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The Year of VDI: A Technological Myth?

One of the big myths in the virtualization community is Every Year is the Year of VDI. That’s because for years and years, VDI had been touted as the be all end all solution for almost every organization’s end-user woes. Most of those in the field of virtualization see it as a joke, and laugh […]

Freedom! Deliver GPU-Accelerated DaaS Cloud Workstations From Azure

In the past year, several big advancements in GPU-accelerated computing have promised that major changes are ahead for organizations that use large, expensive workstations to deliver graphics-rich applications. While some of this technology isn’t even a year old yet, its potential to transform the way entire industries work has created quite a buzz. Enter cloud […]

XenTegra Citrix Workspace Environment Management Webinar

We will discuss the new capabilities of Citrix Workspace Environment Management and answer your questions. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about Citrix Workspace Environment Management and how to improve your user’s experience using the same hardware, memory storage and server image. For more information please visit This video is via XenTegra

Microsoft: More GPUs, more power, more intelligence

Last year we introduced our first GPU offering powered by NVIDIA’s Tesla-based GPUs and we have seen an amazing customer response. With the Azure NC-series, you can run CUDA workloads on up to four Tesla K80 GPUs in a single virtual machine. Additionally, unlike any other cloud provider, the NC-series offers RDMA and InfiniBand connectivity […]

Citrix XenServer on Nutanix HCI: Yes, You Can!

Citrix Systems
Nutanix has officially announced support for Citrix XenServer 7.1 to its list of supported hypervisors with the release of Nutanix Acropolis Operating System 5.1, taking the Citrix—Nutanix partnership to a new level. Citrix customers running Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can now take advantage of all of the unique benefits of XenServer – including key functionality, such […]

Microsoft: Optimization tips and tricks on Azure SQL Server for Machine Learning Services

Since SQL Server 2016, a new function called R Services has been introduced. Microsoft recently announced a preview for the next version of SQL Server, which extends the advanced analytical ability to Python. This new capability of running R or Python in-database at scale enables us to keep the analytics services close to the data […]

Remote Graphics (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft) and Visual Computing NVIDIA GRID 4.2 released (367.92/369.95)

Thomas Poppelgaard
NVIDIA have released new drivers for NVIDIA GRID 4.2 for March 2017. New in this Release: NVIDIA GRID 4.2 has multiple fixes that improve memory management and NVFBC optimizations that ensure that surface allocations in the Frame Buffer are managed more efficiently to increase stability. The latest release includes frame buffer residency optimizations. Now, during […]

Remote Graphics (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft) and Visual Computing HPE m710x & Citrix

Thomas Poppelgaard
Now HPE has a new server cartridges available and a new appliance that targets a new business opportunity for SMB/medium customers. Previously you needed to buy a Moonshot 1500 solution that was a 4.3 U chassis, where you could add up to 45 server cartridges. This have changed and new offerings are now available from HPE. […]

VMware: How to Pinpoint Storage Problems in Your SAP Environment

When using SAP native tools such as SAP Solution Manager, there isn’t visibility into the underlying virtualization layers, leaving a blind spot in understanding the complete performance story. The virtualization layer includes, but is not limited to, the virtual machine, ESXi server, CPU, memory and storage. If I am an SAP administrator, the ability to […]

Microsoft Video: SQL Server 2017: Adaptive Query Processing

Microsoft is introducing a new family of adaptive query processing improvements that will enhance the performance of workloads that have historically been difficult to tune through classic methodologies.  In this session we will discuss new improvements, including interleaved execution for multi-statement table valued functions, batch-mode execution adaptive joins, and batch-mode memory grant feedback. Download SQL Server […]

Microsoft Video: Developing applications with SQL vNext (Linux), Entity Framework, DevOps and Azure

It’s the SQL Server as you already know it today, but it’s now native to Linux.  It works with your data, your favorite tools, application frameworks (EF) and programming languages. In this session, we will pull the code for an application running in cloud to a Linux based machine. Test and enhance the application for […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 22nd April 2017

VMware ESXi “AddVirtualMachine: VM ‘XX’ already registered” warnings keep logging into hostd.log Published Date: 2017/04/18 Platform Erratum messages related to USB controller may be observed on Intel Platforms Published Date: 2017/04/20 The DCUI sometimes displays less memory than is available on the ESXi host Published Date: 2017/04/21 VMware EVO SDDC How to reset the VRM […]

The Internet of Risky Things: Trusting the Devices That Surround Us

IT Books
By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of millions of computational devices intimately connected to real-world aspects of human life. In this insightful book, Professor Sean Smith, who worked in information security long before the web appeared, explains that if we build the IoT the way we built the current internet and other […]

Microsoft Video: SQL Server 2017: What’s New in the Database Engine?

Find out what’s new in the database engine including support for SQL Server 2017 across Windows, Linux, and Docker containers. You will also hear about new features including adaptive query processing, in-memory improvements, as well as other enhancements. Download SQL Server 2017: Now on Windows, Linux, and Docker: This video is from the fine […]

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