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Industrial Browsers to the Rescue!

How Browsers Can Ease the Transition to Modern Mobile Platforms While planning for the end of life of the aforementioned legacy Microsoft platforms is likely underway, there are commercially viable solutions that can help ease the transition to modern mobile platforms. Industrial browsers have been architected to incorporate critical data-capture technologies that are critical to […]

Microsoft Azure SQL Databases Disaster Recovery 101

Why should I care? As a PaaS service, Azure SQL provides automated backup for all databases. It allows customers to recover their data from system or human errors and restores the databases to any point in time during the retention. But it won’t guarantee that your data will be always available, in some extreme cases. […]

#disruptEUC: IGEL is Driving Innovation in End User Compute. Making VDI and Thin Clients Relevant and Sexy Again!

IGEL Technology
About a year and a half ago I joined IGEL, a company few people had ever heard of… and if you had heard of IGEL you were probably German and knew them as a niche thin client hardware manufacturer. Thin Clients? Why should you care? Boring dumb terminals, commodity hardware right? VDI a slow growth […]

Microsoft: R3 on Azure: Strengthening our partnership

Blockchain is increasingly prevalent as a topic of interest in our conversations with business leaders. A growing number of our customers and partners are experimenting with the technology as a secure and transparent way to digitally track ownership of assets, and are partnering with Microsoft to build a new class of distributed applications on Azure. […]

Microsoft Video: Paint 3D adds another dimension of creativity for Katherine

With the new program Paint 3D, children’s author Katherine Roy can explore new worlds and take her story on sharks to a whole new dimension of creativity. Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you. Learn more: This video is from the fine folks at Microsoft.

Microsoft Package Management adds upstream source

Until now, we’ve focused on making Package Management in Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server the best place to store your private NuGet and npm packages, but we haven’t focused as much on the packages you use from public sources like We’ve had basic support for as an “upstream source”, but that’s […]

Microsoft: Measuring Latency and Throughput Between Azure Regions

If you want to implement disaster recovery, latency and throughput between your primary and secondary location are key factors. These determine how quickly and how much data you can transport to the secondary location, and hence how much data will be lost in case of failure of the primary location. More formally, the latency and […]

E2EVC Barcelona 2017 Review

Wilco van Bragt
On Friday the 17th of November E2EVC Barcelona 2017 started. The unique event by and for the community. I really enjoyed attending this conference for many times in the past and again it was a wonderful experience this time. Traditionally I have blogged my experiences in this blog of all three days. As I was […]

Microsoft PowerShell Core 6 Release Candidate

Last year, we announced that PowerShell was not only Open Source, but also cross platform.  The finish line is in sight and we recently published the Release Candidate for PowerShell Core 6! PowerShell Team ♥ Community It has been an amazing experience for the team working with the community on PowerShell Core 6!  Being able to work […]

FRAME, a quick look at a Cloud-born application delivery platform

Application delivery over the years has changed dramatically. We moved from local execution to a central one and from that central one to a Cloud-based one. The last step however going from central to Cloud is still something we struggle with. For more than a decade we’ve been told that within the next five years […]

Microsoft: Cloud computing guide for researchers – Getting started with AI and Machine Learning

We are on the verge of the biggest revolution in computing since Alan Turing formalised the concepts of computation. Today software is hand-made, relying on highly-skilled craftspeople to intricately tell computers how to do useful work. A Cambrian explosion in computing is imminent, as artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling computers to learn from […]

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Read-Scale Availability Groups

SQL Server 2017 was recently launched, having multiple new features. One of these included something called “Read-Scale Availability Groups”. There was a good bit of discussion about this feature and one of the feedback items was that the details in Docs was very light. I hope to rectify the minimal amount of information through this […]

Microsoft Video: Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Yuwa

Yuwa and Microsoft Edge teamed up to invent a 360 immersive experience that explores the powerful life story of girls in Jharkhand. About Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Microsoft Edge Web Showcase is dedicated to partnering with organizations around the world to highlight extraordinary and exciting new ventures. This program explores opportunities to contribute to a […]

Microsoft Update 1711 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch – Available Now!

Hello everyone! We are happy to let you know that update 1711 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager has been released. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager features in a test environment before they are made generally available. This month’s new preview features […]

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