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How to Secure Docker Networking for Access to External Networks and Applications

Getting container visibility and security for docker networking can be a challenge even for a pure container based application stack, or cluster. For most enterprises this challenge can be even tougher when trying to secure a hybrid environment with both container and non-container applications. Many enterprises are in the midst of migration projects to a […]

Microsoft: Analyze your Check Point logs with OMS Security

The Security & Compliance solution in the Operations Management Suite (OMS) provides security insights about many sources of security data from Windows and Linux machines, including any source that emits Syslog. Today, we are announcing a new capability, developed by Check Point, that enables you to send Check Point security gateway logs to the OMS […]

VMware: Intelligent Operations: Monitoring and Change Management

Change Management – seen as both a blessing and a curse by IT. When I ran infrastructure operations for a global ASP back in the day, I saw it as a necessary evil that I learned to love over time. While at VMware, I’ve worked with customers who either don’t have change management or don’t […]

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Cloud-Based Security Services to Grow 21 Percent in 2017

Cloud-Based Security Services Will Be Worth $9 Billion in 2020 Growth in worldwide cloud-based security services will remain strong, reaching $5.9 billion in 2017, up 21 percent from 2016, according to Gartner, Inc. Overall growth in the cloud-based security services market is above that of the total information security market. Gartner estimates the cloud-based security […]

Top 20 VMware NSX Articles for May 2017

Top 20 NSX articles for May 2017 “The backing EAM agency for this deployment could not be found” error after restore from backup ESXi 5.5 and 6.0 hosts fail with a PSOD: VMCIEventDelayedDispatchCB@com Duplicate VTEPs in ESXi hosts after rebooting vCenter Server NAT does not translate IP addresses when NSX Edge firewall is disabled Migrating […]

New VMware KB Articles Published for Week-Ending 10th June 2017

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 10th June 2017: VMware App Volumes When running background jobs, errors may occur Date of Published: 2017/06/06 VMware ESXi ESXi 6.5 Host Fails With a Purple Screen Diagnostic, Indicating That CPU XX / World XXXXXX Tried to Re-Acquire a Lock Date of Published: 2017/06/06 “ACPI Warning: 32/64X […]

Gartner Identifies the Top Technologies for Security in 2017

Gartner, Inc. today highlighted the top technologies for information security and their implications for security organizations in 2017. Analysts presented their findings during the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, being held here through Thursday. “In 2017, the threat level to enterprise IT continues to be at very high levels, with daily accounts in the […]

VMware NSX and Check Point vSEC

One of the current challenges of data center security is the East-West traffic that has become so pervasive as modern applications communicate a great deal between their different components.  Conventional perimeter security is poorly placed to secure these lateral flows, to promote a zero-trust model in order to prevent threats moving within each application layer. […]

VMware: Gaining Insight Into AWS Workloads With vRNI 3.4

Enterprise IT needs visibility into the network and security status of their workloads, whether hosted on premises, or within AWS.  While many AWS workloads are sandboxes for application development teams (DevOps), it is important to analyze these workloads.  Increasingly, public cloud workloads are also fulfilling mission critical production needs for many organizations.  Enterprise IT must […]

Microsoft: How Fileless malware challenges classic security solutions

A bank in Poland previously discovered unknown malware running on several of its computers, exposing a wave of attacks that affected organizations from at least 31 countries. What’s unique about this attack, is the usage of a piece of sophisticated malicious software, that managed to reside purely in the memory of a compromised machine, without […]

Introducing Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing

Ericom Software
Meet Joe CISO, the information security professional responsible for protecting the organization from all cyber threats, including ransomware, drive-by downloads and zero-day exploits. With the complexity and volume of new threats launched daily, Joe knows that conventional web security measures such as antivirus, secure web gateways, and firewalls just aren’t enough. He needs a new […]

Citrix: The Mobility Market is Evolving to Secure Digital Workspaces & We Can Prove IT!

Citrix Systems
Recognizing that increasingly more customers were embracing mobility as part of their digital transformation journey, Citrix embarked on a journey to shift XenMobile from an EMM-only strategy to one that incorporates EMM as part of an overall Secure Digital Workspace Solution. As part of this journey, we integrated XenMobile with Citrix Cloud. As a result, […]

Citrix: Achieve PCI Compliance with NetScaler WAF

Citrix Systems
Achieve PCI compliance with the industry’s highest-performing Web Application Firewall Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance is critical for online businesses If you host and manage your own e-commerce platform, you will need to ensure Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance for your organization, and the first step is to determine the required compliance […]

New VMware KB articles published for week ending 27th May 2017

VMware Workstation “serial0: Unable to launch virtual printer proxy” error after upgrading Workstation Pro 12.5.5 to 12.5.6 Date of Published:2017/05/24 Cannot launch VMware Workstation on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 Date of Published:2017/05/22 VMware vRealize Automation A Destroy operation on a cluster member prevents Scale Out/Scale In from working […]

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