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Introducing the Docker for AWS and Azure Beta

We’re excited to announce Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure: the best ways to install, configure and maintain Docker deployments on AWS and Azure. Our goals for Docker for AWS and Azure are the same as for Docker for Mac and Windows: Deploy a standard Docker platform to ensure teams can seamlessly move apps from […]

Introducing Experimental Distributed Application Bundles

The built-in orchestration features announced today with Docker 1.12 will revolutionize how IT teams build, ship and run containerized apps. With Docker 1.12, developers and ops now share a set of simple and powerful APIs, tools, and formats for building agile delivery pipelines that ship software from development through CI to production in the cloud […]

VMware vSphere Docker Volume Driver Brings Benefits of vSphere Storage to Containers

Today, I am pleased to announce the beta of the Docker volume driver for vSphere. VMware is also making the source code for this driver available under open source (GitHub). The open source community and customers can now use the driver, contribute code and modify the volume driver. This is yet another storage focused initiative […]

Citrix – The Best Docker Load Balancer at #DockerCon in Seattle This Week

Citrix Systems
This week, we’re at DockerCon to share how NetScaler CPX (NetScaler in a Container) works with Docker. Stop by our booth (G-28) for demos of NetScaler CPX and NetScaler MAS (G-38) and don’t miss Citrix Distinguished Engineer, Chiradeep Vittal’s “Load Balancing for Container Cluster Managers” ecosystem talk during the show. Why is NetScaler CPX the […]

Cisco: Making Container Applications Production Grade

Dockercon is here again. It again promises to be bigger and to bring lots of the container and microservices enthusiasts to Seattle next week.  I am personally looking forward to my 3rd Dockercon (including the Dockercon EU in Barcelona).  Even more so because I am excited to be speaking and sharing information about our open […]

Understanding Docker Security

In the fast changing world of technology, new and effective methods are used for better results. The IT world witnesses such new technologies come and go very regularly. Containerization is one such concept that is being tried and tested by many IT companies. It offers quick and wonderful results which are very vital for software […]

Running Docker Container on Microsoft Azure Batch

Docker is a tool to package, deploy and run your application inside a container. With the introduction of Linux VM support in the Batch service, it’s possible to run container-based tasks on Azure Batch with a Docker hub as the packaging and deployment mechanism. Azure also provides container hosting as a service with Marathon and […]

Microsoft Announces availability of SQL Server 2014 Express Docker Image

We are excited to announce the public availability of the sql server 2014 express Docker image for Windows Server Core based Containers! The public repo is hosted on Docker Hub and contains the latest docker image as well as pointers to the Dockerfile and the start PS script (hosted on Github). We hope you will find this […]

Citrix Synergy 2016 – SYN210 – Containers or virtual machines: get the best of both worlds

Citrix Systems
Docker and containers are hot topics. This rapidly evolving technology promises to revolutionize how developers create applications. However, the rate of change- and the shift of responsibilities between Ops and Dev- creates a new technical, operational and organizational paradigm. Join this session for a look at how Citrix is addressing these challenges with new tools […]

Opvizor Performance Analyzer 3.0 Provides Real-Time Performance Analysis for virtual data center

Today we announced a significant new release, opvizor Performance Analyzer 3.0 of their virtual Datacenter product portfolio. The latest release provides a flexible dashboard engine including dozens of different focused dashboards that enables full-stack performance analysis for the virtual data center. “Our customers often request the addition of real-time performance and statistics to Health Analyzer. […]

Docker Performance on top of VMware vSphere

Virtualization is not a new concept. Many companies, websites and service providers and many more have been using this technique to deploy their software efficiently for years. Using virtualization, developers can make their code available in the way they want and test it, without any compromise. It offers an easy way of getting the right […]

Docker Persistent Storage on AWS – Webinar Summary

Missed our webinar on How to Build Docker Persistent Storage on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Watch the recording of our webinar, access the slides and read below for a word-for-word summary of the webinar. Remember to click the button below and claim a free $100 AWS credit to get started with SoftNAS Cloud NAS on […]

Citrix XenServer 7 and Docker Management of NetScaler CPX and Windows Server 2016

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of content around first of Containers! Containers is a feature that runs inside and operating system which slices it up into logical pieces. More importantly its operating system virtualization, and NOT machine virtualization. So I’ve written about Windows Server 2016 and the news about docker there, and the […]

Using Windows Server Containers with Citrix XenServer 7.0

Citrix Systems
Containers are a hot topic in the software industry at the moment. The technology promises rapid development and deployment of web-scale applications. Although much of the interest is focused on Linux containers, the concept has been adopted by other operating systems, with Windows Server 2016 being the latest to join the party. Earlier this year, […]

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