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RDmi Is Coming. Here’s How Personas Can Help You Prepare

Lakeside Software
With the release of Remote Desktop modern infrastructure (RDmi) around the corner and Microsoft Inspire just having finished, there’s a lot of discussion around migrating to RDmi environments. RDmi is a new PaaS offering that’s viewed as a redesign of the familiar RDS. This new offering has many new features and security settings including a […]

Stratusphere UX Profile Score: User Experience Quantified

User Experience is the hot buzz-phrase du jour. Vendors in the end user computing space want to associate their product with it. Often you’ll hear and see claims like, “we enhance user experience” or “we make desktop user experience better.” And while I agree with these sentiments, I can’t help but think the issue isn’t […]

Citrix: How to Easily Host a Multi-Auth Landing Page on NetScaler Gateway

Citrix Systems
This blog post will show you how to create a NetScaler Gateway that will host a simple landing page that can provide access to Gateways with different authentication options. Below is an example landing page that specifies smartcard as the main authentication method and RADIUS with username/password for users who have an exception. I know […]

How to Increase Productivity with a Self-Healing Help Desk

Lakeside Software
Picture this: a father shows up at his daughter’s wedding, sick with a bad cold, walks up to the bride and says, “sorry I’m taking a sick day.” This was the premise of a pretty successful ad campaign by Vick’s showing how parents simply don’t take sick days. Similarly, neither does IT support. When business-critical resources underperform or flat out fail, […]

Empowering Help Desk Professionals to Proactively Solve End User Problems

Goliath Technologies
Help desk technicians form the front line of support in identifying, troubleshooting, and preventing end user performance issues (and costly downtime) for key applications and services. They need to quickly identify the scope of the issue and route the critical details required to fix the issue – fast. Goliath Technologies increases the troubleshooting and remediation […]

Desktop Central Free Training – Software Deployment

Learn how to centralize your enterprise’s Software Deployment needs and efficiently manage your help desk tickets with Self Service Portal, where you can create a catalog of approved business software and let the users deploy software themselves avoiding dependencies. This video is from the fine folks at ManageEngine

Lakeside Software: Reach Peak Productivity with Proactive Monitoring

Lakeside Software
5 Best Practices for Proactive Monitoring  Becoming proactive within the enterprise can be a challenging mountain to climb. As a past level 1 help desk employee, I can safely say that I wish proactive monitoring was something we took more seriously.Independent of the obvious benefits of a proactive approach to digital experience monitoring, if done properly, it can bring about numerous benefits to the support […]

Get Value From Printing

Reduce your company’s printing expenses In the past, printing was a difficult function for companies like Citrix and VMware to get right. Tricerat’s solutions were born to solve that need and we still continue to help companies print smoother in those virtual situations. Now, the need is to find the hidden costs of printing and drastically reduce […]

Isolate Downloads and Executables So Threats Can’t Escape

Safely download any file from the web or a shared link, even if it is malicious Eliminate restrictive IT security policies that limit user access to downloaded files and inhibit workflows Automatically verify the integrity of downloaded files without involving the Helpdesk Most knowledge-workers are on the internet all day long, mixing business and personal […]

ManageEngine helps American Jewish World Service adopt a forward-looking approach to IT

Steven Collado from American Jewish World Service, a nonprofit based in New York, understands the importance that IT plays in enhancing user productivity. Having a faster help desk system in the form of the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus has helped Steven and his team better manage their tickets. Likewise, ManageEngine’s comprehensive endpoint management tool, […]

Citrix: Troubleshooting User and Device Capabilities Now Available on XenMobile Citrix Cloud Service

Citrix Systems
Today, Citrix Cloud XenMobile service is previewing a new Helpdesk Admin role that would make it easier for helpdesk administrators to cater to customers calls. The new helpdesk administrator persona is served by Citrix Cloud Director inside the XenMobile Cloud Service Console. But, wasn’t Director the monitoring and troubleshooting console for XenApp & XenDesktop? Yes, […]

What’s New in Stratusphere UX 6.0!

I’m very excited to announce the general availability of Stratusphere UX 6.0. With this release, the solution has received an architectural upgrade, a dashboard builder, support for new client devices, and application features to facilitate application strategy and reporting. Under the Covers Primary to this release is a new and highly-scalable architecture, which will support […]

AWS re:Invent 2017 Video – User Self-Service and Admin Portals for Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services
You’ve successfully moved your desktops to AWS using Amazon WorkSpaces. Now, you’d like to start automating your operations. In this session, we show you how to use the Amazon WorkSpaces APIs to automate common tasks, such as provisioning and deprovisioning WorkSpaces, building self-service portals to allow your users to perform basic support tasks themselves, and […]

Review – Goliath Application Availability Monitor

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
One of the issues with a RDS/Citrix/Horizon enviroment is actually capturing how the experience feels like for an end-user and being able to detect and see how the end-user sees the logon process. Most monitoring tools today focus on the performance on the terminal servers looking at CPU/Memory and storage available or looking at services […]

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