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Microsoft: Proactively monitoring cloud operations with Microsoft Azure Stack

Introduction As an Azure customer, you enjoy its capability to deploy and manage workloads across many different services and regions. You are responsible for managing those Azure resources, including monitoring for problems. However, the underlying hardware and software supporting Azure (e.g. Azure’s physical hosts and network) are managed and monitored by Microsoft engineers. Azure Stack […]

Citrix: Making XenDesktop Essentials for Windows 10 on Azure Even Better!

Citrix Systems
It is a big day for Microsoft Windows 10 customers. Today, September 6, marks the official start of new subscription offerings in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program for Windows 10 virtualization use rights. Now, Microsoft customers will be able to choose from five subscription offerings in the CSP program with Windows 10 virtualization […]

Microsoft: Overview on Web App for Containers and Azure App Service on Linux

Today, we announced the general availability of Azure App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers. Providing Linux support in Azure App Service is an important step towards our commitment to support a variety of OSS stacks on the platform. We started on this journey with an intention to support OSS workloads running natively […]

Microsoft: Automation of Azure Analysis Services with Service Principals and PowerShell

Azure Analysis Services presents opportunities for the automation of administrative tasks including server provisioning, scale up/down, pause/resume, model management, data refresh, deployment, among others. This can leverage cloud efficiencies and helps ensure the repeatability and reliability of mission-critical systems. Such tasks can be performed in the Azure cloud using PowerShell in unattended mode. Services such […]

How to manage and secure your Citrix NetScaler infrastructure in Azure with NetScaler MAS Service from the Citrix Cloud

Christiaan Brinkhoff
Throughout the year, Citrix changed their release strategy to Cloud-first / multi-Cloud, which they announced at Synergy. One of the first results of this strategy choice is the release of NetScaler Management and Analytics System (or MAS in short) in the Citrix Cloud. Every NetScaler administrator in the field (needs to) know that standardisations and […]

Citrix: Provisioning XenApp & XenDesktop Workloads in Azure US Government

Citrix Systems
I am pleased to announce preview support in Citrix Cloud XenApp and XenDesktop service to provision VDAs on Azure US Government cloud. This allows Citrix administrators to quickly deploy and manage XenApp and XenDesktop workloads in Azure Government Cloud using the same familiar Machine Creation Services (MCS) interface currently available for various other worldwide Azure […]

Gartner: “Alexa, ask Cortana to get me into the Enterprise”

With today’s announcement of Alexa and Cortana combining forces, Amazon and Microsoft leverage the other’s strengths while fortifying their own positions: Amazon is making a move to bring Alexa’s skills, communications and devices a step closer to enterprise adoption while Microsoft’s core assets in Cloud and Azure finally find the hardware home that Cortana so woefully […]

Microsoft: Machine Learning-based anomaly detection in Azure Stream Analytics

Customers who monitor real-time data can now easily detect events or observations that do not conform to an expected pattern thanks to machine learning-based anomaly detection in Azure Stream Analytics, announced for private preview today. Up to now, Industrial IoT customers, and others, who monitor streaming data relied on expensive custom machine learning models. Implementers […]

Microsoft Announces Default Encryption for Azure Blobs, Files, Table and Queue Storage

For most customers, security is not only of the utmost importance but also a deciding factor in choosing a public cloud provider. Customers require their data to be encrypted at rest as per their security and compliance needs. We at Azure Storage take security and privacy seriously and work tirelessly to help protect your data. Azure […]

Citrix: Provisioning XenDesktop on Azure Just Got a Lot Faster

Citrix Systems
Support for Azure Resource Manager in XenApp & XenDesktop continues to improve and now features on demand provisioning of virtual machines, reduced storage costs and significantly faster machine catalog creation and power operations. Summary of Improvements Faster machine catalog provisioning Significantly faster power operations More responsive power state reports in Citrix Studio Reduced storage cost […]

Microsoft Video: Set up Windows devices for Microsoft 365 Business

If you have a Microsoft 365 Business subscription, and have devices that are licensed for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Pro, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, which is a prerequisite for deploying Windows 10 Business. In this video, learn about the different ways you can upgrade your Windows devices to Windows 10 Pro […]

Citrix: Maximize Your IT Heroes: Embrace more with Microsoft, Fujitsu & Citrix

Citrix Systems
Modern IT departments have enormous budgets and there’s a veritable feast of technology out there to choose from. IT spending worldwide will total $3.5 trillion this year, according to Gartner. The challenge lies in selecting the right technology to drive your business forward and successfully integrating it into your stack. The proliferation of new cloud services, […]

Microsoft Announces Support for SATADOM boot drives in Windows Server 2016

As you are probably aware, Hyper-V was launched way back in Windows Server 2008. It’s been almost a decade of evolution based on customer feedback and most recently our learnings in running Azure. The entire operating system changed because of the hypervisor and many other features were added to support the new norm – applications […]

Microsoft: Integrate Azure Stack into your datacenter

Now that you’ve ordered Azure Stack, how do you integrate it into your datacenter? What are the integration touchpoints? Introduction Microsoft Azure Stack is an integrated system available from multiple OEMs. If you haven’t read our blog post about why we decided to go down this path, I encourage you to do so. Azure Stack […]

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