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New Microsoft Mechanics Video with the latest updates to RDS for Windows Server 2016

We are getting close to the launch of RDS in Windows Server 2016! As a preview to the great new capabilities coming in the latest update of your trusted desktop and app virtualization platform, we have released a new MS Mechanics video showcasing some of our greatest innovations in this release. Scott Manchester, Principal Group […]

SoftNAS Cloud Demo Video for Microsoft Azure Test Drive

Demo of SoftNAS Cloud for the Microsoft Azure Test Drive program. To learn more about SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure, visit To register for a 30-Day Free SoftNAS Cloud NAS on Azure trail, visit

Latest updates to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services! – Video

From advances in graphics performance that improve the experience of GPU intensive apps. To how you can overcome the 9am log-on storm with new enhancements to the connection broker for up 10,000 concurrent log-ons. And keep watching as we show you how you can optimize your deployment for the Cloud with Azure. From the fine […]

Test run of Teradici Cloud Access Software on Azure N-series

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they were partnering with Teradici on their N-series virtual machine instances in Azure, which I’ve blogged about previously here –> Teradici are the creators behind the  PCoIP protocol, which its often leveraged in VMware Horizon View and supported by multple thin client vendors, which in most cases are […]

Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics support for IoT Hub Operations Monitoring

Azure Stream Analytics is a real-time, highly scalable, and fully managed stream analytics service that can process millions of events per second and perform aggregations and computations in near real-time. Stream Analytics and Azure IoT Hub have worked really well together for some time, allowing you to easily gather insights over the data your IoT […]

Liquidware Labs Is Named Citrix Ready Partner of the Month

Liquidware Labs
Advanced Workspace Environment Management Solutions – Stratusphere, ProfileUnity, and FlexApp – verified for XenApp, XenDesktop, and Citrix Cloud. Liquidware Labs has been named by Citrix® as Citrix Ready® Partner of the month for September 2016. Liquidware Labs provides many Citrix customers with advanced Workspace Environment Management solutions including; Stratusphere for Monitoring and Diagnostics, ProfileUnity for […]

How to Create an Office 365 dev/test environment in Azure

With the Office 365 dev/test environment in Azure, you can follow step-by-step instructions to configure a simplified intranet in Azure infrastructure services, an Office 365 Enterprise E5 subscription, and directory synchronization for Azure Active Directory (AD). With this new dev/test environment, you can: Perform Office 365 application development and testing in an environment that simulates […]

Microsoft: Build cloud apps at warp speed

One of your best customers just tweeted about a problem with your product and you want to respond to them ASAP. It would be great if you could automatically catch this type of communications and automagically respond with either the right documentation or escalate this to your support team. But the thought of writing an […]

Introduction to Azure Stack: Power of Azure in your Datacenter

HP Enterprise
Last week, I introduced a new blog series based on Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack. In this post, I want to focus on what Microsoft Azure Stack is and why this solution is highly anticipated. What is Azure Stack? From Microsoft’s site, “Microsoft Azure Stack is a new hybrid cloud platform product that enables your […]

SoftNAS New Features: High-Availability for SoftNAS Cloud on Microsoft Azure

With SoftNAS Cloud and Microsoft Azure, storage is always up and running. SoftNAS Cloud’s SNAP HA™ allows easy high-availability (HA) and cluster configuration for robust non-stop application operation with automatic failover and seamless transfer across controllers. Learn how to configure high-availability for Azure with SoftNAS Cloud in just a few simple steps. Learn More: […]

SoftNAS New Features Video: Hot Blob and Cool Blob Storage for SoftNAS Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Learn how SoftNAS Cloud uses Azure Cool Blob Storage, Hot Blob Storage, Standard Disks and Premium Disks — allowing customers to tune performance, cost, capacity and protection for different file systems and use cases. SoftNAS Cloud performance scales with the instance and storage types you choose. SoftNAS Cloud supports NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and Apple File […]

Microsoft: #AzureAD Mailbag: Syncing with Azure AD – Part 3

All right, it’s time for some more mandatory fun! Chad here back again with a new FAQ Mailbag. In this blog, we are talking Azure AD Connect (a bit of a change from the previous blogs that I usually cover around MFA). The Customer Success Team receives many questions (some are already documented)  I’ve included […]

Microsoft: Taking backup of encrypted Azure VMs with ADE (Azure Disk Encryption) using Azure Backup in OMS

We see customers migrating or deploying workloads on Azure have started encrypting their virtual machines using ADE (Azure Disk Encryption) and looking for a backup solution that supports protecting those encrypted VMs in a simple and cost effctive manner. We also heard, loud and clear, that Azure Backup (ABU) is the one which customers prefer […]

Pulling back the curtain: the magic behind the new Microsoft Azure Stack

HP Enterprise
Last week, we discussed the difference between Microsoft Azure Pack and a new offering Microsoft is developing, Azure Stack. If you remember, one of the biggest differences is that Microsoft Azure Stack is 100% compatible with Azure public cloud services. So, with Microsoft Azure Stack running in your datacenter, you can realize the speed, agility […]