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VMware: Proactive Monitoring with vROps Alert Notifications and Badges

Alert Notifications and Badges provide a great way to proactively monitor your infrastructure and applications. Read on to see how. Badges: Identifying Future Problems Badges are a crucial component of staying ahead of problems in your IT environment. Specifically, the Capacity Remaining, Time Remaining, and Stress badges (which make up the top level “Risk” badge) […]

VMware: The Art of Resource Reclamation

Increasing Efficiency with vRealize Operations & Proactive Capacity Management“Become more efficient”, “reduce costs” and “sustainable growth” are common drivers in our customers’ strategies, both at a business and IT level. Today, these drivers are more pressing than ever as market competition increases and investment decreases. What are you doing at a virtual infrastructure level within […]

opvizor: Performance Monitor and Analyze your virtual datacenter Podcast – Episode 258

In episode 258, Douglas Brown interviews Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and CEO of Opvizor Inc. Dennis and Douglas discuss what’s new with the opvizor performance monitoring and analysis solution for your virtual datacenter . Dennis also pontificates on the state of the enterprise IT world, and topics such as the future of virtualization, containers, and much […]

Your one size fits all VMware vSphere Dashboard for Performance and Monitoring

If you’re looking for a very modern way to check and monitor performance, you should give Performance Analyzer a try. Monitor and Analyze VMware vSphere configuration and performance metrics with our VMware vSphere Dashboard that is the visual part of Performance Analyzer for VMware vSphere. Correlate events and metrics in guest applications and infrastructure with vSphere […]

Citrix: Self-Service Password Reset for FMA w/ Videos

Citrix Systems
Earlier, this year, we announced Self Service Password Reset with StoreFront 3.5. As you may recall, I pitched this as an enabler for moving from Web Interface to StoreFront. Since then, I have had lots of people ask, “When can we have this for FMA?” Well, I’ve got some good news for you. The answer is: right […]

How to Improve Your Capacity Planning Formula

Capacity planners are often faced with a difficult decision to make, because much of their job requires balancing the challenging tradeoff between application performance and infrastructure efficiency. The responsibility of the capacity planner is to understand when more hardware is needed to assure application performance, while at the same time, avoiding wasted hardware. The traditional […]

VMware Releases Workstation 12.5 Pro and Player for Download!

The Workstation team is proud to announce general availability of VMware Workstation 12.5 Pro and VMware Workstation 12.5 Player! These updates are free for all VMware Workstation 12 Pro and Workstation 12 Player users. Users on Workstation 7 and greater are now eligible for upgrade pricing! Current customers can grab the bits from below, or from our […]

Citrix: Considerations of Using MCS Storage Optimization

Citrix Systems
This is part three in a series of articles on Machine Creation Services (MCS) Storage Optimization (MCSIO). The first post in the series—Introducing MCSIO Storage Optimization—gave an overview of the technology and architecture. The second, Reducing shared storage IO by over 90% with MCS Storage Optimization, highlighted how MCSIO can reduce shared storage load data from a series […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 09/10/16

VMware App Volumes System variable gets cleared in App Volumes on changing user variable (2145985) Date Published: 9/6/2016  “Startup Failure” error after upgrading App Volumes to 2.x (2145615) Date Published: 9/6/2016 VMware ESXi Virtual machine crashes after migrating from ESXi 5.x to ESXi 6.0.x (2146748) Date Published: 9/9/2016 VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode Disabling TPS after […]

Enhancing the number of TruClient Vusers using Terminal Services in Load Testing software

HP Enterprise
TruClient is a tool for creating test scripts that can then be used in load testing web applications. TruClient records your actions as you navigate through your business process. It creates a script from your actions—which you then run in load testing. In non-interactive mode replay, TruClient spawns a new browser instance for every Virtual […]

Remediating Storms in a Troubled Cloud Infrastructure

WHAT IS XANGATI’S STORM-TRACKER UTILITY AND WHY IS IT NEEDED? Imagine this… It’s an uneventful day in the cloud-ops control room as the air-conditioned data center hums along nearby, hard drives spinning, power supply fans whirring, and rack-mounted system status lights shining green. Despite the peaceful scene, some component in your converged environment breaks down. You know […]

HPC Benchmarks and Applications Performance Study on Broadwell-EP 4S Processor

The intent of this blog is to illustrate and analyze the performance obtained on Intel Broadwell-EP 4S processor with the focus on HPC applications, two synthetic benchmarks along with four applications namely, High Performance Linpack (HPL), STREAM, Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF), NAnoscale Molecular Dynamics (NAMD) and Fluent. These runs have been performed on a […]

Turbonomic Joins HPE Composable Infrastructure partner program with HPE OneView integration

HP Enterprise
Turbonomic, on Inc magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies for the second year running in the virtualization and cloud space, has joined the HPE Composable Infrastructure ecosystem to integrate its Autonomic Performance Platform with HPE OneView. The combination of the two platforms enables customers to provision infrastructure on demand without manual intervention. Read Turbonomic press release […]

Implementing Microsoft Product Catalogs in SQL Server and Azure SQL database

Product catalog is one of the key scenarios in NoSQL systems. In product catalog scenario, you need to store different types of products with different properties (e.g. phones have memory and CPU power; cars have number of doors and max speed, etc.) If you try to model this in relational database you will end-up either with […]

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