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I got your OneDrive for Business Sync right here!

Microsoft MVP, Freek Berson, took to the blogsphere to discuss OneDrive for Business Sync and cache inside RDS & VDI environments. Through his aptly titled article, “Dude, where’s my OneDrive for Business Sync in RDS? FSLogix to the rescue!” Freek discusses the available options of what’s currently supported to achieve enterprise level functionality. A brief precursor […]

The SysTrack Office 365 Planning Kit

Lakeside Software
Office 365 is Microsoft’s latest cloud-based group of software and service subscriptions. Due to its features and monthly/yearly licensing plan, many businesses choose a single license for their entire company. After all, selecting the same license for everyone seems like the easiest choice–why go through the hassle of fitting users to their optimal licenses? Generically […]

VMware on Windows 10 Smartwatches, Android-Supported Laptops

To get the top mobile news in your inbox, sign up for our weekly newsletter to the right. Windows 10 smartwatches come to the enterprise.It’s 1.54 inches, runs Universal Windows Applications, secure and built to “survive a hard day at work,” said Microsoft. The TrekStor IoT Wearable runs on Windows 10 IoT Core, a version of […]

Gartner: Networking for Office365

One of my top inquiry topics with Gartner clients is Networking questions and challenges surrounding Office 365.  Further, in surveys we’ve conducted, performance is the fourth overall technical problem reported with O365, and network issues are a top cause of these performance issues. The biggest networking challenges when running Office365 we see from our clients […]

VMware AirWatch Workspace ONE & Office 365

Consider this: when it comes to securing enterprise applications, you might not have the whole story. You may have heard that an Office 365 application-only security framework can adequately protect your network. However, the truth is that applications remain vulnerable until you secure the entire endpoint. VMware Workspace ONE  offers a better approach, blending flexible […]

Zetta Cloud Adoption Survey Finds Disaster Recovery the No. 1 Application IT Plans to Migrate to the Cloud

Reduced Burden on IT Staff, Reduced Maintenance Effort and Greater Scalability Ranked As Top Three Cloud Adoption Drivers  Disaster recovery (DR) is the No. 1 application IT organizations plan to migrate to the cloud (36%). DR is followed by file sharing (30%), data backup (30%) and data storage (29%). These are among the findings of […]

Office365 Caching for Outlook and OneDrive in VMware and Citrix Environments

VDI environments like VMware Horizon VIew and Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp have challenges running Office 365 because Outlook and OneDrive need to have a persistent location to cache emails, retain search, and synced data files from OneDrive. ProfileUnity easily solves this with ProfileDisk and VHD Profile Containers. See this demonstrated above. For more information visit […]

Citrix: Calendar Attachments in Secure Mail

Citrix Systems
Secure mobile email just became even more powerful and convenient. We’ve recently added support for the ActiveSync 16 protocol to Secure Mail version 10.5.5. ActiveSync 16 is the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile optimized protocol, which adds support for several highly-requested features: Saving draft emails to the server that are created on the mobile device. […]

Microsoft Video: Easily secure your sensitive email with the power of Office 365 and Azure Information Protection

Watch to understand how we secure sensitive email across devices and to anyone you wish to reach. See a demo of the user experience and what’s under the hood. For more information visit: This video is from the fine folks at Microsoft.

Microsoft to acquire Intentional Software to expand future productivity capabilities

Today, I’m pleased to share that we have signed an agreement to acquire Intentional Software, a company that has been focused on creating a platform for a new generation of team productivity apps. At Microsoft, we aspire to help people and organizations be more productive, wherever they are. The reality is we live in a […]

Citrix: Azure AD & XenMobile Collaborate for User Authentication and SSO to Office 365

Citrix Systems
The average enterprise worker today has 3 or more devices and requires access to a variety of applications including an ever-increasing number of SaaS applications. For IT, managing access to this complex web of applications can get messy. Their goal is to maximize the end-user experience by making the authentication process transparent through user identity […]

Microsoft: Why Office 365 customers need to consider Enterprise Mobility + Security

Office 365, apart from being the global standard for productivity, provides built-in fundamental management and security capabilities to help protect your company data as you embrace mobility and cloud. If you are responsible for providing a great end user computing environment for your organization, you are facing other changes such as: New types of users […]

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials 2016 – Update on Remote Web Access

Remote Web Access, a feature inside Windows Server Essentials 2016 (also used in the Windows Server Essentials role that is available in Windows Server Standard 2016 and Windows Server Datacenter 2016) may cause users to experience trouble connecting remotely. The issue occurs after Office 365 with AAD Integration is completed and a certain amount of […]

Microsoft: Planning Your Network for Exchange in Office 365 – Part 2

Each day, I am blessed to have the opportunity to help our great customers solve their business challenges to achieve more. Continuing on from my prior post:  We are discussing the network impact of moving to Office 365 .  In this session, we will investigate the bandwidth impact.  Before Office 365, my customer’s 15,000 users would connect to […]

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