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GPU Computing Transforming Trillion-Dollar Industries, NVIDIA CEO Says

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announced HGX-2, a “building block” cloud-server platform that will let server manufacturers create more powerful systems around NVIDIA GPUs for high performance computing and AI. It’s the latest addition to a computing platform that has grown 500x more powerful in five years and is supported by an ecosystem that includes every […]

Dell EMC’s Powerful New AMD EPYC-based Servers Are First with Certified vSAN Ready Nodes

Good news for vSAN users: Dell EMC’s industry-leading, 14th generation PowerEdge servers, the bedrock of the modern data center, now include models with AMD EPYC processors available as vSAN Ready Nodes. This incredible pairing takes storage optimization and cost cutting to a whole new level—critical factors for companies eager to deploy emerging workloads: Software-defined storage […]

Amazon EC2 P3 Instances, most powerful GPU compute instances in the cloud, now available in additional AWS Regions

Amazon Web Services
Amazon EC2 P3 instances are now available in AWS US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Seoul) and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. P3 instances, the next-generation of EC2 compute-optimized GPU instances, are powered by up to 8 of the latest-generation NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs and are ideal for computationally advanced workloads such as machine learning (ML), high […]

AWS Video: Autodesk’s Brian Mathews on Envisioning the Future with Generative Design and the Power of AWS

Amazon Web Services
Brian Mathews, VP of Platform Engineering at Autodesk, demonstrates the power of generative design, which mimics nature’s evolutionary approach to design using cloud computing to explore all the possible permutations of a solution quickly. Autodesk relies on high performance computing on AWS to scale its solutions. Learn more about the benefits of running HPC on […]

Volta-Powered Supercomputers to Supercharge AI, Scientific Discovery

The just-released TOP500 supercomputer list shows a record 34 new NVIDIA-accelerated systems, bringing our total to 87. But we’re only just getting started. By the time the next list surfaces in June, some of the first supercomputers with our new Volta GPU architecture will be online. Summit, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), will be among the […]

Microsoft: HPC containers with Azure Batch

With the latest updates to Azure Batch, you now have the option to schedule your tasks as Docker container invocations. Containers and Azure Batch are an ideal way to package, execute, and scale your High Performance Computing (HPC) applications and batch workloads in a consistent, reproducible manner utilizing powerful cloud native job scheduling capabilities. Today, […]

How Could Artificial Intelligence Enhance Your Event Experience?

What happens at the intersection of machine learning, deep learning and high performance computing (HPC)?  Human progress, driven by an intelligent ecosystem of predictable analytics and devices!  The era is upon us, and now we can train machines to use data to sense, learn, reason, make predictions and evolve. We are at the forefront of […]

China’s Top Server-Builders Adopt NVIDIA AI Design for Cloud Computing

Huawei, Inspur, Lenovo Select NVIDIA Volta HGX Architecture to Build AI Systems for Data Centers NVIDIA today announced that China’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) — including Huawei, Inspur and Lenovo — are using the NVIDIA® HGX reference architecture to offer Volta architecture-based accelerated systems for hyperscale data centers. Through the NVIDIA HGX Partner Program, NVIDIA is providing […]

AWS Video: Building Complex Workloads in Cloud – Part 1: Jason Jacobs

Amazon Web Services
Introduction: In this session we will explore technologies & solutions to deploy ever increasing complex workload like High Performance Computing, Big Data and AI seamlessly to the cloud. You will hear from two strategic partners on how they have used AWS cloud and Intel technologies to accelerate innovation for their customers. This video is from […]

7 ways industries benefit from OT and IT Convergence

HP Enterprise
Just like the smartphone disrupted several markets by converging several different consumer devices into a single one, the same disruption is happening with infrastructure in the IT and OT industries — they are converging into one single system, in a single place: the Edge. A few definitions: OT, IT, and Convergence OT, or Operational Technology […]

Citrix Linux VDA Can Now Be Provisioned at Scale on Microsoft Azure

Citrix Systems
Today, I am pleased to announce the availability of Linux VDA Image Service, a new Citrix Cloud Labs service that allows administrators to jump-start their Linux VDA deployment on Microsoft Azure. This new service comes armed with the peace of starting from a “Citrix-prepared” CentOS image that can, subsequently, be used to quickly provision an entire machine catalog for the […]

Microsoft: Bright Cluster Manager now integrates seamlessly with Azure HPC capabilities

One of our key HPC partners, Bright Computing, has just announced the release of Bright Cluster Manager 8.0, the latest version of their flagship HPC cluster management solution. This new version gives customers the ability to extend an on-premises cluster into Azure for added capacity, or to easily build a cluster entirely in Azure. Martijn […]

Transforming the Future of High Performance Computing, Networking and Storage

ISC High Performance 2017 kicks off this week in Frankfurt, Germany. For those who are not familiar, the ISC global community has been coming together for more than 30 years to share knowledge in high performance computing (HPC), and this five-day event is anticipating more than 3,000 attendees from over 80 countries to be in […]

NVIDIA Powers the World’s Top 13 Most Energy Efficient Supercomputers

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) As Moore’s Law slows, NVIDIA Tesla GPUs continue to extend computing, improving performance 3X in two years Tesla V100 GPUs projected to provide U.S. Energy Department’s Summit supercomputer with 200 petaflops of HPC, 3 exaflops of AI performance Major cloud providers commit to bring NVIDIA Volta GPU platform to market Advancing the path […]

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