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DockerCon 2016 – Just Wow!

The Docker Community has continued to impress us with so much awesomeness packed in just a few days at DockerCon 2016! Big thank you to all of the 141 confirmed speakers (not including Open Forum track sessions!), 100+ sponsors and over 4,000 attendees for helping us make such a big splash in Seattle. We’ll post […]

Building serverless apps with Docker

Every now and then, there are waves of technology that threaten to make the previous generation of technology obsolete.  There has been a lot of talk about a technique called “serverless” for writing apps. The idea is to deploy your application as a series of functions, which are called on-demand when they need to be […]

Docker Datacenter on the AWS Cloud: Quick Start Reference Deployment

Amazon Web Services
This Quick Start was built in collaboration with Docker and enables customers to build a highly available Docker Datacenter environment on AWS in 20-30 minutes, in accordance with best practices from AWS and Docker. The Quick Start spins up the main components of Docker Datacenter: Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP), which provides application management and […]

Is there the best Container Technology?

Container technology is creating a lot of buzz in the recent times. As people move from virtualization to container technology, many enterprises have adopted software container cloud application deployment. As this is a new technology, many big names in the IT industry and in the race of their standards and products more popularity than their […]

How Docker for Mac helps me sleep better at night

My name is Matt Aimonetti, I’m the co-founder and CTO of Splice. At Splice, we built a cloud platform for music producers, this platform is made of elements engineers often take for granted. We invented version control for music, a distributed collaboration flow and a subscription based marketplace for samples, loops presets and MIDI. All […]

Microsoft and Docker deliver container innovation for the enterprise

At DockerCon 2016, Microsoft showcased several technologies aimed at delivering container innovation to the enterprise and announced the availability of Docker Datacenter in the Azure Marketplace. This builds on Microsoft’s commitment to rapidly release container technologies to the Windows and Linux ecosystems, partnering with industry leaders like Docker and Mesosphere to deliver container solutions that […]

Introducing the Docker Store Private Beta

We are very excited to announce the private beta of Docker Store, a marketplace for trusted and validated dockerized software – free, open source and commercial. Our goals with Docker Store are designed around bringing Docker users and ecosystem partners together. Provide a scalable self-service system for ISVs to publish and distribute trusted and enterprise-ready […]

Docker Datacenter in AWS and Azure in a few clicks

Introducing Docker Datacenter AWS Quickstart and Azure Marketplace Templates production-ready, high availability deployments in just a few clicks. The Docker Datacenter AWS Quickstart uses a CloudFormation templates and pre-built templates on Azure Marketplace to make it easier than ever to deploy an enterprise CaaS Docker environment on public cloud infrastructures. The Docker Datacenter Container as a Service (CaaS) […]

Docker for the Enterprise with Docker Datacenter

Businesses today are digital and fundamentally powered by applications – software that drives revenue, engages with customers and runs their operations. The process of making that software has, until recently, been long and cumbersome.  The addition of Docker and containerization, a new software supply chain is enabled to bring agility, portability and control together into […]

Docker 1.12 – Now with Built-in Orchestration!

Three years ago, Docker made an esoteric Linux kernel technology called containerization simple and accessible to everyone.  Today, we are doing the same for container orchestration. Container orchestration is what is needed to transition from deploying containers individually on a single host, to deploying complex multi-container apps on many machines. It requires a distributed platform, independent […]

Microsoft brings container innovation to the enterprise at DockerCon 2016

As you’ve seen over the past couple years, at Microsoft we’ve been rapidly releasing container innovation to the Windows and Linux ecosystems – partnering with industry leaders like Docker and Mesosphere to deliver container solutions that help companies build and deploy applications at cloud speed and scale, whatever their choice of platform or tools. Last […]

Announcing the Docker for Mac and Windows Public Beta

Back in March, we launched a private beta for a new ambitious project called Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows. Our major goal was to bring a native Docker experience to Mac and Windows, making it easier for developers to work with Docker in their own environments. And thousands agreed. Over thirty thousand applied […]

Introducing the Docker for AWS and Azure Beta

We’re excited to announce Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure: the best ways to install, configure and maintain Docker deployments on AWS and Azure. Our goals for Docker for AWS and Azure are the same as for Docker for Mac and Windows: Deploy a standard Docker platform to ensure teams can seamlessly move apps from […]

Introducing Experimental Distributed Application Bundles

The built-in orchestration features announced today with Docker 1.12 will revolutionize how IT teams build, ship and run containerized apps. With Docker 1.12, developers and ops now share a set of simple and powerful APIs, tools, and formats for building agile delivery pipelines that ship software from development through CI to production in the cloud […]

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