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My thoughts on Citrix buying Cedexis and what it is?

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
Earlier today Citrix announced publicly that they have bought the company Cedexis. (If you didn’t catch the news you can read the official blogpost here –>  https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2018/02/12/citrix-acquires-cedexis/) Being the tech-curious mind that I am, and started to read through the official blogpost didn’t give me any clarity in what kind of value it would actually […]

VMware: Routing Deep Dive on VMware’s NSX-T (Distributed Routing and Centralized Routing)

In the first part of this blog series, NSX-T: Routing where you need it (Part 1), I discussed how East-West (E-W) routing is completely distributed on NSX-T and how routing is done by the Distributed Router (DR) running as a kernel module in each hypervisor. In this post, I will explain how North-South (N-S) routing […]

ControlUp 7.1 – A minor version number increase, a giant leap for sysadmins

ControlUp provides a unique platform that lets you monitor, troubleshoot and optimize your IT infrastructure. We are continually improving our product to help our community run a reliable and optimized IT operation. ControlUp 7.1 brings a ton of new capabilities to systems administrators. Along with enhanced host and VM visibility, this release adds NetScaler monitoring […]

AWS re:Invent 2017 Video: And You Thought You Knew Amazon EC2

Amazon Web Services
When is the last time you explored the nooks and crannies of Amazon EC2? While you weren’t looking, AWS leveled it up with more features and capabilities than you can shake a shell at. This talk explores the newest, shiniest Amazon EC2 features, including the Amazon EC2 Systems Manager and the Application Load Balancer, served […]

Mixed Content warnings when using SSL Offloading? Use the Citrix NetScaler Rewrite Policies…

Christiaan Brinkhoff
Citrix NetScaler is one of the most advanced and impressive products that I used throughout the past 5 years. Started with the configuration of the NetScaler Access Gateway, and ended up with all the advanced features, such as URL Rewrite, Content Switching (CSW), Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) and URL transformations. (I’m also advice you […]

AWS re:invent 2017 Video: Reimagining Customer Service: How Aspect Used Microservices

Amazon Web Services
Over 40 years, Aspect Software has grown into a multinational leader for contact center solutions, recently launching Aspect Via, a comprehensive cloud-based customer engagement platform. In this session, learn how Aspect used AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Application Load Balancer, development tooling from Swagger, and microservices to build a secure, scalable, and maintainable API framework […]

Hitting the limits of your SQL Server: Time to scale out?

When complaints about slow systems reach a fever pitch, there’s no ignoring them. You’ve exhausted all the hardware options at your disposal. Maybe now is the time to scale out your SQL Server. It’s a trendy thing these days, isn’t it? Just like they’re doing in the cloud. In theory, scaling out seems easy enough, […]

Cisco: Verizon Partner Solutions Announces SD-WAN Managed Service Availability for its Wholesale Customers

By 2020 it is expected we will see a 4X cloud traffic increase, half of connected devices will be machine-to-machine, and 9X more video traffic flowing across service provider networks. The blending of these dynamics leads to a sizable economic opportunity for service providers over the next decade through new services and operational savings. Automation, […]

RDS Printing Best Practices – Tricerat e-Book

RDS: The Complete Guide Tricerat is so proud to announce that our friends and industry experts Claudio Rodriguez and Freek Berson are working on a complete guide for all thing RDS. In this comprehensive read, the entirety of RDS is explored. Gain insight from two Microsoft MVPs, learn industry best practices, and more! In the […]

AWS Shield Adds Advanced DDoS Protection for EC2 and Network Load Balancer

Amazon Web Services
AWS Shield Advanced previously protected HTTP/TCP applications running on Amazon CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancing, and Amazon Route 53. For non-TCP based applications (for instance, UDP or SIP) that had to run on EC2 or NLB, AWS Shield Standard provided the protection against most common infrastructure layer DDoS attacks. Now, with AWS Shield Advanced on Elastic […]

VDI is a Complex Tool, DaaS is an Insanely Simple Turkey, uh… Turnkey Service

We don’t do turkey, but our turnkey Desktop as a Service is hot! Happy Thanksgiving! The entire Workspot team is grateful for all our wonderful customers and partners. We are blessed to be truly adding value for our customers every day. So what’s behind this notion of “tool” versus “service” when it comes to VDI? […]

Secure your Citrix NetScaler GSLB configuration

Anton van Pelt
Recently I was working on a couple of NetScaler Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) configurations. One of these customers put NetScaler on the edge of the network. Although I always recommend to put NetScaler behind a firewall, this customer had a good reason to not follow my advise, simply because the workload is to heavy […]

Microsoft Announces automatic OS upgrades for Azure VM scale sets

Infrastructure scale and complexity When Azure virtual machine scale sets were introduced, we made it easy to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure at very large scale. We are continually looking for ways to lower the overall cost of managing cloud infrastructure. One area of cost that increases with scale is maintaining each virtual machine patched […]

Scale360: Core Banking in the Cloud – #AWS Video

Amazon Web Services
By using AWS, the University of Wollongong continues to develop its Internet of Things (IoT) water-level sensors, leveraging solar power and power management to make the sensors suitable for long-term, wide-scale deployment in Jakarta, Indonesia and other cities. PetaBencana.id, formerly PetaJakarta, serves more cities, has a wider social media reach, pulls from additional data sources, […]

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