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Understanding the “WannaCry” Ransomware Attack

One of the worst global malware attacks to date has infected nearly 200,000 computer systems in almost 150 countries. The malware attack, referred to as “WannaCrypt” or “WannaCry”, encrypts or freezes all files on computers and requests $300 in Bitcoin currency in exchange for returned access to the files ( If the ransom isn’t paid […]

WannaCry! Why Linux Makes More Sense.

IGEL Technology
It’s like my mother always told me, “It’s your own blooming fault!” If you pirate software or fail to keep your OS updated, you deserve what you get!  I know, I know the world would be a lot better place if there weren’t so many evil dudes just trying to wangle a buck (or bitcoin […]

Gartner: 3 things to do immediately in the wake of WannaCry

My colleagues in IT Security have had a busy weekend. Since its discovery on Friday afternoon, the WannaCry ransomware attack has continued to spread this weekend, impacting over 10,000 organizations and 200,000 individuals in over 150 countries, according to European authorities. However, while measures have been taken to slow the spread of the malware, new […]

WannaCry Ransomware Exploding Across the Globe

UPDATE: Microsoft releases version of MS17-010 SMBv1 on earlier platforms like XP and 2003. Also recommends deploy update ASAP! As many of you know, there is a ransomware attack exploding across the globe. The last headline I read estimated that 90 countries were impacted. This could be one of the biggest cybersecurity incidents we have seen […]

Forrester: Massive Ransomware Outbreak Highlights Need For A Digital Extortion Decision Tree

Forrester Research
5/12/2017 might be another day of cyber-infamy based on malware as hospitals and critical infrastructure providers are locked out of their machines due to what appears to be a new variant of ransomware dubbed WannaCry spreading through corporate networks. Like the ransomware outbreaks in mid-2016 here in the US, NHS hospitals are experiencing patient care […]

Patch Tuesday Goes LIVE at Interchange 2017

It doesn’t happen too often, but occasionally Patch Tuesday happens when Ivanti IT security expert Chris Goettl is on the road. Goettl runs Ivanti’s popular Patch Tuesday webinar, dedicating an hour-plus to informing the masses about Microsoft’s latest security updates. He’s backed by a team of Ivanti researchers that dissect each bulletin, execute tests, and […]

Email security retrospection

Keeping anything safe and secure involves multiple considerations. Avoid putting yourself in danger, put up a protective ‘shield’, detect when that is compromised, take mitigating action. When it comes to communication and the modern hyperconnected world based on open protocols, it’s much harder to avoid danger. Hence shields and detection are the significant part of […]

Cisco: Secure the Branch by Securing the Business

Security in not simple and not all companies are the same. Different business needs, inter-connected applications, and compliance regulations are coupled with increasing demands of the network by employees, partners, customers and most recently, devices; the fragmentation of the attack surface is maddeningly complex, as thieves become better organized to take advantages of it. However, […]

Cisco: How to Choose a Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solution

When organizations begin their search for an advanced, next-generation endpoint security solution to protect PCs, Macs, servers, and mobile devices, they have a lot of different vendors to choose from and a lot of questions. Can it prevent attacks? What kind of malware can it protect against? What if malware gets in, can it still […]

Endpoint Protection Trial Video Video

Welcome to this video demonstration of Commvault’s Endpoint Protection. For businesses, the growing mobile workforce offers great gains in productivity and efficiently – but controlling all that data which is now outside of your data center creates big challenges. To address this, Commvault protects your data wherever it lives, with fast, transparent backup and recovery […]

Mitigating the ransomware risk

ComputerWorld Group
An IBM study suggests that 70% of ransomware business victims paid the ransom in 2016. Yet some 52% of organisations that had been a cybercrime victim last year aren’t changing their security measures for this year. And 52% of them expect their security budgets in 2017 to either fall or stay the same. What should […]

Understanding the Ransomware Threat

ComputerWorld Group
Although ransomware is commonly thought of as something new, it’s actually nothing of the sort. We can trace the origins of today’s ransomware threat right back to AIDS Trojan in 1989. A floppy-disk based distribution of software that encrypted files on a PC after a reboot, and demanded a ‘license fee’ of $189. This 30 […]

Citrix: In a Nanosecond, Attackers Can Strike Your Bank Account Using Malware

Citrix Systems
These days, there are lots of news items about this kind of electronic theft. Banks are getting hacked via various entry points, including web and mobile apps, and also via internal systems, through which attackers can gain access to funds electronically. In addition to the more familiar variations of malware, such as Trojan horse and […]

Microsoft Video: Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s4 e8 / Lookout

In this episode, Brad talks with Lookout (the same team that identified the Trident/Pegasus intrusion and the vulnerabilities they exploited in iOS) about the emerging threats they see for enterprise IT teams. In particular, they discuss how to be proactive about security when most organizations no longer have a perimeter. The good news, they explain, […]

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