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VMware vSAN Performance Diagnostics

I am excited to announce that launch of vSAN Performance diagnostics. This feature will enable faster performance troubleshooting and when burning in a cluster with performance tests to understand how you can increase the IOPS or lower the storage latency and what is your bottleneck within the host.Performance diagnostics analyzes previously executed benchmarks. It detects […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 22nd July 2017

VMware ESXi Guest Authentication Service is missing in open-vm -tools package 2:10.1.5-5055683-1ubuntu1 for Ubuntu 17.04 Date Published:2017/07/18 Enabling IOPS limit for one VM causes latencies on other VMs running on the same host and datastore (NFS datastore) Date Published:2017/07/18 Network becomes unavailable with ntg3 driver on ESXi 6.5 Date Published:2017/07/19 Recommendation for Driver/Firmware Date Published:2017/07/19 […]

Looking for the silver bullet that’s not there? My (and Datrium) response to the Data Locality debacle

Recently there’s been an exchange between industry luminaries on data reduction, data locality, and data protection. Howard Marks wrote a thoughtful piece <here> that expands on VSAN’s approach to data locality. Josh Odgers, the brilliant blogger now at Nutanix, responded with some notes <here> that in my opinion struggled to close the issue. They both […]

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery now supports large disk sizes in Azure

Following the recent general availability of large disk sizes in Azure, we are excited to announce that Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now supports the disaster recovery and migration of on-premises virtual machines and physical servers with disk sizes of up to 4095 GB to Azure. Many on-premises virtual machines that are part of the Database […]

JULABO Replicates Critical Data Center Infrastructure between the USA and Europe using DataCore Software-Defined Storage

DataCore Reduced Storage-Related Costs by 50% While Improving Performance by 500%; Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for VMware using Riverbed WAN Optimization DataCore Software today announced that SANsymphony™ was chosen by JULABO GmbH as the software-defined storage platform best suited to support its flexible virtual infrastructure. JULABO, a Germany-based worldwide provider of high-quality temperature control […]

Citrix Director Now Provides Disk Usage Information!

Citrix Systems
Citrix Director has been providing Resource Utilization data. Now with Citrix Director 7.14, we provide Disk Usage information, as well! You can now monitor the real-time and historical monitoring of I/O operations per second and Disk Latency Usages of Server and Desktop OS VDAs. This feature requires Delivery Controller(s) and VDA version 7.14 or later. […]

What’s New with Citrix Profile Management 5.8!

Citrix Systems
Citrix Profile Management continues to simplify management effort and reduce your IT cost. Citrix Profile Management focuses on helping our customer migrate to Windows 10 and Windows server 2016. We continue to deliver quality improvements in Citrix Profile Management 5.8, with the complete list available here. In addition to this, we also provide support for […]

Microsoft Announces the Preview of Azure’s Largest Disk Sizes

At Build Conference, we announced the addition of new Azure Disks sizes – which provide up to 4TB of disk space. These new sizes allow you to perform up to 250 MBps of storage throughput and 7,500 IOPS. The details of the announcement are captured in the Build session here. We introduced two new disk […]

Liquidware Stratusphere UX 5.8.6 with NVIDIA GRID vGPU Monitoring

New virtual GPU visibility and enhanced dashboards are among the new features in this release. Liquidware Labs, a leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced the general availability of Stratusphere UX 5.8.6 with a number of new features, including new virtual GPU (vGPU) metrics as well as dashboard enhancements, greater security and more. The company […]

Cisco MDS and Dell EMC set new standards for enterprise storage performance

An undeniable trend in the storage industry is what one might refer to as the democratization of all-flash storage as the technology becomes more economical and, therefore, more relevant for most use cases. Indeed, flash storage remains critical for Tier 0/Tier 1 applications such as enterprise databases, and its growing popularity to support broader sets […]

Dell EMC VMAX 950F: Raises Bar for High-End All Flash Storage

Today, Dell EMC expanded its with the new VMAX 950F All Flash storage array as well as new release of HYPERMAX software. VMAX 950F is the latest Dell EMC premier enterprise storage offering, which has set the industry’s benchmark for enterprise storage arrays for decades. A brief look at the numbers reveals just how far […]

New Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array Offers Lowest $/GB

Today at Dell EMC World, we debuted the new Dell EMC SC5020, the latest offering in our economical and intelligent SC Series midrange storage line. Now part of the Dell EMC storage portfolio, the SC Series revenue is growing in double digits for good reason[i]. Led in volume sales by the immensely popular SC4020, the […]

New Quick Start deploys SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition on the AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services
SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is a highly optimized, host-based replication solution that integrates seamlessly with Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC). WSFC features, such as cross-subnet failover and tunable heartbeat parameters, make it possible for administrators to deploy geographically dispersed clusters. SIOS DataKeeper provides the data replication mechanism that extends WSFC, and enables administrators to take advantage of […]

Status GPU and Cloud providers AWS, GCP and Azure

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
So as part of the new role I have at my new company I’ve expanded my horizon to include AWS and GCP as well as Azure. Now because of my background on Citrix & VMware I also get a lot of questions around GPU support as part of it. Now I have previously blogged a […]

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