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Build a hybrid data lake on the AWS Cloud with WANdisco Fusion and AWS services

Amazon Web Services
The Quick Start provides the option to deploy a Docker container, which represents your on-premises Hadoop cluster for demonstration purposes, and helps you gain hands-on experience with the hybrid data lake architecture. WANdisco Fusion replicates data from Docker to Amazon S3 continuously, ensuring strong consistency between data residing on premises and data in the cloud. […]

Dell EMC Ready Bundles for Hadoop Solution Overview

Get the power of Hadoop faster, with less risk The digital transformation is causing churn, uncertainty, and disruption for many business leaders who need to act quickly as pressure increases from all directions. Big data and analytics are at the core of this transformation, with Apache® Hadoop® as a foundational component of the big data […]

Fast Virtualized Hadoop And Spark On All-Flash Disks – VMware White Paper

Best Practices for Optimizing Virtualized Big Data Applications on VMware vSphere 6.5 Best practices are described for optimizing Big Data applications running on VMware vSphere®. Hardware, software, and vSphere configuration parameters are documented, as well as tuning parameters for the operating system, Hadoop, and Spark. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers used in […]

Hadoop Is Growing Up

As a part of my regular duties, my job is to pay attention to macro-level movements of various industries and technology sectors. One of those sectors is facing some rather large tectonic shifts as of late is the emerging and rapidly growing sector often referred to as big data. More specifically, the topic is Hadoop. […]

VMware: Deploy, Manage and Run MongoDB on VMware vSAN

VMware vSAN is the industry-leading software powering Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions. HCI, or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, converges traditional IT infrastructure silos onto industry-standard servers and virtualizes physical infrastructure to help customers easily evolve their infrastructure. Ever since the initial version of vSAN, people are wondering whether some shared-nothing architecture applications could be deployed on vSAN or […]

Cisco: It’s all about digital transformation! Annoucing 5th Generation of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Analytics

The nature of technology is innovation. Innovation challenges the norm, creating new ways to do things; and disrupting and displacing established ways with better methods and even whole paradigm shifts that completely change how the world operates. It is not that unusual for a new company to create a new market with an innovative idea, product […]

VMware Big Data Video – Benefits of Virtualizing Big Data on vSphere

We often get questions from people who are new to big data about the reasons for virtualizing these newer infrastructures and applications. People are also interested in knowing the benefits you can gain from doing so. This video provides a set of answers to those questions. Summarizing the main points discussed in the video, the […]

Chaos Sumo on Intelligent Data Lakes – Reimagined

Chaos Sumo
Back in 2015, I began a series of articles around big data, its key trends and likely future. These articles were published on the popular data management site DATAVERSITY. The general theme was there was a major change afoot in data analytics, initiated by large and inexpensive on-prem and cloud storage which fostered the deluge […]

Chaos Sumo BETA FAQ – Smart Object Storage on Amazon S3

Chaos Sumo
Chaos Sumo BETA FAQ What is Chaos Sumo? Chaos Sumo is a Smart Object Storage service built on top of Amazon S3. With Chaos Sumo’s powerful discovery capabilities, visual data refinement studio, and RESTful API, organizations can quickly get more out of their cloud object storage. Users can easily explore, process and prepare data for […]

Gartner: IBM Ends Hadoop Distribution, Hortonworks Expands Hybrid Open Source

IBM has followed Intel and EMC/Pivotal in abandoning efforts to make a business of Hadoop distributions, and followed Microsoft in making Hortonworks its supplying partner. At the former Hadoop Summit, now called Dataworks (itself a sign of the shift from Hadoop-centric positioning), IBM announced it will discontinue its IBM Open Platform/BigInsights offering, and will instead […]

Microsoft R Server 9.1 on HDInsight is Available!

Today, we are excited to announce that Microsoft R Server 9.1 on Azure HDInsight is generally available. With this, we bring the power and innovation of our latest 9.1 release to the cloud on Spark 2.1 on HDInsight 3.6.This release of R Server on HDInsight includes the following features: State of the art new parallel machine learning […]

Google Cloud: Fastest track to Apache Hadoop and Spark success

Google Cloud
A combination of rapid startup time, per-minute billing and cloud-native architecture is transformative for operators. It’s 2017, and running Apache Hadoop (or Apache Spark) is still too hard, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Ironically, the main source of this difficulty is one of Hadoop’s strengths: the ability to run multitenant workloads. When concurrency is […]

Latest Red Hat Ceph Storage Release Expands Versatility as Object Store

Red Hat
Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.3. This release, based on Ceph 10.2 (Jewel), introduces a new Network File System (NFS) interface, offers new compatibility with the Hadoop S3A filesystem client, and adds support for deployment in containerized environments. These improvements expand […]

Large Scale Machine Learning with Python Book

IT Books
Learn to build powerful machine learning models quickly and deploy large-scale predictive applications About This Book Design, engineer and deploy scalable machine learning solutions with the power of Python Take command of Hadoop and Spark with Python for effective machine learning on a map reduce framework Build state-of-the-art models and develop personalized recommendations to perform […]

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