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How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Ensures Peak Performance in a Cost-Effective Manner

HP Enterprise
Fifteen years ago, your standard hard drive had a capacity of about 36GBs. These hard drives delivered roughly 150 IOPS. Today, hard drives are equipped with over 6TB of capacity … and they deliver roughly 150 IOPS. You see, the data problem isn’t just one of capacity anymore. Data growth is an issue to be […]

Amazon EC2 Per Second Billing

Amazon Web Services
Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs and Amazon EBS volumes will also move from per hour billing to per second billing with a minimum of 60 seconds. As with EC2 instances, the list prices will continue to be displayed as it is today in GB-month for capacity, IOPS-month provisioned for io1 IOPS and per Million I/O requests […]

Microsoft Announces new Azure VM sizes for more cost-effective database workloads

Our customers told us that their database workloads like SQL Server or Oracle often require high memory, storage, and I/O bandwidth, but not a high core count. Many database workloads they are running are not CPU-intensive. They want a VM size that enables them to constrain the VM vCPU count to reduce the cost of […]

Cisco: The Past, Present and the Future of Storage Traffic Visibility and Analytics

There have been countless amounts of industry research and many volumes written about data visibility and analytics with the advent of the Big Data Era. However, these discussions rarely delve into visibility and analytics requirements for storage and storage networking technologies. This is somewhat ironic because Big Data term itself was invented as an expression of […]

Microsoft Announces Larger, Higher Scale Storage Accounts

One of the fastest areas of growth in cloud computing is around data storage. With a variety of workloads such as IoT telemetry, logging, media, genomics and archival driving cloud data growth, the need for scalable capacity, bandwidth, and transactions for storing and analyzing data for business insights, is more important than ever. Up to […]

VMware vSAN – A closer look [Data Availabilty] – Define Tomorrow

ComputerWorld Group
An important consideration when choosing which method of protection is required is the additional overhead generated by erasure coding. This is commonly referred to as I/O amplification. During normal operations there is no amplification of read I/O however there is I/O amplification of write I/O as the parity data needs to be updated every time […]

Citrix: Turbo Charging XenServer Backups

Citrix Systems
I’m a car enthusiast — mostly for European small hatches (don’t judge!) — and also a big fan of newer/better technologies, so when it comes time to buy a new car, I tend to go focus on two things: smaller and faster engines. Keeping with the engine “downsizing” trend, adding a turbocharger is the way to […]

AWS Releases EC2 Instances with 4 TB of Memory

Amazon Web Services
Earlier this year I told you about our plan to launch EC2 instances with up to 16 TB of memory. Today I am happy to announce that the new x1e.32xlarge instances with 4 TB of DDR4 memory are available in four AWS Regions. As I wrote in my earlier post, these instances are designed to […]

Deploy IBM Spectrum Scale on the AWS Cloud with New Quick Start

Amazon Web Services
IBM Spectrum Scale is a flexible, software-defined storage solution that can be deployed as highly available, high-performance file storage. It can scale in several dimensions, including performance (bandwidth and IOPS), capacity, and number of nodes that can mount the file system. The product’s high performance and scalability helps address the needs of applications whose performance […]

Citrix Introduces Azure Managed Disks (Preview) in XenApp & XenDesktop on Azure

Citrix Systems
You can now try a preview of Azure Managed Disks in Citrix Cloud’s XenApp & XenDesktop service while we put the finishing touches on the production version. Managed Disks provides scalable and highly available storage without the need to create storage accounts and worry about storage account IOPS constraints. Overview of Managed Disks Azure Managed […]

VMworld Sneak-Peak with vSAN and Western Digital

If I were a gambling man, I’d place my bet on HCI winning the infrastructure race over the next year. For those of you that haven’t started down the hyper-converged path, then VMworld is the perfect time to learn more … and what better place to make a bet than Vegas! This year, we at […]

Datrium 3.0 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) – Part 2

Last month Datrium announced the first part of the DVX 3.0 payload and I blogged here; and today we are announcing the second part. In the first announcement, Datrium took us where no HCI vendor has been before, offering not only a multi-hypervisor platform (VMware vSphere, RedHat Virtualization and Open-source KVM on CentOS hosts), but […]

Citrix: Estimate the Size of XenApp & XenDesktop Monitoring Database

Citrix Systems
With each successive release of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, monitoring and Analytics gets stronger and adds more information. Citrix Director — the monitoring and troubleshooting solution for XenApp and XenDesktop — has introduced new monitoring capabilities, like CPU usage, memory usage, process usage, IOPS, proactive notification, and alerts that include historical data upto one year (for platinum editions) with 7.11 or […]

Google Cloud: Announcing price cuts on Local SSDs for on-demand and preemptible instances

Google Cloud
Starting today, you’ll pay up to 63% less for Local solid-state disks (SSDs) attached to on-demand Google Compute Engine virtual machines. That’s $0.080 per GB per month in most US regions. We’re also introducing even lower prices for Local SSDs used with Preemptible VM instances: up to 71% cheaper than before. That’s $0.064 per GB […]

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