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Real issue predition goes a long way to optimize VMware and Docker

HOW WE USE RUXIT FOR VMWARE AND DOCKER Ruxit, a rising star in the APM space that started last year as a privately funded startup under the Dynatrace umbrella catched our attention some time ago and we decided to integrate it in the monitoring suite we use internally to run our Opvizor cloud services.  ruxit […]

Docker boosts productivity with a common platform

Docker is an open platform for building, shipping and running applications, and it includes common tools for taking advantage of networked and distributed applications. Stu Miniman and Jeff Frick of theCUBE spoke to Patrick Chanezon, a member of the Docker, Inc. technical staff, at DockerCon 2015 to explore the importance of this new platform. The interview […]

More love for Docker monitoring as Sysdig bags $10.7 million from VCs

After managing an impressive few weeks without a single funding announcement, the Docker ecosystem is returning to its usual energetic self with the completion of a $10.7 million round in an emerging startup called Sysdig Inc. that offers monitoring for containerized services. It’s the third such provider to have hit the industry radar recently. We’ve previously […]

This startup wants to sell you a real-life, physical Docker container

The Docker container software doesn’t actually exist in physical form, even though media hacks are all too quick to liken it to shipping containers as a way of illustrating how apps can be packaged and shipped anywhere. But soon we could all have a physical, miniaturized container server sitting on desks, if a new Kickstarter […]

Site24x7 Launches Docker Monitoring Beta

Site24x7, the cloud monitoring service for DevOps and IT operations, today announced the launch of Docker monitoring beta, a new feature that provides insight into Docker containers. Available immediately, the new Docker monitoring feature can monitor the performance of applications and transactions even as they pass through multiple containers. Docker is a fast-growing, open platform […]

Docker reveals its secret to success

The architectural change in Cloud computing sparked by Docker is a rare occurrence. And a few key practices made Docker, Inc. successful enough to bring about this critical change. First, Docker realized the importance of agility in infrastructure and capitalized on this. Businesses like Amazon proved that using an agile application is critical to business […]

Docker running on top of VMware at optimized speed

DOCKER RUNNING ON TOP OF VMWARE AT OPTIMIZED SPEED More and more companies combining the new benefits or Docker with the already experienced benefits of VMware to gain the best out of both worlds.  But it’s important to fully understand the architecture of both solutions to run the application at the best speed. In the […]

VMware targets new DevOps tools at Docker

Alongside the fresh-faced startups showcasing their wares at DockerCon 2015 this morning is VMware Inc. with two new tools aimed at helping developers take better advantage of the wildly popular containerization engine in their projects. Or in the case of the first addition, provide the environment for running those projects. The aptly-named AppCatalyst is a […]

Citrix Octoblu: Blue/Green Deploys with Kubernetes and Amazon ELB

Citrix Systems
Today’s post was riginally published on Jade Meskill’s personal blog and is being shared here.  At Octoblu, we deploy very frequently and we’re tired of our users seeing the occasional blip when a new version is put into production. Though we’re using Amazon Opsworks to more easily manage our infrastructure, our updates can take a while for dependencies to be […]

Docker Popularity Spawns Need for Container Monitoring

The Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) program kicks off with the vendor’s tool for monitoring. Six vendors have integrated with Docker for monitoring. The open-source Docker application container virtualization technology is becoming increasingly popular, spawning a need for distributed monitoring capabilities. To help organizations understand what tools are available for container monitoring, Docker last week […]

Containers: Docker Part II

In our first article, we explored the first steps in building a Docker container.  This is quite simple as you can see, but beyond the simplicity, we need to look at the importance of what it is that we are achieving with Docker.  Eric explored the Ops view of a simple Docker use case, so now […]

Containers: Docker

If you’re just joining this column, it is one aspect of a response to the gap between how development and how operations view technology and measure their success – it is wholly possible for development and operations to be individually successful, but for the organization to fail. So, what can we do to better align […]

How we use New Relic’s Docker integration at Opvizor

HOW WE USE NEW RELIC AND DOCKER AT OPVIZOR New Relic, Inc, the software analytics company, announced recently an addition of features for Docker container monitoring, currently in open public beta.  Docker is now widely used, or at least evaluated, in enterprise environments for its strong modularization and application distribution capabilities. Docker containers can be described as […]

Today’s Datacenter, Cloud, Desktop, & Mobility Videos from Citrix, VMware, Intel, Docker, etc. Posted Today on IT Videos

The Wait Is Over! In only a few minutes you can learn something new by watching one or more of the following superbly crafted IT videos posted on IT Videos today! Splunk: The Data Stream: Analytics-Driven Security By Splunk on May 27, 2015 02:10 am Security challenges at companies are solved through analytics-driven security. Find out more in The […]

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