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Remote Desktop Manager Video – Testimonials

During the Devolutions Central 2017 VIP event, we took the opportunity to ask our users a few questions regarding Remote Desktop Manager, here are their testimonials. Want to learn more about Devolutions? Please visit our website at This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions.

Devolutions Server: The Password Management Solution for Non-Technical Users

Over the years, we’ve always tried to achieve a critical balance with Remote Desktop Manager (RDM). On the one hand, we focus on making RDM intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use. We know that you need to work fast, and we know how valuable your time is. On the other hand, we never lose sight of the […]

You Asked for It: New User Activity Report in Remote Desktop Manager

Recently, we posted a blog that looked at the different types of reports you can generate in Remote Desktop Manager to make your life easier and your enterprise more secure. But what if you want to create a detailed report that captures all of the activity for a specific user? That’s a question one of our brilliant […]

Remote Desktop Manager: Exclude Entry from Offline – Video

Learn how to exclude access to a specific entry when working in Offline mode. For more information on Remote Desktop Manager please visit This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions.

Password Best Practices Using Remote Desktop Manager

How can Remote Desktop Manager help make your system more secure? How can RDM help you ensure that your whole organization implements its password policy best practices? Even if your user guidelines for password security are clear as water, if you look hard enough, I can guarantee you’ll find at least one person in your […]

Remote Desktop Manager 13 New Feature: Google Drive Integration

As you probably know, RDM integrates with several public object storage repositories, such as AmazonS3, Azure Blog, Dropbox, OneDrive and Azure Table Storage Explorer. But there was always one guest missing from the party — until now! Behold a new integration that lets you launch Google Drive directly from RDM. Google Drive allows you to access […]

New Remote Desktop Manager 13 Feature: Exclude an Entry from Offline Mode

As you’ve hopefully experienced, the Offline Mode is great when you’re working off-site, or when you don’t have an internet connection (the horror!). But there’s one aspect of working offline that isn’t so great — when there’s one entry that shouldn’t be allowed to be modified in offline mode because doing so would make things confusing and chaotic for […]

Create SSMS shortcuts with Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) is far more capable than its name might first suggest. As well as using it at work to manage all of our endpoints, my department has it managing passwords, online resources, firewalls and switches across multiple domains. This is made possible by RDM’s robust credential management and wide variety of entry types. […]

New Remote Desktop Manager 13 Feature: Move Rights

Don’t you hate it when you KNOW that an entry should be in your database, but no matter how hard you search – frantically opening folder after folder, the fear building – it’s nowhere to be found, until you finally locate it under a folder it has nothing to do with, because someone on your […]

Remote Desktop Manager Spotlight on Move Rights – Video

The Move Rights lets you determine which individual users has the right to move entries in your database in Remote Desktop Manager. This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions.

4 Scenarios for DevOps Specialists Using Remote Desktop Manager

In the DevOps universe, the need to allow professionals to abstract layers of computing environments at the most varied levels within IT pushes the definition and limits of software development, day by day. This has been happening not only in applications, but also in infrastructure, making life easier for professionals with the use of playbooks […]

Devolutions Road Map 2018

As Joey pointed out in our annual Year in Review (part 1 and part 2) , while we’re always focused on improvements, innovations and the future, we’re also very big on tradition (you should see what happens when someone breaks one of the foosball rules). And that’s why it’s my pleasure once again to share […]

New in Remote Desktop Manager 13: Check Out Report

As an IT pro, at any moment you or a member of your team — including your boss — may need to know what sessions and entries were accessed, along with when, for how long, and by whom. That’s where RDM’s built-in reporting comes to the rescue and saves the day. In a moment, we’ll look at […]

Discover Remote Desktop Manager 13 – On-Demand Webinar Video

Here’s the full recording of our RDM 13 webinar during which our Business Solutions Specialist France Lymburner, Business Architect Maurice Côté, and Marketing Director Max Trottier covered key RDM 13 features and functions. This video is from the fine folks at Devolutions.

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