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Bromium introduces one-click use case deployment in Secure Platform 4.1

Prioritize security around common customer pain points with targeted use case deployment Run native Chrome on the host for low-risk browsing while safely isolating web file downloads Transform raw data into actionable security insights with interactive dashboards and reports Virtualization-based security has changed the way organizations approach the idea of protecting their intellectual property from […]

Why we use Microsoft App-V

It seems strange that I’ve never written this article before.  I haven’t needed to.  But we need to be reminded now and then. Those of us using App-V, which includes most of the largest, and best run, enterprises around the world, do so because it is the easiest way to customize, prepare, and deliver applications to […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Protect your business from unwitting users

Citrix Systems
That human error is the biggest security risk to any organization should not be news to anyone. Internet browsing—the most common break activity of the modern worker—is classified by many industry analysts as a leading way for attackers to do phishing and spread malware and ransomware to your organization. Now there is an easier way […]

Citrix Synergy TV Video – Identify security threats with Citrix Analytics

Citrix Systems
Companies continue to face threats from within (e.g. document exfiltration) and from outside (e.g. ransomware attacks). Citrix ShareFile collects information (events) on user behavior with documents: access, downloads, sharing, and this information can identify suspicious patterns and alert administrators. Citrix Analytics Service (CAS) applies Machine Learning algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies, and report them […]

The sessions you don’t want to miss at VeeamON 2018

VeeamON 2018 is only three weeks away and I think it’s time to decide which sessions to add to your agenda. If you haven’t registered yet, you can still grab your ticket! In my last post, I mentioned that the breakout sessions are a major source of learning. Now, with VeeamON just around the corner, […]

Three Considerations on the Road to DRaaS

ClearSky Data
Disasters come in many forms. There are the things you think about when you hear words like earthquakes, floods, and other natural events. There are man-made disasters, like power outages and electrical fires. For IT professionals, there are malware and ransomware disasters happening every day. Obviously, no company wants to deal with any of these […]

The Future? It’s Weaponized Malware

Without question, hackers today can have a major impact on critical infrastructure worldwide—hospitals, banking systems, the power grid—especially when they’re partnered with aging, vulnerable technology like legacy software. And they appear to be more and more intent on making that happen.   That’s a nightmarish scenario. But cyber attacks are growing in sophistication, and evolving in intent—in no […]

Cisco: Don’t Let Malware Slip Through Your Fingers

Malware sometimes checks for user interaction as a form of evasion to avoid being detected by antiviruses and other security software, especially sandbox analysis environments. Threat Grid, Cisco’s advanced sandbox analysis environment, has recently added a new feature called User Emulation Playbooks to help ensure malware is properly detected. We will be covering both common […]

Cisco: Debunking the myths of DNS security

For years, we’ve been pioneering the use of DNS to enforce security. We recognized that DNS was often a blind spot for organizations and that using DNS to enforce security was both practical and effective. Why? Because DNS isn’t optional. It’s foundational to how the internet works and and is used by every single device […]

Cryptojacking and Crypto Mining – Tesla, Kubernetes, and Jenkins Exploits

Tesla and Jenkins have become the latest victims of data infiltration and cryptojacking. In the Tesla case, the exploits started when a Tesla Kubernetes cluster was compromised because the administrative console was not password protected. Once an attacker gains admin privilege of the Kubernetes cluster, he or she can discover all the services that are […]

Cisco Introduces a 5G Security Architecture to Enable Secure Network Transformation

If you’re anything like me, your mobile device is your lifeline, allowing you to be always on and connected to a network.  Smart devices, including our cars and appliances, are now connected to a network. We’ve seen steady advances in wireless technology and now we’re seeing trials of 5G connectivity, a phenomena that’s likely to […]

4 Types of Security Tools that Everyone Should be Using

We all know that data breaches are on the rise. Which means that most people are increasing their cyber security IQ, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case! According to a survey by Pew Research Center, the majority of people are still unclear about some critically important cyber security topics, terms and concepts. To help bridge […]

Citrix: Cryptojacking – How to Avoid This Digital Parasite

Citrix Systems
How cryptojacking came to be, what to watch out for, and how Citrix can help you avoid it like the plague! Cryptojacking targets both endpoints and servers – both on-premises and in the cloud. The goal is the same: enslave a massive botnet of devices and harness CPU cycles to mine cryptocurrency with minimal cost […]

Align to SANS Maturity Model, reduce attack surface with virtualization

Anti-malware solutions often fail to prevent cyber attacks on end-user applications at an enterprise level. Most endpoint detection platforms are reactive and time-sensitive, so enterprises do more damage control than preventing risk. Isolation and micro-virtualization of endpoints proactively minimizes the attack surface to dramatically reduce breaches and false alerts. You’ve heard the saying, “the best […]

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