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Software Asset Optimization with SysTrack

Lakeside Software
Workplace analytics encompasses a vast amount of end user computing related information collected from a variety of sources, and a vital component of the topic is the observation of software assets. Obviously, a broad topic, we’ve chosen to break that further into three key categories: performance, usage and dependencies. Software performance monitoring is driven by […]

The SysTrack Software Analytics Kit: Software Performance | Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software
Monitoring software performance plays a vital role in the observation of software assets. Software performance monitoring is driven by the need to understand how well applications are working in the environment, and where resources should be directed to improve the performance. We’ve created a Software Asset Analytics kit to make it easy for IT admins to understand and […]

VMware: Performance of Storage I/O Control (SIOC) with SSD Datastores – vSphere 6.5

With Storage I/O Control (SIOC), vSphere 6.5 administrators can adjust the storage performance of VMs so that VMs with critical workloads will get the I/Os per second (IOPS) they need. Admins assign shares (the proportion of IOPS allocated to the VM), limits (the upper bound of VM IOPS), and reservations (the lower bound of VM […]

Microsoft Demo Tuesday – How to avoid storage network overload with Storage QoS

Welcome to our new Demo Tuesday series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. Every systems administrator who manages I/O intensive workloads is acutely aware of the problems that happen when storage controllers become overloaded—applications come to a screeching halt. This is especially problematic for database administrators […]

AWS Releases I3 Instances for Demanding, I/O Intensive Applications

Amazon Web Services
On the first day of AWS re:Invent I published an EC2 Instance Update and promised to share additional information with you as soon as I had it. Today I am happy to be able to let you know that we are making six sizes of our new I3 instances available in fifteen AWS regions! Designed […]

Resolving Cached Exchange Mode Problems in Stateless Virtual Workspace Sessions

Industry expert Arno Meijroos, recently took the opportunity to attend a presentation where FSLogix addressed the challenges surrounding Cached Exchange Mode (CEM) in Outlook and offered up a unique solution in our Office 365 Container for Citrix product. Issues surrounding Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook have always been present for virtual environments. With the introduction and […]

Storage performance: IOPS, latency and throughput

This blog post is a summary  of articles I found about IOPS, latency and throughput and why it is important when troubleshooting storage performance. Our Performance Analyzer product can become the easiest and best source to track these in real time. Tracking storage performance is an important part. Storage performance: IOPS, latency and throughputRickard Nobel […]

Resource Usage Through the Roof, New Guidelines are Needed

I’ve been writing a series about Microsoft Windows 10 and how we can tune and deploy it in a VDI environment. Microsoft Windows 10 and to be more specific the 1607 build is some piece of work. I’ve been working in this field for a number of years, first VDI environment I setup was in […]

If the Answer is NVMe, then what were and are the questions?

Greg Schulz
If the Answer is NVMe, then what were and are the questions? If NVMe is the answer, then what were and are the various questions that should be asked? Some of the common questions include what is the difference between NVM and NVMe? Is NVMe only for servers, does NVMe require fabrics and what benefit […]

Liquidware Labs Honored with Award From the Citrix User Group

Founding Member Sponsor of the CUGC Receives Recognition for its Contribution to the Community Liquidware Labs today announced that it has received a special sponsor award from the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC) in the inaugural CUGCY awards. The official announcement is located at The CUGCY member appreciation awards recognize specific members, groups and […]

The Top 5 Success and Failures of a VDI Migration

Top 5 VDI Successes 1. Always Perform an Assessment An assessment is a method of gauging user consumption behavior on a current physical device.  You should look at metrics in terms of how the OS is currently using things like CPU, memory, IOPS, network resources, applications, and device hardware.  When this data is collected over […]

ClearSky Data Named a Finalist for Storage Products of the Year

ClearSky Data
When our CEO Ellen Rubin spoke with SearchStorage in 2015, she highlighted ClearSky Data’s mission: “We feel like it’s time for storage to catch up with the rest of the infrastructure stack.” Since that time, we’ve watched as customers and partners lend momentum to this idea and begin to enjoy the benefits of everything that […]

Remote Desktop 2.0 Moving end user computing to the cloud!

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
So this is my tagline for my session at NIC CONF 2017 But since its a large subject, I also decided to write about it as well. With the uprise of Cloud, it provides customers which a large opportunity in terms of choice when it comes to modernizing the way we can provide desktops […]

Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX 5.8.6 with NVIDIA GRID vGPU Monitoring

New virtual GPU visibility and enhanced dashboards are among the new features in this release. Liquidware Labs, a leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced the general availability of Stratusphere UX 5.8.6 with a number of new features, including new virtual GPU (vGPU) metrics as well as dashboard enhancements, greater security and more. The company […]

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