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dinCloud Announces First HTML5 Powered Hosted Virtual Desktop

dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps businesses rapidly migrate to the cloud through business provisioning, today launched webHVD, a hosted virtual desktop (HVD) solution which leverages HTML5. Fast, secure, and easy to deploy, webHVD is a clientless web application extension, powered by HTML5 in Google¹s Chrome browser, that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, […]

5nine Releases Cloud Security 4.0 for Hyper-V

5nine Software, a leading provider of agentless security, compliance and management products for Microsoft Hyper-V, announced the immediate availability of new 5nine Cloud Security 4.0 for Hyper-V. The solution provides enterprises and cloud providers with agentless antivirus, comprehensive multi-tenant security support and complete control over VM isolation, thus helping to ensure security and compliance for […]

Centrix Software Tells Companies: ‘It’s Not too Late to Migrate’

Centrix Software, a workspace management expert, has just completed analysis of its three million customer desktops and found that the timescales – and costs – for migration to Windows XP can be dramatically reduced. Despite the news that Windows XP Support for Anti-Malware protection has been extended by Microsoft until July 2015, all other deadlines remain unchanged. […]

New in VDI-in-a-Box 5.4: Built-in HTML5 Receiver!

Schools and other organizations have struggled with the cost and complexity of implementing Virtual Desktop solutions.  One source of these costs and management complexity is the access device used to connect a user to their virtual desktop.  The introduction of the Google Chromebook line of products has helped address both cost and management complexity. Google […]

Symantec warns of ‘Internet of Vulnerabilities’ in 2014

The ‘Internet of Things’ will transform into the ‘Internet of Vulnerabilities’ over the next year, with smart devices like smartTVs, routers and security cameras set to become as susceptible to malware threats and hacking as our PCs and mobile phones, claims a new report from Symantec. But at the same time, people are becoming more […]

How to Stop Zero-Day Malware Once and For All – AppSense

This video shows how AppSense Application Manager prevents a yet-unseen version of CryptoLocker from infecting a Microsoft Windows desktop, without getting in the way of the user installing productivity applications.

5nine Software announces complimentary 5nine Security for Microsoft Hyper-V with built-in Security and Compliance Scanner

Beverly, MA, USA – 5nine Software, the only provider of agentless/host-based security, compliance and management products for Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V, has released a complimentary 5nine Security for Hyper-V with built-in 5nine Security and Compliance Scanner specially designed for Windows Server 2012/R2  and Microsoft Hyper-V Server.   Complimentary 5nine Security for Hyper-V provides the […]

Tighter BYOD Policies Needed To Fend Off Rising Mobile Malware Risk

Juniper Research published a report today that claims up to 80% of all smartphones are running without having any kind of protection against malware installed, even in spite of the growing awareness of security threats and the wide availability of mobile security software. According to Juniper’s researchers, of the 1.4 billion smarphones in the world, […]

VMware Spotlights Key NSX Security Tool for Deploying Security Software and Services

Mware’s NSX network virtualization platform, expected out by year end, will have a key security tool for deploying security software and services to VMware-based virtual machines. NSX Service Composer, demoed it this week at VMworld, is a tool that will let administrators with responsibilities for VMware-based networks based on NSX set up a centralized way to […]

5nine Software announces Free Agentless Hyper-V Security & Compliance Scanner BETA

Beverly, MA, USA – 5nine Software the premier vendor for host-based security and management solutions for Hyper-V has today announced the availability of Free Agentless Security for Hyper-V with a Security and Compliance Scanner BETA for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, Windows 8 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012. Free 5nine Security for Hyper-V delivers  multi-layered agentless […]

BeyondTrust Survey Reveals Virtual Insecurity among Organizations

Carlsbad, CA,  – BeyondTrust, the security industry’s only provider of Context-Aware Security Intelligence, today announced the results of its survey, Virtual Insecurity, that reveal organizations are relying heavily on virtualization vendors for security if for any security at all. Key survey takeaways from the 346 respondents that participated include: 42 percent do not use security […]

Work in IT? You’re a Military Target

Most IT security professionals can attest to the increasing sophistication of technology used by cybercriminals. Thanks to the availability of rentable botnets, malware toolkits, and cybercrime-as-a-service schemes, security is now an everyday concern of IT administrators. However, there are also emerging threats coming from groups with significantly more resources than even the most organized hacker groups: […]

Speed of Light Virtualization Solutions! SOLV Integrated Cloud Platform

SOLV’s integrated IT platform offers solutions to the technology problems of modern organizations. From managing personal devices in the workplace, to providing a solution to tricky Windows upgrade and compatibility issues, SOLV is an easy, cost-effective way to manage your essential business IT. BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE (BYOD) If your staff use personal devices for […]

What is SOLV?

SOLV is a fresh approach to delivering virtual desktops and applications from the cloud. Our turn-key solution unites user data, company shared files, and applications within a desktop environment to deliver your business-essential IT all from one easy-to-use service. With SOLV, businesses have direct control over deploying and customizing virtual desktops — administrators can instantly […]

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