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Google Cloud: Build your own machine learning-powered robot arm using TensorFlow and Google Cloud

Google Cloud
At Google I/O 2017 and Cloud Next 2017, we exhibited a demo called Find Your Candy, a robot arm that listens for a voice request with your preferred flavor of candy, selects and picks up a piece of candy with that particular flavor from a table, and serves it to you: Specifically, you can tell […]

Google Opens Compute Engine To Cloud Customers

Google on Thursday opened its Compute Engine service to Cloud Platform Gold Support customers and simultaneously reduced Compute Engine prices. Announced at Google I/O 2012, Google Compute Engine (GCE) competes with Amazon EC2 and other infrastructure-as-a-service offerings from the likes of Rackspace, SoftLayer, Savvis and Terremark. It provides computational infrastructure on demand in the form […]

VMware Reveals Competing Multi-Node Big Data Infrastructure Systems

Google and VMware take very different approaches to solving the problem of rapidly provisioning large numbers of virtual nodes for production Big Data systems, says Wikibon CTO and leading Big Data Analyst David Floyer in his latest Wikibon Alert, “Google and VMware Provide Virtualization of Hadoop and Big Data”. Google’s Compute Engine, announced at the […]

5 Things Chrome OS Needs to Succeed

The Chrome Operating System is Google’s revamped effort to compete against Microsoft’s and Apple’s hold on the laptop and desktop market, and as we approach Google I/O, the world is anxious to see if Google can top the developer-centric rival events from earlier this year including WWDC.  Chromebook and Chromebox, the laptop and desktop versions […]

Desktop Virtualization Moves into the Cloud

Up until now, every form of desktop virtualization required some form of processing capability on the client. But this week at the Google I/O 2012 conference, Pano Logic took desktop virtualization completely to the cloud in the form of a Pano System for Cloud offering that makes the Google Chrome browser available to an end […]

Simplifying the Movement of Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Conventional wisdom holds that moving legacy applications to the cloud is not the best idea. After all, the applications were not designed to cope with a lot of network latency or run all that particularly well in a virtual environment in the cloud.   But a new startup company called CliQr Technologies wants to challenge […]

Today’s New Virtualization Related Community Videos – May 21st, 2010

The following new community virtualization related videos were just added to the DABCC Community Videos section! Server Virtualization for Cost Savings More Fun with the Citrix XenClient How to Power off an Unresponsive VMware ESX Virtual Machine Google I/O: VMware links Spring to Google Toolkit How Install and publish a Citrix application in the EC2 […]

Google I/O: App Engine, VMWare Partnership Further Boosts Enterprise Offering

When you think about all of the market segments that Google has its hand in – mobile, operating systems, browsers, and, of course, search and advertising – the push into the enterprise has to be one of those that gets a consistent amount of attention from the executive offices. The company regularly makes efforts to […]

VMware to Collaborate With Google on Cloud Computing

VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today announced a series of technology collaborations with Google to deliver solutions that make enterprise software developers more efficient at building, deploying and managing applications within any cloud environment; public, private and hybrid. Announced today onstage at the Google I/O conference in San […]

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