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Tesora Announces Collaboration with Mirantis that Makes Database as a Service on OpenStack Easier than Ever

Announces availability of Fuel plug-in for Mirantis OpenStack Tesora announces collaboration with Mirantis to make installation of database as a service on OpenStack easier than ever before. Tesora is making available the first ever plug-in to automate configuration and deployment of its database as a service (DBaaS) platform with Mirantis OpenStack.  This makes integration of Tesora’s […]

Microsoft: Step-By-Step: Deploying Blackberry Enterprise Server on Azure via Azure Marketplace

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) has come a long way from is initial closed offering of strictly managing devices built by BlackBerry themselves.  Now supporting iOS, Android and Windows, BlackBerry’s server offering extends said offering across existing deployments of BlackBerry devices. Enter Azure Marketplace, A tool used by IT Professionals to deploy templates of services on Azure, which […]

Cisco on… Hybrid DevOps? Containerized microservices? What?

I’m so glad I’m not a programmer. I mean, the money would be great, the constant job offers would be nice, and I suppose the freedom to show up to work wearing anything you want would be a bonus, but the actual programming? Ick. It seems awfully tedious. I can’t imagine the patience it would […]

Think you’ve seen all the features coming in Windows Server 2016? Think again!

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
There is a lot of buzz happening around Windows Server 2016 these days, and no wonder! There is so much development happening around the 2016 release and most people can’t wrap themselves around it. Most people are concerned about the price increase for 2016, but again after reading trough this post you will understand WHY […]

The ROI of Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) certification

Steve Kaplan
The Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) certification program is the most rigorous in the IT industry, requiring extensive architectural capabilities validated through written exams, a very detailed web-scale solution design, hands-on lab and design exercises, and a live peer review. And, an NPX needs to be an expert in not just one, but in (at least) […]

Ten reasons you’ll love Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – #1: PowerShell and DSC

Manage your servers “DevOps-style” and share code with the PowerShell community In his “Ten Reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016” video series, technical evangelist Matt McSpirit introduces you to some of the experts behind the most exciting new features in Windows Server 2016. Today, you will meet Keith Bankston, Senior Program Manager on the PowerShell […]

VMware: Business Rocks 2016: Is DevOps the new battle ground?

As we discussed in our previous blog post, DevOps is one of the hottest topics among app developers at the moment and the issue around it are continuing to frame conversations at the most senior business levels. This year, VMware is the proud DevOps sponsors of the inaugural Business Rocks 2016 summit in Manchester. We caught […]

VMware vRealize Code Stream v2.0 is now GA – What’s New?

We are excited to announce that vRealize Code Stream v2.0 is now GA and available for download. Here is an overview of the latest features in this release- Better platform – faster execution engine, smaller footprint Parallel execution of pipeline tasks New out-of-the-box reports v2.0 of vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps New […]

Citrix: CIS vNext: What’s Coming & How You Can Help

Citrix Systems
2015 was a fantastic year for CIS. Our user base crossed the 100K mark in October and we’ve added 12K new users since then. We also added support for additional products and components, taking our tally to over 30. None of this would have been possible without the solid support of our user community. The number […]

Why You Should Attend SoftSummit

Flexera Software
Hear from Richard Jenny, Director of Program Management and DevOps at ADVA Optical Networking (fka Overture Networks) as he describes the value that attending SoftSummit delivers. SoftSummit is an event produced by Flexera Software that delivers business value and key insights in all aspects of Software Monetization, ranging from software licensing, entitlement management, software delivery, […]

Hear First-Hand Why Customers Like Working with Flexera Software

Flexera Software
Richard Jenny, Director of Program Management and DevOps at ADVA Optical Networking (fka Overture Networks) discusses why he likes working with Flexera Software. Read more on software licensing trends here:

VMware: DevOps: The Operations Side

By Ahmed Al-Buheissi DevOps is about getting Development and Operations to work together and avoid conflicts in how they operate is to achieve their goals. The most commonly noted objective is shifting to Agile processes where applications are released more often and with better quality. While development and operations are of equal importance to a […]

VMware: vRealize Automation 7.0, 3 Capabilities Needed for DevOps, and IT Innovation and Evolution

  The VMware blogosphere is a wealth of knowledge covering everything from how-to content to put your skills to the test, to strategic concepts that can help you think differently about work. Check out a few of the latest posts from the Professional Services bloggers below! VMware vRealize Automation 7.0 – Finally the most desirable […]

Microsoft: Announcing early preview of Azure PaaS services and DevOps tools for Azure Stack

  We recently made the first Technical Preview of Azure Stack available for download. Hopefully many of you were able to deploy it successfully. Keep us posted on your experiences! Today, we’re making additional Azure PaaS services and DevOps tools available for you to deploy and run on top of your Technical Preview deployments. This […]

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