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Improving Workflows and Efficiency with Secure Messaging

The need to adhere to security regulations often makes it difficult for healthcare organizations to take advantage of the convenience and speed of technology and still remain HIPAA compliant. Harnessing the power of seamless communication is necessary to optimize workflows in healthcare environments, as improved workflows help organizations operate at their best and also help […]

Skype for Business and Horizon 7.3!

With the release of VMware Horizon 7.3 VMware is adding more features to the Microsoft Skype integration. The Microsoft Skype integration is designed to offload the hosted environment when making video calls to other Skype users. The local client will process the call and handle the video/audio streams while the end user still works in […]

Tips for Improving HIPAA Compliance in Rehab Facilities

Ensuring that your addiction or substance use disorder rehabilitation facility is adhering to all HIPAA compliance rules and regulations requires the examination of several areas that are often major weaknesses. Rehabilitation facilities are aware of the threats to security and compliance, but don’t always know the best ways to protect themselves. If an organization is […]

Citrix: The only virtualization solution for Skype Meetings just got even better!

Citrix Systems
Over a year and a half after Citrix and Microsoft introduced our jointly developed solution for delivering Skype for Business in virtualized environments — whether on-premises or in the cloud — the HDX RealTime Optimization Pack remains the only virtualization solution for Skype Meetings and audio-video conference calls. And now our solution is even better, with significant […]

Not Sufficient for Healthcare

In busy healthcare environments, the convenience of texting can’t be denied, but how does one find a balance when leaving out identifying patients details yet still providing other providers with enough information? The De-identification process claims that by removing up to 18 known specific pieces of patient data, it is impossible for non-authorized individuals to […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 5th July 2017

VMware vCenter Server 2400 second timeout error during VM deployment while Storage DRS is enabled Date Published: 2017/08/02 EAM fails to complete VIB operation due to failed VIB payload publish Date Published: 2017/07/31 OVF deployment fails after upgrading to vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 U1 Date Published: 2017/08/01 vpxd service fails with error: duplicate key value […]

VMware Horizon and Skype for Business Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates the Skype for Business Virtualization Pack in VMware Horizon. It shows performance comparison against Real Time Audio Video redirection. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

VMware Horizon Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business – Technical Overview Video

This video provides an introduction to the features and benefits of the VMware Virtualization Pack for Skype for Business. There is technical detail about requirements, architecture, capabilities, and installation. This video is from the fine folks at VMware EUC.

Citrix: Securing Collaboration for G Suite Customers

Citrix Systems
Google and Citrix have announced a partnership to support customers with their secure cloud transformation, which spans multiple products and services from both companies. One key area of that partnership that I’d like to discuss in more detail is the G Suite integration. G Suite is a set of intelligent business apps that connect the people in […]

Texting in Treatment Settings: How to Ensure You are HIPAA Compliant

We are excited to share that Lua will be hosting a webinar in conjunction with Behavioral Healthcare Executive on August 15th, 2017 at 1:00PM ET, 12:00PM CT. Our CEO and Founder, Michael DeFranco, will break down the dangers of using consumer applications and other non-compliant text tools to share sensitive data in behavioral healthcare and […]

Are your Employees using Secure Passwords?

Ensuring that employees are creating unique passwords is exceptionally difficult. Although most know in theory not to reuse passwords or use the same one across multiple interfaces, many still do out of convenience or comfort. However, this means if a hacker uncovers the password for one network, they can easily gain access to all the […]

Citrix: Verba Collaboration Compliance Platform is Now Citrix Ready

Citrix Systems
Verba Collaboration Compliance and Quality Management Platform is a complete collaboration compliance, recording, archiving and contact center quality management solution for Skype for Business and other UC platforms. Deployed at financial institutions, security companies and contact centers, Verba helps organizations better manage risk and compliance, develop quality assurance and increase productivity to enhance their business. […]

PHI Exposed After E-Mail Breach at Mental Health/Substance Abuse Provider

When it comes to securing a patient’s protected health information, mental health and addiction treatment providers have to take greater precaution due to the especially sensitive nature of the data that is handled. Illegal drug users are not protected under anti-discrimination laws meaning that a data breach puts their personal lives at risk of many […]

Microsoft: Here’s what’s new in the latest update to Skype on Windows 10

Today, we’re excited to roll out an update to the Skype app on Windows 10 which makes it easier for you to stay in touch with friends from your Windows 10 devices. With the new update, you can easily share your files to Skype, react to messages, and get to your calls and conversations faster […]

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