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In defense of the pet container, part 2: Wrappers, aggregates and models, oh my

Red Hat
In our first post defending the pet container, we looked at the challenge of complexity facing modern software stacks and one way that containers address this challenge through aggregation. In essence, the Docker “wrapper” consolidates the next level of the stack, much like RPM did at the component level, but aggregation is just the beginning […]

Nexenta ‘Future Proofs’ Storage for Northern Arizona University Researchers

NAU Deploys Industry-Leading, Open Source-Driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS) to Process Big Data Items like Genome Maps, Landsat Images and Complex Chemistry Data Sets Nexenta (@Nexenta(link is external)), the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS), today announced Northern Arizona University (NAU)(link is external) has deployed NexentaStor to handle the extensive datasets involved in research […]

DockerCon 2016: Videos from Microsoft, Cisco and IBM’s Sessions

Major thank you to our Diamond sponsor Microsoft and Platinum sponsors Cisco and IBM! Your continued support of DockerCon helps us organize an awesome conference for the Docker community. We are excited to share with you the recordings from their sessions in the Ecosystem track. Microsoft’s session with Steve Lasker covered the container workflow. IBM’s […]

DockerCon 2016 Videos: Use Case Track

The Use Case track at DockerCon 2016 covered practical applications of Docker. Speakers shared their experiences implementing Docker with technical details and advice on implementation. Watch all of the awesome talks (and check out the slides) from the Use Case Track at DockerCon 2016 below! Learning the Alphabet: A/B, CD and [E-Z] in the Docker […]

HPE IT moves to a Shared Services model based on home-grown and Docker technologies

HP Enterprise
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is no different than any other enterprise business when it comes to needing more flexible infrastructure and more collaborative business processes. Two big items on the HPE IT wish list were to accelerate development of applications and enable everything as code. Developing apps in a monolithic fashion was taking too long, […]

StorPool Releases Enhanced distributed storage software – includes CloudStack, OpenStack and Docker Intrgration

StorPool launches enhanced distributed storage software offering: performance improved by up to 30%, capacity expanded to 1PB, and interoperability increased to include CloudStack alongside OpenStack and Docker StorPool, the intelligent software-defined storage specialist, has launched the latest version of its StorPool software. Bringing block storage technology to both public and private clouds, the new features […]

Live Debugging with Docker

During the DockerCon 2016 keynote, I demonstrated a development workflow with Docker for Mac, going from a fresh laptop to a running app in no time. The especially cool part was when I live-debugged a Node.js app running inside a container from my IDE, despite having no Node.js runtime installed on my laptop. Here I’m […]

DockerCon 2016 Videos: Wild Card Track

Culture, community, tech trends, business and innovation were some of the topics for the Wild Card track at DockerCon 2016. Talks in the Wild Card track are all about informing and inspiring attendees with what they can do with containers and other related technologies. Watch the videos and check out the slides from the Wild […]

DockerCon 2016 Videos: Black Belt Track

Videos from the Black Belt track at DockerCon 2016 are now posted online! Black Belt talks are advanced technical deep dives presented by Docker experts. These sessions are code and demo heavy and light on the slides. From Docker internals to advanced container orchestration, security and networking, this track should delight most container ninjas. Watch […]

Cisco: Red Hat Summit 2016 – A Review of key moments

Red Hat Summit 2016 in San Francisco is an ideal setting to experience the power of open source in enterprise, for customers, partners and community enthusiasts. For me personally, this year’s event was a great learning experience, both from the standpoint of quality face-to-face time with industry experts, and the opportunity to check out the […]

Microsoft Windows Server containers on Azure Container Service Private Preview

We are excited to announce a limited preview of Azure Container Service for Windows Server containers. To join the preview, please register here. We look forward to receiving your feedback! Azure Container Service is designed for enterprises, ISVs and startups looking to put containers into production, quickly and simply. It combines Azure’s infrastructure with a […]

ADP + Docker Datacenter Delivers Security and Scale for Both Legacy and Microservices Applications

At DockerCon 2016, the second day’s general session featured products and stories related to Docker running in the enterprise. From product demonstrations of integrated security features, to deployment templates to a session featuring Keith Fulton, CTO of ADP, speaking about their evolution to a tech company and how Docker Datacenter enables them to ship faster, […]

Zenly + Docker 1.12 + 1M teenagers

Zenly is a mobile app that helps you locate your friends in real time. Recently the Zenly app reached the million registered users mark — and half of them signed up in the last three months. In the words of Steeve Morin, VP Engineering of Zenly, “Behold, the power of teenagers.” The rapid growth in […]

DockerCon 2016: Deep Dive into Docker for Developers

There were many awesome announcements at DockerCon 2016 but we are super excited to open the Docker for Mac and Windows beta to everyone! During DockerCon 2016, several presentations highlighted these efforts to bring a native Docker experience to Mac and Windows, making it easier for developers to work with Docker in their own environments. […]

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