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Help my devices are un-enrolled after my VMware AirWatch upgrade

Sometimes upgrades have a different outcome than expected. Sometimes a system is more important that others and the impact of a negative outcome is more severe. Mobile device management is that kind of system. When a mobile device management system has issues all devices enrolled have issues.  Last week I upgraded an on-premises VMware AirWatch […]

eG Innovations Expands Converged Application and Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Solution with Code Level Visibility for Microsoft .NET Applications

eG Innovations
New Product Release Offers the Advantage of Auto-Correlated, Single-Pane-of-Glass IT Performance Visibility to .NET Driven Organizations, Enabling Exceptional IT Service Quality and Cost Savings eG Innovations, a leading IT performance management software provider, announced today the upcoming release of eG Enterprise 6.3, which introduces full-stack performance monitoring and diagnostic support for Microsoft .NET packaged and […]

What’s New in Docker Enterprise Edition – On-Demand Webinar

The latest release of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) allows organizations to modernize Windows, Linux, and Linux-on-mainframe applications—all with minimal disruption. The release also allows organizations to run containers at scale with advanced capabilities around secure multi-tenancy and policy-based automation. In last week’s webinar, we walked through the key new features of this release and saw a […]

Microsoft: Web Security Baseline Assessment Feature Now in Public Preview

We are pleased to announce the public preview of the web security baseline assessment feature. You can scan Internet Information Service (IIS) web servers in any environment, including on-premises, Azure, and other cloud platforms monitored by Operations Management Suite (OMS). The feature checks for security vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations on configurations. The web security baseline […]

Microsoft: Build an infrastructure monitoring solution with Service Map

Have you ever been responsible for a flaky application, and wanted to set up an automatic notification when a server, process, or connection isn’t there when it should be? Me too! And by using OMS Azure Log Analytics and Service Map, I solved my problem with the built-in features and a small bit of PowerShell. […]

VMware: Using the vCenter Login Banner for RSA SecurID support

In vSphere 6.0 Update 2 we added the capability to use RSA SecurID for two-factor authentication (2FA) in to the web client (only). I wrote about that in a two part blog series. Part 1 and Part 2 I recently got an email from a customer asking me about the implementation of the RSA SecurID […]

AWS Video: AWS Knowledge Center Videos: How do I publicly host my IIS website on EC2 Windows?

Amazon Web Services
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: Omnia, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to publicly host your IIS website on EC2 Windows. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS KC Videos: How do I host multiple websites on an EC2 Windows instance?

Amazon Web Services
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: Omnia, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to host multiple websites on an EC2 Windows instance. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

WannaCrypt Ransomware Attacks – Could They Attack Application Containers?

“WannaCrypt ransomware attacks should make us wanna cry” is the CNN news headline for the world-wide ransomware attack which started last Friday (5/12). The data clearly showed that this was a very serious network attack: more than 20 hospital IT systems (Britain’s NHS had to cancel surgeries), more than 100 countries, large enterprises like Spanish firms Telefonica, Germany’s […]

Microsoft: How to fix Load Balancer not working in Round-robin fashion for your Cloud Service

I recently came across a case where customer has an issue that the Load balancer of his cloud service is not working in round robin basis. He confirmed that by seeing more number of requests going to few instances whereas the other instances are getting very less number of requests. To analyse the issue, we […]

April 2017 Patch Tuesday Forecast

March saw a sizable release from Microsoft after a missed Patch Tuesday. Any way about it, April will be a lighter month than March. Windows 10 1703 has officially released to MSDN. Windows 10 1507 reaches end of service in May, so for those on the original release branch, now is the time. Start upgrading […]

Download FREE Service Account Usage Tool from Wedel IT

Wedel IT
After a couple of feature requests, we have now included search for IIS Application Pool Identities. We have also added an improved Help form. The exports will now include date stamps and the application now has a new cleaner design. This tool makes it possible to search through your environment’s services, tasks and IIS AppPool […]

Microsoft: Import and analyze IIS Log files using SQL Server

IIS generates logs where are recorded many information about HTTP requests such as what Url was called, when the request happened, what is the origin, etc. If you want to analyze information from log files you can use use text search, regular expressions, or some log analysis tools; however, this might be tedious job. SQL Server […]

Microsoft SharePoint – Working with IIS Logs

As with ULS Logs (see my previous entry , IIS is also a good source of data for troubleshooting SharePoint issues whether you need to analyze some user behavior or look at the response times of your pages or search queries. Assuming you are now familiar with Log Parser Studio, you might have seen […]

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