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Citrix XenApp 7.6, Provisioning Services 7.6 and the XenDesktop Setup Wizard with Boot Device Manager

Carl Webster
I have written several articles about using the Provisioning Services (PVS) XenDesktop Setup Wizard with XenDesktop. Now I wanted to find out if the Wizard would also work with XenApp 7.6. Another item I wanted to test was using Boot Device Manager (BDM) only. Introduction As with most things involving XenApp and or PVS, there […]

HP Moonshot revisited. Well… by me anyway

During the last year or so I have had my eye on the HP Moonshot platform. I followed what other community members had to say about it, how HP marketed the product and of course the announced partnership between HP and Citrix, introducing the Workspace Pod series at Summit not that long ago. I was […]

Moonshot: HP’s Bold Rethinking Of The Server

In February 2012, Hewlett-Packard unveiled a bold new blade server-based ProLiant platform named "Project Moonshot" that consisted of low-powered Intel Atom processors. Today, Moonshot has moved from R&D project to a significant part of some HP partners’ business. The Moonshot server is a platform that manages to cram 45 Intel server cartridges into a 4.3U chassis […]

Hey DJ, Play My Mix! HP Moonshot & Citrix Mobile Workspaces “Awesome Mix, Vol. 1”

Citrix Systems
As a kid growing up in the 80s, I remember getting my first Sony Walkman and a few of tapes I’d listen to again and again ’til they were stretched and distorted. Being raised on music from the 70s and 80s–some of the best in rock history–had a profound impact on me. As I grew […]

Turn The Beat Around: HP Moonshot & Citrix Mobile Workspaces “Awesome Mix, Vol. 2”

Citrix Systems
Building your mixed app and desktop playlist. In my last post, I likened the possibilities within HP Moonshot and Citrix Mobile Workspaces to deejay mashups like these (you’re welcome, by the way), but we didn’t come close to covering all the things we can do. With an architecture like HP Moonshot, the ability to build […]

Deploying Bare Metal XenApp with GPU on HP Moonshot M710 – part one (Introduction)

I’ve recently been involved with a HP Moonshot deployment for a client and have learnt a few things along the way that I thought I’d share. The high level objectives of the project: Improve server density in the data centre Reduce the “watts per user” power consumption Remove the cost and complexity of a hypervisor […]

Citrix WorkspacePod Enabling Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Citrix Systems
We announced WorkspacePod (CWP) at Summit.  WorkspacePod is a fully integrated workload agnostic software stack, that enables converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, to deliver the Citrix mobile Workspace experience.  Let’s break that up a bit so better understand what it means.  Firstly Citrix remains a software company.  We are not getting into the actual hardware business.  What fully […]

Citrix WorkspacePod, an HP Moonshot Architect’s Perspective

TLDR: Citrix WorkspacePod summarized in one word: Bundling. For about the last year and a half, I have been affectionately called Mr. Moonshot among my peers and colleagues.  Thanks everyone, you’re too kind! Naturally, at Citrix Summit when one of the big keynote announcements on WorkspacePod surfaced, I started getting a lot of questions. I’m no expert […]

New Citrix Reference Architecture for Citrix WorkspacePod Powered by HP Moonshot

This technical article outlines a reference architecture for a heterogeneous, two-level (L1-compute, L2-compute), server and storage infrastructure based on WorkspacePod Powered by HP. WorkspacePod Powered by HP combines HP’s Moonshot System and ProLiant SL4540 server as a fully integrated delivery solution for modern workspaces. With an integrated compute, storage, on-die GPU, and networking solution, this ultra-converged solution provides […]

HP Discover: Citrix Mobile Workspaces on Moonshot and Converged System

Mind? Blown. I don’t have to tell you that Mobility and BYOD have profoundly changed the way people work. And of course, “making it all happen” falls squarely on IT’s shoulders. That means you need new and better ways to deliver on the expectations of an always on, always connected working environment. Luckily, HP Discover Barcelona […]

Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 to Deploy Windows 7 Citrix XenDesktop Master to HP Moonshot (m700, m710) – Part 1

Last week I was at the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) meetup at Citrix’s Santa Clara office and was having a discussion about Moonshot with Aaron Parker. Aaron is commonly regarded as the master of App-V and MDT, so naturally he was curious to see if I had yet used MDT to deploy the Windows Operating Systems to HP […]

HP CEO Meg Whitman on SkyCanvas and “As-a-Service” Trends

On Thursday, October 9, more than 100 IT executives gathered at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco for Entisys Solutions’ 2014 Executive Technology Exchange. There, they heard perspectives from industry leaders on “The New Style of IT.” In reflecting on the event, Entisys’ CEO Mike Strohl said, “Our 2014 Executive Technology Exchange in […]

2 infinity and beyond w/ HP Moonshot for Citrix XenDesktop & a little wizardry!

HP Moonshot for XenDesktop When the moon hits your eye like a big idea oh my that’s innovation…Or something like that. Earlier in the year at Citrix Synergy 2014, I had a standing room only session where we presented the Moonshot for XenDesktop offering for the fist time and also talked about the new XenApp […]

Supporting Citrix HDX and HDX 3D Pro with AMD APUs for Moonshot

Citrix XenDesktop with HDX Standard and HDX 3D Pro Virtual Desktop Agents (VDA) Deliver an exceptional user experience including high quality multimedia and graphics While most user graphics and application needs will be well handled with HDX Standard, HDX 3D Pro is ideal for supporting higher end application needs such as those that utilize OpenGL, […]

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