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Monitoring as an Acceptance-Test for Configuration Management Tools

As Devops Borat says:  ”To make error is human. To propagate error to all server in automatic way is #devops.” The safety catch to this is good monitoring. We demonstrated this to ourselves this morning.  We did a software release on some of our servers last night. This particular release involved quite a few changes to various components, […]

VMware & Puppet : One More Step Forward

I wake up everyday committed to not doing things the same old way. That is why my title has that funny word ‘Automation’ in it. I am tasked with finding a way to make what is fragile, expensive, risky, and complex; easier to manage. While most of what I am working on at VMware is […]

DevOps Is Not an All-or-Nothing Proposition

DevOps has kicked off a lot of discussion in IT management. Some love it, some hate it. But even that reaction is far too binary. The fact is that DevOps is not an all-or-nothing proposition. There is a measured approach you can take, emphasizing small experiments validated in short, low-risk bursts. Here, we’ll take a […]

New Lifecycle Management Capabilities for DevOps with the Cloud OS

Microsoft announced a bunch of new releases today, advancing our Cloud OS vision.  You can read more on the overall announcements here but I will focus on some new/improved application lifecycle management scenarios that support our DevOps initiatives. The cloud continues to drive new demands on application development.  It enables new ways of conceiving, building […]

HP’s New Single Architecture: The Breakdown for Big Data, Services + DevOps

Hewlett-Packard is competing with EMC, IBM and Dell over the big companies and government agencies that are keeping up with the latest in IT.  Throughout the past few months the hardware vendor has been consistently reinforcing its portfolio with new infrastructure solutions that address the three big trends in the market.  This week marked a major […]

Apprenda Reduces Friction Between Hybrid PaaS Environments

One of the issues that enterprise IT organizations have with any platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering is that moving application workloads between their internal systems and the PaaS environment can be both complicated and cumbersome. As a result, the PaaS environment winds up introducing a lot of DevOps issues that lead many organizations to conclude that PaaS […]

Continuuity Launches Industry’s First Big Data Application Fabric

Continuuity, a provider of unified experience across the entire application lifecycle from development to DevOps, has just launched the industry’s first Big Data application fabric, the Continuuity Big Data AppFabricTM that will revolutionize the developer experience, enabling any developer to quickly and easily build big data apps.Delivered as a Big Data application Platform as a […]

DevOps has Gained So Much Attention. Here’s Why

From the past few years, DevOps has become a hot topic in the entire IT industry. Of course it should be, as it has completely transformed the way collaboration takes place between developers and operations departments in an IT enterprise. Agile drives an organization, and according to Jens Sørensen at E-cononic TechTalk DevOps is just the next […]

How Will Rackspace Hosting OpenStack Cloud Computing Certification Affect DevOps?

Rackspace Hosting has initiated a new effort to help the cloud community grab some attractive certifications, in the form of OpenStack Fundamentals. This offering is based on teaching materials that hosting company developed internally for a course called OpenStack Fundamentals, which has been available for the past year. It is a four-day course with six […]

AppFirst – using big data tools for performance management

AppFirst reached out to introduce their new cloud-based dashboard for DevOps that is based upon sophisticated data collection technology that probes deeply into system, hypervisor, operating system, application and database engine operational data; big data analysis techniques; and easy-to-understand graphical display. Let’s look into what the company is offering. Data collection AppFirst has developed a very […]

ComodIT Releases Synapse Agent to Simplify Cloud Management

Belgian startup ComodIT recently released Synapse Agent, a new open source tool designed to make it easier to manage different types of cloud instances. According to the company, Synapse is a “universal API for remote system administration” that lets users, mainly devops pros, manage multiple cloud hosts from one command line interface that uses a […]

DevOps/CloudOps: The Emerging IT Model?

Both DevOps and Cloud are high on the hype curve right now and for good reason. DevOps is popular because it promotes agility by moving application responsibility closer to the business need. Cloud, whether public or private, also promotes agility by providing standard services through automation. At Zenoss, we’ve noticed that these are two sides […]

Windows Azure and the PaaS Context

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service.  The new concept around Devops* (Developer + Operations) has allowed cloud computing to reach an apex of agility for business.  For developers PaaS provides an ultimately clean and agile experience around staging and deployment.  PaaS is also the highest level of cost savings for most prospective enterprise and […]

Zenoss Showcasing Core Project at OSCON

Zenoss Inc., an open source provider of enterprise IT service assurance products for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT environments, today announced that it is participating in a number of events at the Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon from July 19-23. Mark Hinkle, VP of Community, will be participating in two panel sessions on […]

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