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Five reasons the Google Nexus beats the iPad

The iPad may be king of the tablets when it comes to sales, but for most uses, the Google Nexus tablet is a better choice. Here are five reasons the new Google Nexus beats the iPad. More convenient form factor When it comes to tablets, size does matter…and after using the Google Nexus for a […]

Why Google, Microsoft Got Into Tablet Business

Google and Microsoft know that the only way their mobile software will gain a significant portion of the tablet market is to design, build, and brand their own tablets. The Nexus 7 is Google’s effort to control Android’s slide into fragmentation while simultaneously setting a benchmark for price and quality. For Microsoft, the Surface tablets […]

Smaller iPads Already In Production

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple’s plan for smaller iPads, DARPA enlisting Invincea to toughen Android security, and a UK judge ruling HTC did not infringe Apple’s patent. Smaller iPads already in production There have been rumors floating around that Apple will be releasing smaller iPads but Apple did not confirm it, stating that they’re […]

Apple’s Second Win Against Samsung

Apple Inc. wins another victory against Samsung Electronics Co. as another one of their devices gets banned from being sold or imported in the US. The Galaxy Nexus, a joint product of Samsung and Google, is the second device against which the court granted an injunction.  Earlier this week, Judge Lucy Koh granted Apple an […]

Wyse Releases Android App – Securely Fusing Cloud Computing, Desktop Virtualization and Mobile Internet for the Enterprise

Wyse Technology, the inventor and global leader in cloud client computing, today announced the public beta of its Wyse PocketCloud application for the Android operating system. Wyse PocketCloud Beta is available immediately at the Android Market as a free download. Wyse PocketCloud is one of the most popular mobile remote desktop applications that allow end […]

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