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Spotlight on Batch Edit – Remote Desktop Manager Video

Use the Batch Edit option to change the settings of multiple sessions in one operation. It can be used for example to remove or update all of the credentials of a group of sessions. For more info about Batch Edit, please visit Devolutions Online Help at: This video is from the fine folks at […]

Spotlight on Offline Mode – Remote Desktop Manager Video

The offline mode enables users to see/manipulate their sessions while disconnected from the data source. This is extremely useful for off site personnel or when working in environments that have sporadic network availability. You can find out more information about our Offline Mode at: This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

Top 3 Reasons to Become – or Not to Become – a SysAdmin

The time was September, 2014. Scotland narrowly voted to stay in the U.K. Guardians of the Galaxy was the number one box office hit. And the Devolutions Crew was busy asking the wonderful members of our community (a.k.a. YOU) to share the top 3 reasons to become a SysAdmin, and the top 3 reasons not […]

Are You a TRUE Techie? Quiz!

As you hopefully know, here at Devolutions we think we have the SMARTEST community of IT pros in the world (make that the galaxy). But every now and then, we like to throw out a quiz to test this immense wisdom. In the past, we’ve tested your knowledge of two sacred topics: Star Trek and […]

Interview with SysAdmin Day Creator Ted Kekatos

Can you believe that SysAdmin Day is TOMORROW? On behalf of Devolutions team, I hope that you’ve enjoyed our series of blogs celebrating this special day on the IT calendar. Here’s a recap of all the fun stuff we’ve been up to: But guess what? We’re not finished yet, because I have something VERY SPECIAL […]

The Origins of SysAdmin Appreciation Day

System Administrator Appreciation Day 2017 is almost here, and to celebrate the special occasion we’ll be publishing a series of themed posts right up until the big day on Friday, July 28. Remember when we  explored the history of programming a few months ago? Well, today we thought it would be fun to look at […]

How to Transfer Millions of Files Using PowerShell

I was tasked with moving and archiving approximately 16.5 million files from one location, while ingesting around 4,000 new files per hour. This job was for a single client, and my company has multiple customers with similar needs. Keeping the data organized and available has been a challenge for over a year, and we have […]

How Remote Desktop Manager Allowed LM² Consultant Manage Its Passwords and Credentials – Case Study

“Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager helps me and my company to carry out our work effectively and save valuable work time. Also because of its numerous and useful features I’m a big RDM fan and this isn’t going to change!” –  Gerhard Ryznar, IT Consultant Client Snapshot: LM² Consulting GmbH For over a decade, LM² Consulting GmbH has provided […]

Getting Started for Teams with Remote Desktop Manager – Step 4: Create your Users

Learn how to create your users and roles using Remote Desktop Manager best practices. Next: Create Entries: This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

Getting Started for Teams with Remote Desktop Manager – Step 3: Create your Folder Structure

Learn how to create your folder structure to represent your organisation. Next Step: Create your Users This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

Getting Started for Teams with Remote Desktop Manager – Step 2: Modify Options and Default Settings

Learn how to set up your options and default settings to make your environment more fitting for teams. Next Step: Step 3 – Create your Folder Structure This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

Getting Started for Teams with Remote Desktop Manager – Step 1: Register your Data Source

Upon first launch learn how to create your first data source and your first database. Next Step: Modify your Options for Team Environment For more information on Data Sources please visit our online help at: This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions

Wayk Now v1.2 Is Here & v1.5 Is Coming Soon!

You know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day?” Well, our version of Rome is Wayk Now — which is our way of saying that it’s taking us a bit longer than planned (confirmed by our Wayk Now Roadmap 2017) to launch the next major update, v1.5. But there’s a good reason for the […]

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