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13 reasons that MIGHT prevent companies from successfully leveraging public cloud services

Bas van Kaam
Cloud computing seems to be the holy grail, at least that is the impression I get when I scroll down my Linked-in and Twitter timelines. Don’t get me wrong, like everybody else I’m also excited about everything that is going on around ‘the cloud’ and the potential it brings to the table, never mind the […]

Introducing the NVIDIA Graphics Assessment

Lakeside Software
When NVIDIA first announced their groundbreaking approach to introducing accelerated graphics to virtualization they began bridging one of the last gaps in making sure that users get the best possible experience with virtual desktops and applications. Building on their success NVIDIA has introduced newer, Maxwell™ based GRID cards NVIDIA that go even further to create […]

Public Housing Authority builds its future on Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure Government

Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) provides affordable public housing for more than 17,000 residents in 25 developments in the city of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio. LMHA took a cloud-first strategy to modernizing its legacy IT system. The combination of Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure Government provides LMHA employees with personalized workspaces accessible anywhere, at […]

Microsoft: Testing private/intranet applications using Cloud-based load testing

Cloud-based Load Testing Service can be used for performance and scale testing of an application by generating load from Azure. This type of load generation can only hit/generate load on an internet/publically accessible application. But we have seen many times customer needs to load test their application which is not publically accessible. Reasons could be […]

Microsoft: Implementing Microsoft’s hybrid cloud solution

Azure StorSimple is Microsoft’s hybrid cloud storage solution that leverages the cloud to solve one of the most pressing challenges of the enterprise customer: managing rapid data growth. In the last 12 months, rapid innovations like StorSimple Virtual Array (a software version of StorSimple solution) and Local Volumes (which allows storage administrators to decide which […]

Sneak Peek: See How SoftNAS Reduces Storage Costs Using Azure Blob Storage While Increasing Scale and Security

A core benefit of using cloud storage is getting the data center hardware monkey off your back and getting elastic capacity. A challenge of using new cloud paradigm storage mechanisms such as object storage may result in re-engineering applications customers have spent a lot of time and money cultivating. In Azure, the scalable object storage offering […]

The Next Big Thing from Veeam – Veeam Availability Platform!

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
So Veeam has been busy lately and today they showed us what they have been working on with their platform! With the upcoming release of Veeam availability suite 9.5 (Which I’ve blogged about previously here  –> Veeam B&R (or Availability suites) has always been aimed against virtualized environments, in order to become more agile […]

Liquidware Labs FlexApp Review

Liquidware Labs
At a couple of conferences, I spoke about Liquidware Labs FlexApp product but until today, I had not blogged about it on this site. FlexApp is an application layering product similar to AppVolumes, AppDisks and Unidesk BUT is also unique in it’s own right. Speculative Bullshit and Insight While Unidesk is an awesome solution for […]

Citrix and Microsoft: Delivering on our Promises

So, how are we doing? After all, it’s one thing to state the plan, and make the promise. Delivering the actual products and services is where this gets real. Let’s start with where we are in moving app delivery to the cloud. We took a huge step forward when Microsoft announced that Citrix will develop […]

Microsoft: Announcing Azure App Service MySQL in-app (preview)

Today, we’re announcing a cool new feature (in preview) for Web developers using Azure App Service to create Web applications that use MySQL. MySQL in-app enables developers to run the MySQL server side-by-side with their Web application within the same environment, which makes it easier to develop and test PHP applications that use MySQL. We’re […]