2 years. If you migrate to Windows Server 2012, or soon, Windows Server 2016, and set up RDP to use TCP and UDP as its transport protocols, you will solve a significant number of […]

Single Server RDS Deployment With Licensing (Workgroup Friendly)
One major complaint I hear frequently around standing up a Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services solution is the fact that all of the guides and documentation are centered around a full RDS deployment. E.g. Deploying the Session Hosts, plus Licensing, plus the Connection Broker, plus Web Access, plus the Gateway, and making sure you […]

Remote Desktop Protocol v8 (RDP 8) – Why You Need It!
Three Letters: UDP, UDP, UDPI have spoken at multiple conferences (most recently BriForum Denver 2015 and Techmentor Las Vegas 2016) on the subject of RDP 8 and the numerous ways it improves the Remote Desktop user experience, even over less than reliable networks. Amazingly, I have discovered that very few server administrators who have a […]

Celebrate SysAdmin Day ALL WEEK LONG with 50% off Remote Desktop Manager!

Hello IT Pros! Here’s a quiz for you: Question: What’s better than celebrating SysAdmin Day on July 29? Answer: Celebrating SysAdmin Day ALL WEEK from July 25-29! And that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Devolutions, because ALL THIS WEEK you’ll get a 50% discount on a Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise single license. You can […]

MVP Andy Milford – Why I Created the Resource Site

Let’s Face It, Small Shops Running SBC Solutions Are Not Well Supported In the Server-Based Computing (SBC) community (e.g. Citrix, Microsoft RDS, VMware Horizon, etc), it’s fairly well-known that the vast majority of SBC implementations consist of 500 users or less. In contrast, the majority of marketing resources from vendors in the space go after […]

How to Integrate Your Password Management Software into Remote Desktop Manager

Recently we hosted a Password Managers Webinar on integrating the most popular Password Managers with Remote Desktop Manager, you can find the recorded video on our Youtube channel. In this webinar, we showcased how easy it was to implement that integration. For most password managers, integration is fast and simple. Here are the steps: 1. […]

Top 5 Cool Gadgets on the Horizon

The folks over at Gadget HERO have unveiled their list of the top 5 cool gadgets that are on the horizon – all of which would make a perfect gift for that special geek on your list … or for yourself! Here’s a rundown of the gadget glory that will soon be on the market. […]

Terminal Server Logging on Workstations

When discussing Terminal Server logging, we are interested in monitoring user sessions connecting from a workstation. There is always a need for detailed reporting and keeping track of user activity and sessions when someone is running Remote Desktop Services session from a workstation. Many popular Terminal Server monitoring applications on the market today offer exhaustive […]

Reminder: Our Video Tutorials Are Loaded with Remote Desktop Manager Answers & Tips

We love hearing from our global community of RDMers. After all, we exist to meet your needs. But we also know that you’re very busy — which means the sooner you get the information you need, the happier you are. And that’s why we’re reminding you today about our two video tutorial series: Getting Started […]

deviceTRUST – Dynamic Device Context Awareness

Benny Tritsch
Only recently I became aware of a new player offering an interesting product that gives you real-time access to the system properties of the endpoint from which a user is currently connected to a remote Windows session. The company’s name is deviceTRUST ( and they refer to their solution as “dynamic device context awareness”. In […]